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  1. Yahoo! paid email services offers disposable email addresses also, don't now th e details bu I suspect it is similar.
  2. For anyone who has used Forte Agent to read news you will probably realy like the Pimp Ass News Reader (PAN). Originally for Linux it also works on Windows with the addidtion of GTK libraries (linked via their site), and also with OS X using FINK and apples X11 display server.
  3. Yeh knoppix is pretty awesome hardware polling in Linux is unrivaled so I think a Knopix cd would be invaluable for trouble shooting and if you can find a friendly place a great thing to do with a shared pc. Knoppix can be bloated for older computer but there are many alternatives notably thebootable business card Gentoo.org says they paln to be breating some new life into cygwin, also doing a Mac OS X ports project. I read a thread elswhere about a windows software program damaging important file. Man I don't envy you guys. For all the user unfriendliness-ness of Linux I sure am happy that all I have to do to update my computer is type:emerge -u worldbefore I go to bed and then the next day 10 minutes of being guided through a side by side comparison of modified configuration files.
  4. Dont access banking and credit card accounts at a public access computer. Bad bad bad
  5. If you use Mac OS X get Fink Fink If you have ever used a FreeBSD ports system or Debians ap-get/dselect, Gentoo emerge etc. You will find Fink to be one of the least known and most utilitarian additions to your Mac. If you aren't familiar with the above get fink and try it. It may seem arcane at first but once you get used to it you will be amazed with its simplicity and sophistication. For PC users I think that Gentoo Linux is working on a port of their emerge software managment system that will work with Cygwin. Should provide similar utility.
  6. I always like to think of friendliness as K-Y Jelly. Apply it generously to the daily grind of social intercourse, and surprise suprise, fewer tears. AG
  7. adikgede

    A new PC

    quote: Originally posted by coss: Adik Gede, "~the proper extension for the USB Keyboard couldn't be found, Consult the documentation for the device or software.. ~" In the extensions folder inside the systems folder there should be a range of extensions amongst which are these named: USB Device Extension USB Printer Sharing Extension USB Software Locator USBAppleMonitorModule USBHIDUniversalModule USBNomadJukeboxDriver USBRioDriver USBSoundSpace2Driver And also if you have a peripheral the peripheral will have it's own extension like: Macally USB iStick driver for a Joystick. You don't need all these to run a keyboard but... If your keyboard is a Mac Keyboard, then the appropriate driver should be installed with the Software installation. If the keyboard is 3rd party then it should have a driver supplied with it. Is this for an ibook or other computer? Hope this helps The problem is on one of 20somthin iMacs about half of which have OS 9.1 . The error seemed to be largely eronious as the keyboard and mouse worked in spite of the warning. Removing the extension manager prefernces and restarting took care of it. I just goofed around with OS X on a cube @ Funan Center (SG) this week and it was pretty cherry. I opened a terminal ran top and proceeded to start every application I could drag the mouse to. The only thing that really slowed it down were dns look ups (it wasn't wired) and the rather long initialization of carbon libs when starting the first OS9 app. My own subjective impression is that BSD is a lot snappier than L*x. Although I am sure that having 900mb RAM helped a bit. I don't think I could part with my 3-button mouse just for prety-fide U*x (yet).
  8. adikgede

    A new PC

    quote: Originally posted by coss: Lads, I have a 500 Mac Powerbook and it's running 9.1, I've just got OS X and will install this weekend. No crashes, plenty fast, viva la Mac OS 9.1 Do you ever get this error: ~the proper extension for the USB Keyboard couldn't be found, Consult the documentation for the device or software.. ~ OS X M$ IE running on a Mac dextop on top of a BSD micro-kernel. Sound like a recipe for cognitive dissonance to me. I was thinking about getting an i-book for my wife when she opens her law office this fall. But I have decided on a Kapok (makers of UMAX) notebook running Trustix Merdeka (Indonesian Linux distro). That would make it a Kapok Merdeka laptop or in English the Fed-up with Freedom Latop. I 'll hold on to the i-book until my kids can change their own diapers
  9. adikgede

    A new PC

    quote: Originally posted by Wildalaska: I am running a K6-2 550 that has gone well over 6 months without ever crashing..... Reliable? This is my first AMD CPU purchased in early 97 (K5 75) I gave it to a friend to use in a DSL router in his apartment building in San Francisco. eedjit@scratchy:~ > w 4:04pm up 6480:34, 1 user, load average: 0.22, 0.17, 0.11 USER TTY FROM LOGIN@ IDLE JCPU PCPU WHAT tedbundy :0 console 3:27pm 0:23 0.00s ? - eedjit ? 4:04pm ? 0.00s ? - Thats 6480 hours which means it hasn't been rebooted since we started it up back in November. You could argue all day long about which is better intel or AMD. If the primary concern is reliability and price I would pick AMD any day of the week and use the money I saved to buy more RAM.
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