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  1. He should have received the Nobel Prize in Literature, not the jingle man Bob Dylan.

    I totally agree with this although i like Bob Dylan too.

    Leonard has also written books. When I was young I read "Beautiful Loosers" and intend to read the "Favourite game" sometime.

  2. they are worried ( know for a fact) if their religion is questioned by intelligent persons, it would not survive to let them maintain their power over their "followers" ( regardless if their leaders believe the b.s. or not)

    I have quite rcently read Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". He claims that Martin Luther wrote that "Knowledge is the biggest threat to religion and therefor must be faught". If this is true Martin Luther must have been a rather intelligent person. Not necessarily a nice person but definitively intelligent.

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  3. Unfortunately i can't contradict your claim of a subsidised agriculturl sector. It is very heavily subsidised. In my opinion mainly to protect a medieval french agriculture. Before Sweden joined the EU nearly all agriculture subsidiaries, now most farmers can't exist without payouts from the EU. An example from real life: Banana imports were restricted to protect some small(ish) banana plantations on the Canry islands. Now European country grows bananas (in Europe).

    The UK was a strong suppoerter of free trade which is one reason why we hoped they would stay in the EU.

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  4. Oh so Television, Telephone, Internet, Steam Power, Automation and so forth just happened, Radar was a fluke etc now wonder us little Britons tell the rest of the world to fuck off, society can survive without Saunas Saab and Abba ,

    Society will have to survive without Saab and ABBA as they are in effect gone already. Sauna is a Finnish word, Sweden is possibly the only country in the world where it isn't called suana. We call it bastu.

  5. From the Swedish point of view this is very bad. The UK is one of our major trade partners. Furthermore they have supported our views on free trade etc. I am sure that the EU will survive without an island in the North sea. The common market will remain and eventually everythong will be back to normal. I don't think that Holland will leave, and if they do, they're just another small country like Sweden, nobody will notice.

  6. "God is not great" with the subtitle "How religion poisons everything". Written by Christopher Hitchens.

    Thus should be a mandatory read for religeous people but they will ofcourse not read it because they don't want to know about thoughts that diverge from their own.

    The book is mainly about the monotheistic religions(christian, muslim and jewish) and explains and gives examples of how religion is behind much, although not all, of the evil in the world.

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