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  1. Koi carp do well in LOS where they can feed all year round and quickly get to a big size.There are several commercial fish farms breeding and exporting .
  2. Maybe AH is saying " what a crazy place to put an engine "
  3. Dexi


    Maybe they use the same methodology as the bars ie. put all the good lookers on the outside to bring in the punters and what you find once you get in may be rather different
  4. Having seen the vendors with carts full of fried insects of various sizes,I assumed all Thais enjoyed this kind of food ...maybe its just those from the North-east
  5. A GF who worked in one of the massage places in Patts told me the Russian woman had large clits that often stood out.......Not sure what sort of massage they were doing
  6. Maybe she worked in a Pattaya bar - easy to rack up that many in a couple of years
  7. Tensions between the communities definitely exist - no discussion of it in the mainstream media - they probably work on the principle that ignoring a problem will make it go away
  8. Dexi

    Fire Fire

    The residents were all told to remain in their rooms until they were rescued - maybe because the single stairway would be too narrow to take everyone at once No sprinklers or even a fire alarm
  9. Yes,the Tories won,but only by the slimmest of margins.Ironically it was the SNP`s obsession with having another independence referendum that allowed the Tories to gain seats in Scotland.These were crucial in maintaining their majority.Labour seems to be on a roll now under JC who seems to appeal to the youth vote ( obviously too young to remember the bad old days under Labour ).However if the current trend continues the next election will probably go to Labour and we will all be forced to live in Corbyns Socialist Paradise ( or should that be nightmare )
  10. I hope this does not affect the airline - I usually fly Qatar - good prices and nice meals on board
  11. In this context surely Muslim only faith schools can`t be a good idea.I mean ,what is the point of making kids study and memorise the Koran for several hours every day ? How will that help them in modern Britain ? Somewhere along the line it seems to have become accepted that the UK must become a " Multi-cultural " society. Why ? Nobody voted for this. If I want to experience other cultures I can go abroad and see it first hand. The problem now is there are thousands of these extremists - too many to keep track of.
  12. The streets of BKK and other major cities seem to be packed with imported " luxury " cars such as BMs Mercs etc. I have often wondered how people could afford these after paying 300 % tax....maybe this article provides the answer .
  13. There seem to be hundreds of these extremist nutters in the UK.Its almost one incident every week now.Whats the cause ( apart from religion,of course )...well,some say its the result of the West`s intervention in the Middle East over decades.Why did the UK let in thousands of people who have a different culture and don`t fit in ? A brief study of what happened during the Indian Mutiny should have provided a warning.
  14. The VIP s are happy,the girls are happy ( I assume VIPs pay well ) everyone is happy,so...why is it sordid ?
  15. Chiang Mai gets a double dose of pollution from burning rice stubble and sugar cane residue as well as the huge amount of traffic in the city.Crossing the road is really taking your life in your hands.As for sitting outside at one of the roadside cafes for a drink - forget it unless you want your eyes turning red and a sore throat from the traffic fumes The best place in the area is the summit of Doi sutteyp where you can look down on the haze of the city whilst enjoying the clean air.
  16. A few years ago it was fat in the diet that was bad.Now its sugar and carbs in general.Its getting hard to find something to eat that isn`t actually bad for you.Maybe changing to a Thai style way of eating would be good - rice,fish sauce chillies and veg. ...
  17. Suwannapoom at night can be quite an eerie place - all that glass and brushed stainless steel coupled with the dim lighting.Sometimes waiting for a flight at 2 am I almost expect to see Darth Vader sweeping along the corridor
  18. Reminds me of the time a couple of years ago, sitting in the shade outside a museum in Chiangmai old city.Two people ( man and woman ) walked up and started chatting.They seemed really friendly ( always a bad sign ) which made me slightly nervous.A short time later my suspicions were confirmed.Turned out they were Korean bible bashers who had been living in the area for several years.They spent several minutes giving me various pamphlets and eventually the only way I managed to get rid of them was to tell them I had spotted a group of Chinese ladies going into the museum.Seems these are their prime targets.
  19. Brief update on the " Tourist visa exempt entry " ( TVEE ) situation .......People entitled to this now get 30 days at both land,sea and air crossings.This can be extended by 30 days at immigration for the standard fee ( 1900 bt ).Those using a land crossing are restricted to 2 entries per year.The only exception seems to be at the Mai Sai crossing ( ChiangRai ) where,for some reason they don`t allow TVEE s.
  20. I think it was Mongolians ,and they were even worse
  21. Interesting.....I thought they had reduced the 30 day allowance at a land border to 15 days ...Applying for the METV is a PITA ,or to use the Thai phrase " Lambark " as it involves submitting bank statements and tax returns plus the hefty fee.
  22. Unbelievable .... Why didn`t she just buy a rice cooker and follow the instructions like everyone else ?
  23. I`ve used one of those mini-vans to make a visa run to the Cambo border a couple of times.The drivers go like a bat out of hell in order to meet the schedule - they leave at c. 7 am and aim to get back to Patts c.4.30 pm.Its quite a long way and involves a 45 min stop at the border for lunch.
  24. " A 12 cm sunami wave was observed ".....how did they know it wasn`t just an ordinary wave
  25. Ever noticed that on tv when they have someone using Isaan dialect ( usually one of the servants ) they display subtitles ? Not surprising really as it is almost a different language completely .
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