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  1. Reminds me of an amusing incident in Chiang Rai a couple of years ago.Middle of the afternoon and feeling bored ( two days is more than enough to see all the various attractions the place has to offer ) I went into a Starbucks or some such similar place.Ordered coco because I find the coffee too strong and leaves me hyped up for the rest of the day.What the dek serf delivered to my table was a mug with a spoon full of coco made into a paste with a small amount of water WTF ! How am I supposed to drink that ? So I called her over and said it was supposed to be a drink that you could actually drink.She finally understood and with a pained expression ,reluctantly brought a jug of hot water.What I now realise is that I should regard it as a priviledge to be waited on and not complain so much thus causing loss of face all round.
  2. The good thing about using centigrade is that 0 is freezing point and 100 degrees is boiling point ( of water ) simple and easy.If the forecast says tonite will be -10 then you know what that means - whats that in Fahrenheit - no idea.Changing the subject somewhat ,spent some time at the ( now ex ) GFs place in Khon Kaen a few years ago,one of those plces with a corrugated metal roof.Mid afternoon the guage read 45 * C .She had a dream of going to live in northern europe - we went to Pizza Hut and she was absolutely frozen " Oh its so cold in here " she grumbled ,so I said " How will you manage through the winter in Europe " - no reply.
  3. I would guess that the cleanest air in the UK would be somewhere like the Outer Hebrides in the far north west where there is no pollution,plus the added bonus of a faint whiff of whisky .Not sure about the Yorkshire dales though - when the wind is coming from the West it passes over Manchester and Liverpool
  4. Exactly.Seems now if you are male you are presumed guilty and have to prove innocence.Where the accusations are obviously rubbish the accuser should be charged with wasting police time.
  5. My impression ( could be wrong ) is the police will raid any venue where a group of people are playing cards.Maybe they assume money must be involved,otherwise why would they be doing it ?Seen it on the news ,all Thais involved,but you could argue that foreigners should not be exempt.Surprised they don`t raid funeral receptions as a matter of course,as card playing seems to be the most popular pastime.
  6. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    What do you call a computer that sings ?.......Adell.
  7. Dexi

    Any New Jokes

    Whats the difference between a hippo and a zippo ? Ones quite heavy........the others a little lighter.
  8. " Could not afford the maintenance costs "....hey,its a doll,what could the maintenance costs be ?
  9. Right.On the last visit the Venus De milo caused offence and look what happened to her
  10. Dexi

    This Is A Concern

    If present population growth trends continue,in a few generations the UK will be majority Muslim .What the do-gooders who want to allow in thousands of assylum seekers don`t realise is that UK courts now allow them to bring in all their relatives as well .
  11. Went with the GF to see some friends up near the border in Mair Sot.They had a Burmese lady working for them as part time cook/maid.Paid her 2000 bt / month plus food.One day they came back from the market and found she had eaten about a dozen boiled eggs they were keeping for the restaurant.After that I think it was cash only,food not included
  12. I agree it is exploitation.....the question is .....who is exploiting who ?
  13. One of the advantages of living up here - you can walk right across the main ring road around Udon,3 lanes almost without looking first,fantastic roads,hardly any traffic. would be wonderfull with an open top sports car
  14. Dexi

    Bad Dad's Army

    There must have been at least one person on the inside to make the heist possible - how did they obtain the key to get in ? How did they know which boxes to target ? I`m not saying any more
  15. What about " Collagen Coffee " .The tv adds suggest it makes the user more supple and generally " Na Rak ".What next,coffee with hair in it to cure baldness ?
  16. Would be interesting to know what is actually in it.My guess would be its mostly packaging with a small amount of ingredient comprised of cheap materials such as sugar ,flavourings milk powder etc.
  17. The way the Chinese economy seems to be heading,ie. growth at 0-3 % as opposed to 10+ % ,there might be fewer tourists than expected.Not that that would worry me unduly
  18. Don`t see why they paid compensation - it was her own fault.
  19. Its brain washing pure and simple - kids watching tv see these ads every day from age 2-18 so of course they believe it .Ironic that the article was in the Chiang Rai Times as people from there probably have no need to use skin lightening products being lighter skinned and more Chinese in appearance
  20. Dexi

    Where Is This?

    Canada.....no wait,thats too obvious.How about Patagonia ?
  21. Satirical it may be,but its also very true to life and something I would expect to see in a Thai news item.Diving headfirst into water of unknown depth must be one of the most common accidents for tourists.Also,Brits have a well-known propensity for leaping off hotel balconies into swimming pools while intoxicated
  22. Dexi

    Quality Tourist

    At least on a Sorgtao in Patts you can move or even get off if a Ktoy or other suspicious character sits too close.On a plane its not so easy.
  23. My Chinese Rolex ( vendor assured me its legit ) works ok,only loses a couple of minutes per day
  24. Right if they had not come to Thailand it would not have happened,so it must be their own fault
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