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  1. Well I was pointing out the bleedin' obvious
  2. Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said the bombers had "targeted foreigners... to damage tourism and the economy" Not sure how he come to that conclusion. Surely if they were targeting foreigners then Nana Plaza would have been a better bet.
  3. Very sad. Though I am surprised that Bangkok doesn't get hit more often what with all the crap down the south.
  4. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aKHJpjIxNzZ8NjMzMzI2NjcUAlOP1w6fyFf89iTzAbreVcl2d_y7UD7z0_MwP3K5QA== Live
  5. Is it bad? UK TV hasn't really reported and I am due out there next week....not that it will stop me
  6. There has been a large explosion close to a shrine in the centre of the Thai capital, Bangkok. The BBC's Jonathan Head, who is at the scene, says there appear to be both dead and injured, amid a huge amount of chaos. He says there is a massive amount of damage and a crater that indicates this could be a bomb. Our correspondent says that if it is a bomb,this would be a rare attack for the capital. Source BBC : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-33963280
  7. Is this true? Millions of prepaid phone numbers to be cut off in Thailand with new SIM card rule Thailand's telecom regulator will implement a new SIM card registration rule that could cut off as many as 20 million prepaid mobile phone numbers after on Saturday (Aug 1). They are available in malls and convenient stores everywhere, but that is all about to change on Saturday (Aug 1). Under a new government regulation, prepaid mobile users will need to register their personal information with their mobile service provider. The Thai government approved the regulation earlier this year aimed at preventing the misuse of unregistered SIM cards in criminal activities. The scheme is also designed to reduce the wastage of phone number resources. But unregistered prepaid card users will not have their lines cut off completely after the deadline. While they will no longer be able to make outbound calls and surf the Internet on their mobile device, they can still receive calls and SMS messages for one more month. Thailand's telecom regulator said it expects 65 million prepaid mobile users to register their personal information by the Aug 1 deadline with another five million more registering in August. It also believes some 20 million mobile phone numbers that belong to inactive users will be cut off after Friday. Phone companies will have until February 2016 to get their act together. After which, they will be fined more than US$2,000 (80,000 baht) a day if they activate new prepaid SIM cards without registering users. There are over 105 million mobile users in Thailand, 90 million of whom are prepaid subscribers. Source : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/millions-of-prepaid-phone/2021062.html
  8. Its in force with most big outlets - True shops for example, that being said, I got a sim card from my usual haunt on Soi Buckhao with no questions asked so it seems a tad hit and miss. On the one occassion I went to the true shop (bloody stupid system, queue to register, go to machine to top up, then go back to queue!) I didn't have any ID though they accepted the G/F's ID card without any fuss. This was in February but as we all know, things change rapidly.
  9. I know this thread is pretty old but did Thai360 ever get set up for Tapatalk ?
  10. A YOUNG British woman almost lost her leg when she was struck by a motorboat propeller while scuba diving off the coast of Thailand. Alice Davies, 20, had the horror accident near the holiday island of Koh Tao, police said. Witnesses said Miss Davies suffered severe blood loss and two broken bones when the vessel hit her while reversing. They told investigators the Briton was swimming back to shore with her party after completing a diving course. She has been taken to Thai International Hospital on nearby Koh Samui, where medical staff say she is recovering well. Police have traced the boat’s driver and are considering bringing criminal charges against him. Foreign Office staff have also been notified and have offered Miss Davies’ family, from Southampton, consular assistance. Lieutenant Colonel Napha Senathip, of Koh Tao police, said his officers were waiting to interview Miss Davies. “We are waiting to speak to the tourist and receive medical records about her injuries. “Nevertheless, the driver confessed to the crime, and he is willing to compensate the victim because his boat has accident insurance.†The accident happened on Tuesday evening while Miss Davies was holidaying with friends on the island famous for scuba diving. She was taken to Thai International Hospital on nearby Koh Samui, where doctors say she is in a stable condition. Source : http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/583934/Alice-Davies-Thailand-motorboat
  11. Two Thai men have admitted raping a British teenager who was backpacking in a popular tourist resort, according to reports. Police in the town of Kanchanaburi arrested two men for the rape of the 19-year-old early on Tuesday morning. According to Thai media reports, the woman, who has not been named, spent Monday evening with a group of foreign tourists but found herself alone outside a restaurant at 1.30am. She was approached by two Thai teenagers on a motorcycle, who offered her a lift. Instead, they took her to a deserted spot, where they raped and robbed her. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in keeping with rules about confidentiality, confirmed only that it had provided consular assistance to a British national after an “incidentâ€. The two suspects, identified from security camera footage, had confessed to the crime, reports said. The victim has returned to Britain. Kanchanaburi is famous for its museums devoted to the “death railway†built by Japan using the labour of Allied prisoners of war, many of whom died of disease and exhaustion. “The woman told police she had been drinking with her friends after dinner at a restaurant,†Police Colonel Weerapong Chernpakdee told a press conference in Kanchanaburi yesterday. “About 1.30am, she was outside the restaurant in Kanchanaburi town when . . . motorcyclists offered to give her a lift back to her resort. Instead, they took her to a section of jungle . . . where they raped and robbed her.â€â€™ The incident comes eight months after the murder of two British tourists on the Thai resort island of Koh Tao. Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, were beaten to death on a popular beach after a party in a bar near by. Ms Witheridge was also raped. Source : Times. Two Burmese migrant workers, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, both 21, have been charged with the murders, but lawyers acting on their behalf insist that they have been framed.
  12. The Foreign Office says it is urgently investigating reports that a British man has died at a shooting range in Thailand. Local reports from the southern resort island of Phuket say a British man died after turning a pistol on himself. The Foreign Office (FO) could not confirm the reports. An FO spokesman said: "We are urgently working with the authorities in Thailand to establish whether a British national has died in Phuket." The Bangkok Post, quoted a taxi driver who said the man had hailed him near a local resort and asked to be taken somewhere where he could shoot. He had shown no signs of stress while in the taxi, the driver said. Source BBC
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