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    Any New Jokes

    I wonder what the prize is ?
  2. I know which one I would bet on to still be in power in 10 yrs time .
  3. Amazing how he thought he could take on the combined military forces of the UK the US and the Soviets , and win.The Russian campaign proved his downfall ,of course, with 3/4 of the Wermacht engaged on the eastern front.Prior to the invasion he remarked " You only have to kick in the door ,and the whole rotten edifice will come tumbling down " …. how wrong he was. Later on in the war,he was being given a cocktail of different drugs by his personal doctor which probably had a significant impact on his decision making.
  4. Dexi


    The hovercraft - another great British invention ( or should that be white elephant ) .A bit before my time so never got to ride on one.
  5. Dexi


    No need to panic....just go back to using the cross-channel ferry or even Eurotunnel ( as a last resort )
  6. With age comes wisdom ( in theory ). So actually it might make more sense to ban those under 30 from voting 🧐
  7. In the UK I suspect many people voted for Brexit because they wanted to protest against high levels of immigration .However,leaving the EU won`t do anything about 50 % of migrants who come from outside the EU.We are constantly being told that Britain must become " multicultural " whether we like it or not.Why ? Because they ve given up trying to control immigration and now just we just have to accept our fate of an increasing Islamic influence.
  8. Same thing going on in the UK - anyone who expresses concern about large scale immigration is branded by the media as some kind of Nazi.
  9. " I am the leader of a free love community "......He won`t find much of that in Pattaya .
  10. Last year in Patts I noticed a young farang woman " busking " I think is the name for it ,on beach road,trying to sing something and strumming a guitar with a box placed in front for donations.I thought to myself " Oh no,this is what I`m trying to get away from and now its here in LOS as well ". She wasn`t there next day so probably been moved on by the police.
  11. When you see the boats packed with migrants,95 % are young men .Why are they coming to Europe ? Is it the weather ?,the culture perhaps ? Of course not, they want to make money,as quickly and as much as possible,and they are not too worried about how they do it.After all,whats the worst that could happen ? - they get sent home .
  12. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    Except...if you scroll down the page from the top ( like I did ) , you read the top line before seeing the rest of the pic.
  13. The permanent shops behind all the street vendors are sort of blocked out and probably miss a lot of trade,so maybe its pressure from them to get rid of the street traders
  14. Dexi

    Anyone We Know?

    They look remarkably cheerfull !
  15. Open a Thai bank account ( they might steer you towards one that has dubious benefits attached and has a yearly fee - usually not worth it ) then money can be transferred using internet banking - saves having to carry cash .You also get free ATM withdrawals from your local branch ( small fee at other ATM s ).
  16. Dexi


    Ah Brexit...what a mess - people voted leave for many reasons , eg. reducing immigration,but much of the immigration people don`t like is from outside the EU so it won`t make any difference anyway ...Also the much publicised £ 350 mill. / week we send to the EU well the UK`s divorce bill will ensure we keep paying in for years to come - great,which set of geniuses negotiated this ? There is a new acronym in circulation which nicely sums up progress so far -- BRINO -- Brexit in name only
  17. Perhaps if the UK govt. didn`t waste so much money then people might be more inclined to pay tax.I don`t blame messrs. Hamilton et al going to live in Monaco - I suspect most people would ,given the chance.Add up all the taxes - income tax @ 45 %,VAT @ 20 % , then possibly IHT and Estate taxes on any remaining @ another 40 %....crazy !
  18. Wonder what their combined bill for skin whitening products is ?
  19. Compared to many of the other leaders in the region,Prayut looks positively saintly
  20. The question is ...what will DJT do if KJU launches a missile which lands near Guam ? Maybe the US threat to stop trading with all countries that do business with NK will have some effect on China .
  21. From the damage it looks like the tanker hit the warship at c. 90 degrees - the hole seems to be the same size and shape as the front bulge of the tanker.Must have given the guy who was asleep on duty quite a shock
  22. Saw her on the news last night - she would definitely get a discount in a Chinese restaurant
  23. The usual recommendation about swimming in the sea in the main bay is " don`t " and certainly avoid swallowing any of the water.Maybe that's why the ferry to Ko Larn is always packed - the nearest clean water
  24. " you can live on very little " don`t forget health insurance - can be quite expensive as ones age increases and those crafty ins. cos, jack up the premiums
  25. My old Nokia used to be great - maps worked off-line.Unfortunately it finally packed up after 6 yrs and the new Samsung seems to be pre-loaded with games and all kinds of sh*t that means it often downloads data if connected.It even needs a connection for maps to work ...all fine if you have wifi at home which I don`t.
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