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  1. The Seafood market restaurant (very large- seats 3000 people) also has it. I believe it is just off Sukumvit 31.
  2. Boards had their hay day. Back when we all started in the board, there was not much information out there. KS started one of the first boards and people got their information from it.. Unfortunately, this board just looks low tech-little graphics, forum menu shows very little information etc. The board has not changed much in looks and content since 1999 when I began on here but the rest of the internet has evolved 3x over in this time period. At the time when we all had dial up the low tech was very useful and was usable. Now I have 25 Mbps fiber optic download speeds which has no advantage on this board. It reminds me more of the old Gopher system back in university than a 2011 internet experience where I can download a HD movie in 12 minutes.
  3. Yes, simple Replican 101 tactics.. Cause a war, get people concentration outside the country and you can do whatever you please within the country. Why do you think wars are around....
  4. 2-3 per month would be more like it if you take a look at the thai news... I was in one my very first trip in bkk. I bought a car as soon as I decided I was going to stay.
  5. The 10 inch is coming out in a few more weeks. The Toshiba unnamed tablet , dell playbook, notion ink adam, LG G slate all we will be lanched in a few weeks/months. I would wait.. Why pay a premier price to have the first ones out.
  6. We stayed at the Tide resort Link about once a month for years but it is not cheap. But well worth it and an excellent buffet. I also stayed at La Casa at about 1200B per night.. I enjoyed there too but the pool was too small and location not as good as the Tide..
  7. Ya.. that is what I remember too. But they do have tonnes of Burmese guys crossing under the bridge of rubber tires to sell goods on the Thai side. Make sure you dont buy the liquor there.. it is as close to poison as illegally allowed.
  8. I see the dropped the price of the ipad 1 by $100. Not a bad price
  9. There are tonnes of uniform/shirt shops just past the national stadium... Take the BTS to MBK and walk past the national stadium ( on the same side as MBK) and there are plenty of shops in the area that should be able to make what you want.
  10. Everyone dies from something so there will always be customers... simple laws of nature will prevail
  11. Antibiotics in food is a US issue.. Not allowed in most other countries (Canada etc) If you are saying that large companies are blocking cures ( stem cells and your magic snake oil etc) just so they can keep people with chronic diseases so they buy pills, I think you better rethink simple economics. How much money would people pay to be cured from these diseases if they could?? Their entire life savings? Sell the house and move into an apartment? Even selling their retirement package would be better then ending in a pine box when you cant spend it. It is probably nobody would take your friend seriously because of the choices he made Basically by showing a phase 1 saftey study anyone with 1/2 a clue can get funding for stage 2 effectiveness study of a small terminal sample.
  12. You make me laugh Anecedotal "evidence" does not make scientific proof.. Show me a double blind placebo study that is peer reviewed and you might have a saw. Until then, the so called tin hat study is considered snake oil sold be niave salesman. Who would go after scientific or medical funding from a christian based NGO in a third world country??? Just silly
  13. I was saddened to read about the failure of his marriage. I remember going out with him the night before he left to return back home. He had a plan to bring her back and was determined to do so. He even put his money where his mouth was when the embassy asked for a sizable bond for her. He knew what he wanted and was going to get it, despite what people/society told him. First and foremost he was honest to himself. I can honestly say that he was one of a handful of people that I have met that will not/did not have any regrets in life. I am sure when he died, he sat on his couch without any thought of saying " I wish I did it differently" Very few people , I am sure, will not have the opportunity to do it. In my profession, I see people die on a daily basis and can only hope that I can have 1/2 the guts to live life the way I want to, like he did.
  14. Damn it! Another good one gone. A true loss! The woman will be at a terrible loss because according to them he was propotional to his 2m tall frame.. Rest in peace
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