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  1. Anyone know anything about it? It's marked 4.6% alcohol - 43 baht a can in the 7's.


    It made by Swedens largest independant(not owned by Carlsberg) brewery Spendrups. It's made of pilsnermalt and hops of the type magnum, amarillo and cascade.


    Although perfectly drinkable it's not the best Sweden can manage. Personally I'm drinking more ale these days.


    As there are many Americans on this board I would recomend you to try Lagunitas Maximus ale or some other Lagunitas for great American beer/ale. Also for a truely great lager try Brooklyn lager. Also ales from Brooklyn brewery are great. The term dilluted piss adheres only to Budweiser, Millers draft and other similar beers.

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  2. Downloading Series 1 now, so will give it a try, thanks.


    As said it is a very good show. However based mostly in sagas rather than historical fact. Ragnar Lodbrok was most likely a mythical figure, possibly made up of several real people. In the Icelandic sagas e.g. he was son of the Swedish king Sigurd Ring that went to Denmark to serve Denmarks king. As a side note the attack on Lindisfarne in the beginning of the series (a historical fact) is somtimes named as the start of the viking age. Many details also don't conform to historical facts but at least they didn't have horns on their helmets.

    That said the series is well worth looking at.


    I am very surprised about many countries including Germany tolerating this Arab-Muslim scum .


    I agree completely but would like to add that religious scum are the same regardless of religion.


    Sweden like many (most) western countries has "freedom of religion" in the constitution. Furthermore a holder of a Swedish passport can not be legally denied entry to the country ander any circumstance. Also a Swedish passport can't be revoked against someones will, except mayby if it can be proven that they lied in their application. Of this last I'm not sure.

  4. I met a Nigerian guy in Pratunam once that I am convinced I got an email from :hmmm:


    I met two Liberian blokes at MBK once that needed my help to to invest Liberias gold reserve which they had managed to salvage during one of the civil wars. :grinyes: :grinyes: :grinyes::neener: :neener: :neener::tuxedo: :tuxedo: :tuxedo:

  5. No personal experiance but I I met an African girl in Pattaya a couple of years ago, she wanted 2500 short time. A price of 500 sounds very low but if there has ben an influx of african girls I suppose that the price kan have dropped.

  6. Although the feministic slant is politically correct in Sweden today this wasn't all she said. She also accused Saudi Arabia of being a medieval sociery. This apparently pissed the saudis off big time. Possibly because it is a highly accurate description of their country.


    The main problem was that the current government (socialist) cancelled a contract that was signed by the previous government (conservative/liberal). The CEOs that complained were mainly from the export industry and many of them from the arms industry.


    The Swedish arms export has always been based on hypocritical principals. The main principal being that we export arms only to countries that we are sure won't use them. An example of this is the recoilless grenade launcher grg m/48 exported with the name Carl Gustaf. It is exported to a large number of countries, including the UK (Falkland war), The US (Vietnam war and probably most subsequent wars). It is also occurs in slightly undemocratic countries such as Burma, Vietnam and Syria.


    The praktice of breaking signed contracts could be debated ofcourse but in essence I feel that the whole thing is a minor issue.

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  7. So before the big bang it was nothing? Inside what? Did other parallel universes, if they exist, occur in the same way? Where did the matter come from to fuel the big bang?


    "Before" is a temporal statement and time itself was created in the big bang. Consequently if there is no time then temporal statements like "before" or "after" have no meaining. This is what I read in a book about physics. Don't ask me to explain it because I can't.

    The concept of parallel universes is a much younger theory and physisists still have a lot to explain.


    In the end of the book "God and the new phisics" Paul Davies writes "If one is searching for a god physics might be a better path to follow than religion. I suspect he is right.

  8. Terry Pratchett, possibly the the greatest fantasy author after JRR Tolkien. It's a sad day when we won't get any more stories from Ankh Morpork or the Discworld. However not unexpected as he was diagnosed with Alzheimers several years ago.

    On the bright side, he wrote about 40 Discworld novels and I haven't read them all yet.

    For those who haven't read his books and want to start, I suggest starting with the first two novels, "The colour of Magic" and "The light fantastic" to get an idea of what the Discworld is all about. After that it isn't necessary toread them in cronological order.

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