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  1. I suppose your going to tell me he wasn`t one of the founding partners of Goldman Sachs either
  2. Yes RIP. He and J. Cleese etc. made Fawlty Towers one of the best things ever on TV.I think he had a brother who was also famous,being the MC on the show " The good old days " not my cup of tea but quite popular at the time.
  3. Does the money have to be in a Thai bank ac. or will any bank be ok ? Personally I would be wary of keeping large amounts in a Thai bank in case it disappeared one day
  4. Fit this onto a car exhaust,then return the ethanol into the fuel tank where it can power the car....Wow,I may have invented perpetual motion
  5. And yeh,the disciple said unto his followers " It is better to give than receive " and " Do unto others before they do it unto you "
  6. I wonder if the viewers actually like these scenes or not ...the scripts seem to be written according to some sort of male fantasy - not that I`m a feminist or anything like that, strange,as I would guess most of the viewers are female.
  7. " My votes go to # 85 and 62 " those were their ages
  8. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    One of DJT`s campaign slogans was " Drain the swamp " .Ironic then,that one of his first appointments may be a chap whose first name seems to be " Newt "
  9. Sturgeon and the SNP really only have one thing on their mind - Scottish Independance.In that respect the recent Brexit vote has given them a golden opportunity to have another referendum,and then possibly another one after that - basically they will carry on voting until they get the right result
  10. What you need is this....read along with the tv episodes
  11. A lot of modern cars are supposed to go into the dealer for a service every year.Seems like a rip-off when they charge a fortune for an oil and filter change plus a visual inspection and tick-box form that anybody could do ....Changing the oil and filter every 6000 miles seems a sensible compromise.
  12. Maybe he used the net mainly for porn....in which case the megaphone won`t be much use
  13. Thais would probably say she was " Mai dtem baht ".
  14. Like seeing how many donuts you can eat in one go --- a bit pointless and probably leave you feeling rather unwell
  15. Yor Yak.....same as can be seen standing guard outside temples etc ?
  16. " Damage caused by Thai biker gang using bricks ,machetes and * golf clubs * "....hard to imagine them being into golf but who knows TIT after all .
  17. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    Do you mean " wreath " ...
  18. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    A policeman knocked at my door and said " I`m sorry,but it looks as though your wife has had an accident ".....so I said " I know,but she`s got a nice personality ".
  19. I used to get annoyed by people queue jumping at the 7/11,now I occasionally do it as well.....when in Rome etc.
  20. There still living in the dark ages.Similar to W. Europe 500 yrs ago.
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