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  1. Thailand circa pre-mobile phone and internet browsers was a magical time. A man armed with a worn copy of The Lonely Planet had a real adventure. These days with everything mapped out on blogs it's no different than running to Ibizia or Miami
  2. End of the year I think I will return for some soul searching. Time to focus on the legacy of a life lived.
  3. I stopped reading Stick the minute he elevated Thai men as some sort of role model, with the silly examples of how we farangs involve ourselves with the women Thai men supposedly wouldn't touch, nonsense(as if Thai men were not fucking and falling in love with those same women). The dude had too many internal conflicts going on for my tastes as he attempted to integrate himself into Thai society. First year of his blog was a very good and useful read for those new expats going the teaching route for those who were not privy to the nana delphi and ASFO boards. I give him kudos for that.
  4. Just shows you how gullible and mislead u truly are. GWB was far from a stupid man or a fool. That folksy cowbowy good ol boy character was designed. Go watch footage of his time as governor and Texas, particularly his debates against Ann Richards. He showed his Yale and professional biz man persona and cleaned her fuckin clock. Dude knows exactly what roles to play as a politician to get where he needs to go.
  5. Study your AMERICAN history my boy. Nixon already did that deed and he BOWED to the Emperor of Japan too, oh and Chairman Mao too. Also our boy Shrub BOWED to his and Daddy Bush Sr's best buddy the king of Saudi Arabia. You boys need to grow up. Politicians only care about being in and having power they can give two shits about how they attain it.
  6. yeah I tried some PRICK naam plaah but it didn't work
  7. I have dipped into the Rusky action before but limited to Dubai P4P so maybe not a good example. I found the girls to be drop-dead gorgeous but no fun at all mechanical sex, no humor just stick it in and get done!! That's what I like soooooooooo much about Thai girls; most are not worried about time (LT) and some actually have fun. It might be different with the Ruskys if you go to thier country where it's a buyers market. But in Dubai it is a sellers market and they know so they can act like bitches and still make money! JMHO, S1 Never did P4P with Russian chicks but I pay in other ways. They definitely have an agenda and compared to Thai chicks are more savvy and better educated as a whole. Culturally they are very feminine and are socialized to please men. Sometimes u have to treat them like shit to properly recalibrate that socialization mechanism.
  8. Dude u really need to meet the ones that aren't featured in a propaganda films. Former USSR chicks come in all shapes and sizes and for the most part are extremely attractive. Many of them are more shapely than any Thai/Asian chick I have come across. They also exude a certain sexiness that Thai girls don't seem to replicate but not as feral as Brazilian women. Personally I find Asian chicks to be "cute" and Eastern European women to be " hot and gorgeous". A thai chick I can take to he amusement park and we will have a great time but a Russian chick I can take to a dinner and gala event that requires formal attire. What has always attracted me to Thai women was their attitudes and cultural behaviors in male female interactions.
  9. Reasonable excuse? Absolutely! One that will we accepted without suspicion and repercussions? No! I will eventually satisfy my itch and go but it will have to be done immediately after a big fight or something. Problem is that I don't think the siren song of LOS will ever go away. For some guys that itch is about cheap pussy, for others a cheaper and slower lifestyle; for me there was simply the feeling that I was "home". As a tourist I would estimate that 95% of my socializing was outside of the P4P and expat scene; which really does affect your perception of the people and culture.
  10. The last time JJsushi was in LOS I had just broken off my engagement to the classic graduate school educated, high earning career oriented American beauty from an upper middle class background. I celebrated or maybe drowned my sorrows with 5 bar girls picked up from an after hours pub a bottle of whisky and a pack of cheap Thai made condoms in a short time room. Did my deed paid them each 1k baht, put on my sunglasses and stumbled back to my apt in the godawful sunlight ready to renew my life with scheduled quarterly trips to the land. Yup I was ready to go back to my old ways and rent 2 apts one for the "good" girls and one for the hookers. Ready to hit the high end discos and unmarked clubs that catered to the little princesses and uni chicks and make my rounds at the traditional monger P4P spots That was a couple of years ago and I never made it back. I got waylaid by dating a bevy of aggressive Eastern European chicks in NYC. Something about them got me hooked aside from the fact they were gorgeous and very feminine, something more to the effect how they make a real effort to please a man. Yet I still can't escape the siren call of LOS and I'm soooooo itching to get back but the Russian gf ain't stupid, the old "going to Asia for a biz trip" won't work. She won't stop me but I know how she thinks and in this case her thoughts will be accurate and there will eventually be repercussions based on the suspicions. Why is the fuckin itch so strong for a backwards ass country where I dare say the sex is not even that great? I swear the feeling is that of being homesick!
  11. The best girl i ever had was a girl recently graduated from Ram U, lost her gig and hooked to take care of her sick mum. She was the most honest, sensible, practical and strategic of any woman I ever met. She never did ST's. Her market was long stay farangs. She would stay in the room, let u go out with the boys and party all night but before u left the room she would fuck and suck you and when u came back in the wee hours of the morn she would fuck and suck u again. She cooked, cleaned and read an English language newspaper everyday; always asking me questions about politics and business After two weeks I had to return home she point blank told me that she would not wait for me, she had a European dude that wanted to marry her but if I stayed in LOS she would continue to hook to take care of us until I could find a gig so she could leave the biz and find a normal job. I passed on her offer and when I returned 3mos later she was married and in Europe I kick myself in the ass everyday for not accepting her offer. She was a diamond
  12. Not too difficult to get a girl out of the bar scene assuming u find a girl that is mentally and emotionally ready to leave. I initiated the process with one girl when with a pen and paper I showed her with numbers how she paid her bar to work for them and not the other way around. Throw into it the money hungry family and the "friends" who are never there when u go through a rough spot but always there when u have money to party, she was ripe for alternatives. Long story short after english and computer classes an expensive unfinished education from Bangkok University(only 2.5yrs completed) plus all of the cost of living expenses she is a proud almost graduate with no degree but she has no intention of ever going back to a bar. Nope, instead she left uni and after a trial and error job search she opened her own . . .food stand. If I was not so hell bent on her getting a college education I could saved myself gobs of money and sent her ass to cooking school because that is what she really wanted to do(obvious signs were when she 1st moved into my flat she bot a bunch of gourmet Thai cookbooks and attempted to replicate the dishes and her love of watching the cooking shows). Always do ur due diligence with sponsorships and almost be prepared to deal with regular crisis involving family, friends and those complex relationships with Thai men she will always forget to mention
  13. Going through a phase with Eastern European chicks at the moment however the Thai side keeps whispering to me in my dreams(or is it the sporadic e-mail/text that says "I never forget you" I wait for you" that pulls me.
  14. may not be easy to quantify but when you see the same threads hanging around for months on the 1st page just have to accept you lack good posters that provide content which causes others to want to contribute. You gotz no stars, A-listers, fire starters. You may have consistent "traffic" but the board has become a veritable snooze fest over the last couple of years
  15. Possibly the interest has been lost in Thai girls?
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