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  1. Four years ago in Pattaya, Bangkok Bank wanted proof of a long term visa but wasn't that concerned about address. It seemed you had to go to one office only to open the account, the one almost opposite Soi 6. I think you can change the transfer limit online, at least within certain bounds. I tried the application and, while I forget the exact reason, decided to stick with their web site. Once upon a time Kasikorn Bank, was quite receptive to opening an account on a tourist visa. I have seen reports that may still be true.
  2. If it was as easy for a Thai to get permission to stay for one year in the US, renewable indefinitely, as it is for us to stay in Thailand, I suspect they would gladly do 90 day reports.
  3. Dr. Strange. The premise is absurd but it's an entertaining movie.
  4. With the retirement extension, you will need to be in Thailand sometime close to and before its expiration to apply for and get a new extension.
  5. Did my one year retirement extension (2nd one) last week week and they weren't using the form.
  6. US Department of State has info on citizens dying abroad searchable by time period and country through December 2015. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/statistics/deaths.html If you can avoid offing yourself and don't ride a motorbike, your prospects improve immensely while in Thailand.
  7. Authorities charge suspects routinely. It beats charging someone who isn't a suspect.
  8. Sicario, a well imagined story about the war on drugs in the US Southwest. For a major share of the movie, your evil twin will be sitting on your shoulder munching popcorn, saying "Well, if that's what it takes." Then it goes beyond that.
  9. Note that it is a dot Com url. Not conclusive, but I'm dubious. Compare http://nasa.gov
  10. If you need to top up an AIS number take a look at https://aiseservice....rviceWeb/. You will need to be able to receive text messages on your phone with the AIS Sim.
  11. One of us is probably missing something here, but a tourist visa gives you 60 days and you can extend it for 30 with a visit to Thai immigration with no requirement for money in the bank and no age restriction.
  12. It was a long time ago I had that surgery done with a spinal. No pain at all during the procedure which was good. Having the lower half be like a sack of potatoes for three hours after the surgery and then almost passing out when I went to piss, not so good. A couple of friends who have had lots of lower body surgeries, have told me always go for the general anesthesia, you either wake up or you don't.
  13. IMHO that excuse is so lame it may be true. She probably could have accessed her private email on a government issue BlackBerry but it would have been a hassle . But yes, she should have carried two phones if the ability to exchange sweet nothings with Bill or whatever was all that important .
  14. When I saw the thread title I was afraid you were serious.
  15. nkped

    Expat Or Immigrant

    A Mexican on a temporary work visa in the US teaching Spanish would be an expat. By law, she could not be an immigrant while on the temporary, non-immigrant visa. At least in the US, immigrant is a legal term while expatriate is not.
  16. nkped

    Expat Or Immigrant

    In the US as well as in Thailand. A Norwegian, for example, who becomes a landed immigrant in Canada or a lawful permanent resident in the US is an immigrant
  17. Fury. A local critic called it a B movie, but a very good B movie. I would agree, definitely worth the price of admission. It's gritty and realistic in some ways. Hunger Games--Mockingjay. It actually has a plot, albeit not a great plot. The last Hunger Games movie, I seem to remember thinking, for much of it, "Well, at least Jennifer Lawrence is nice to look at." Level Five. This is one of those cult classics which the critics love, but is, in fact, unwatchable. It's in French with subtitles, and extremely slow paced. Much of it involves a poorly shot monologue of a woman who is clearly intent on establishing how she is so artistic. I left after 30 very long minutes.
  18. Kite--Stephen L. Jackson does a professional job. Otherwise, it's mindless violence with virtually no plot but watchable for 90 minutes.
  19. nkped

    Annual Check Up

    I've had three colonoscopies. It's vastly preferable to the combination of a sigmoidoscopy followed by a barium enema. The prep for both procedures varies from bad to worse. I remember parts of all three colonoscopies. The first one I was looking at the monitor with this picture of a cavern. After a little bit I figured out what I was looking at and thought hey, this is kind of neat. Good drugs are a wonderful thing.
  20. Assuming the list is accurate, British forces must have been a bit too far north to have gone through Luxembourg in 1944-45.
  21. That may be. The Thai consulate in Los Angeles says you would have 180 days to use a two entry tourist visa. http://www.thaiconsulatela.org/service_visa_detail.aspx?link_id=25
  22. Better late than never.
  23. If they check upon departure as well as arrival, it would give them the ability to determine whether the same person was using the passport both ways. Some similar might have helped the two young Iranians who got that cheap fare on MH370. You have to start somewhere.
  24. Couldn't have put it better myself. Suspect that the military doesn't object that much to being given a reason to not be dragged into the snake pit that would result from an anti-democratic takeover.
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