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  1. Still cheaper to rent than own in Thailand. I can think of a dozen ways I can earn more money with the capital that is required to purchase a condo or home in Thailand. Unless one is in the property development or investment business, I see no point in attempting to own real estate in Thailand until foreigners have the same property rights as Thais.
  2. yeah BK I am with you all of the way! Those snot nosed obnoxious posters and those those red hot Satan ass pokers are a real pain in the ass! LOL!! You know who else? The lurkers, PC crowd and long winded pontificators. I also don't care for those who rail against the scene while imbibing in some way. Those know it all expats and the naive tourists. The ones who really piss me off are the rich bastards who spoil the scene by throwing their cash around and those damned Cheap Charlies that throw too little. The hypocrites who know who they are and the romantics who glorify everything Thai. The suckers who sponsor chicks and the young handsome men who bang them for free. The worst offender has to be the poor sap that claims his Thai girl(hooker or non) is sooo much different than the rest! LOL!
  3. LOL! Don't think it can't happen! With India and pakistan on one side, China and North Korea on the other and Japan having the capability of developing their own. Poor litle thailand would be the beneficiary of some radioactive fallout.
  4. You are a foreigner living in a foreign land, that makes you a target. Many people severely underestimate legal issues or expenses. I guess if you have never been sued before or been involved in some sort of nuisance suit then you would not think about legal issues. What would you do if someone planted dope on you or accused you of being a pedophile in Thailand? How about you do a hit and run but it was clearly your fault? On your fixed income can you afford a good lawyer or to pay bribes?
  5. $2000 take home a month in the USA? Unless you live in Montana or utah that is what I would call scraping by. make that in a coastal city and you are damn near in poverty. You would have a subpar standard of living.
  6. I wonder how far that $2k baht will get you if you get in some legal trouble? Say a TG accuses you of rape or even worse say you are accussed of being a pedophile and someone attempts to shake you down for hush money? It has happend you know. Whether you fight it with a Thai lawyer or bribe the accusser and the police that $2k per month just won't cut it.
  7. Notice how you use the qualifier "get by"? Who wants to "get by"? $2k per month is a below break even wage in my estimation for a single male and sure as hell does not give you any wiggle room or the opportunity to save and invest in the West unless of course you live in the wilderness in Wyoming where you won't have any opportunity to spend it. Once again you use the qualifier "survive". Who the hell wants to "survive" in a 3rd world country while in retirement? The goalis to live a better retirement than you would at home. My idea of retirement is not wearing flip flops, eating street food every night, living in a cinder block studio apt in Pattaya and having relationships with hookers. Okay for a holiday but not the next 40yrs of my life. I am all about improving my quallity of life but not at the cost of my standard of living. Sounds to me that you are basing your outlook on a "present day " view rather than taking a long term view with some forecasting and worst case scenarios..
  8. Well if u are making your money in thailand and it is in baht earning money market rates, you are definitely losing if your are earning less than the 6% Thai inflation rate.
  9. Don't sleep p127 that European social welfare system is more prone to market forces than you think. The cracks have already appeared in the system and the stress will only increase over the years
  10. tha is one of my primary points. I would not want to live according to acceptable local standards. I want to live according to my standards. Middle class in Thailand is not that great of a life in my estimation because I am not Thai. Middle class Thai to me is akin to middle blue collar American where one owns a house a car and does a little shopping with a vacation once a year but mainly stays local.
  11. hese Bankruptcy s these days are about restructuring labor agreements and labor liabilitites rather than produtivity issues or corporate bloat. You may be interested to know that the PBGC which collects the premiums and provides the insurance for single-employer pensions in case they go tits up, went from a $10bln surplus in 2001 to a $25bln deficit in 2004. Now what do u think their liability is going to be once the auto industry and airlines get finished? I wouldn't be surprised if you see very soon the Federal govt bail them out or pass legislation to help them recoup losses.
  12. No healthy fear or appreciation of financial risks now, can translate into constant worry and uncertainty later. I am sure there is many a retired person dependent upon hanouts and charity because they had no fear when they were younger. I am actually of the mindset that money is one hell of a useful tool that can provide me certain freedoms which can contribute to my happiness. For example I am free to travel to Thailand when I have the time because I can afford to do so. A BMW is a quality dependable car and is not what I woulfd call "bling". A BMW with $50k aftermarket rims is what I would classify as "bling". Well I guess I could be PC and say "LDC" but "3rd world" does make the tone of my argument stronger does it not? I mean "LDC pussy" just does not have the same panache as 3rd world pussy"!
  13. Not debating the ban. I did tell him to do it becuase it was inevitable. My issue was that I was the only one "threatened" with a ban. Is that what it comes down to now, "threatening" members with bans? Whatever happend to "hey guys knock it off"? Those were the good old days.
  14. Dude your going to do what u want to do, so if that entails a "permanent" ban then so be it. My point is that you specifically responded to ME and gave a pass to others that attacked me because my view was different. Would be nice if you warn all involved. Check the history every time I crossed the line and you said "knock it off" I did. You single me out and I don't feel it was fair to do so I am going to point it out.
  15. Thanks for the nap KS, next time maybe you will be more even handed with the smack down with all parties instead of singling out one. What I find interesting is the level of envy and hypocrisy on this board at times. Some feel it is low class and I am bragging when I say "I" need a minimum of US$10,000 per month to retire in Thailand yet those same blokes take pride in being able to survive on less, even to the point of bragging about it. Sorry old chaps but we all have different needs and wants. I don't want to be a pauper in a 3rd world country nor have to return to my own penniless or not have the financial means to return. $10k a month should hopefully cover that. Now time to get back to business. It is apparent by reading this thread how so many members are the equivalent of financial simpletons and have no concept of money and retirement planning. Now I could go into an entire economic gobbledygook type of argument citing a bunch of sources but I believe in the KISS method(Keep It Simple, Stupid!) What I hear is how many people list the same sources of retirement income, namely a company or government pension and some savings or the sale of a residence as sufficient. The appalling part is not the sources of funds but the wholesale belief that these sources are guaranteed to be solvent, deliver a predetermined amount of fixed income and will outlast the life of the retiree. Let us bust a couple of myths. 1. Pensions and medical benefits are guaranteed. This is completely false. Pensions are promised but never guaranteed. Most people do not even realize that their pensions are not fully funded, actually almost all are underfunded. Basically what you are hoping for is that the company will continue to stay in business and that it can continue to pay out benfits. A bankrupt company cannot pay a pension or benefits and insurance if you are lucky will cover 45%. The same with social security type programs, what you are hoping for is that the next generation will support the current generation and maintain the promised benefits. Even if a company or government stays solvent they still have the ability and right to change all benefits and income payments in the future, regardless of what they promised you. You don't believe me then take a look at what is going on with the American auto industry as well as the airline industry. Take a look at the huge social welfare burden which is a ticking time bomb for some Western European countries as they cannot replenish their workforce because citizens are not having babies and baby boomers start to retire(Italy comes to mind). 2. Your fixed income today will take care of you tomorrow. Have you people never heard of INFLATION or STAGFLATION? For all of you who think that US$5000 dollars will set you up comfortably until the day you die in Thailand, you have no concept of history nor do you understand the volatility of global financial markets. You know it was not too long ago that in the good old USA (circa 1980) Fed funds was 22% and inflation was 12%. We have $60 a barrel oild and some are predicting $110 in a couple of years. You don't think that history can repeat itself and your precious $5k a month won't be able to cover your living expenses? Inflation is the enemy of people on fixed incomes. 3. When you retire you will need less money. Complete and utter bullshit. Some people find that they need more money because they have more time on their hands to pursue other interests. Some don't know how to ratchet down their expenses. Who is to say a retiree won't knock up his TG and now he has a family to support? Start a business and get wiped out? Live another 40yrs? 4. Prices/expenses in Thailand today will be there tomorrow. More bullshit and poor forecasting. Every reccomendation I hear from some of you financial whiz kids are all based on what expenses are in Thailand today. Have a little foresight and at least attempt to think 10-20yrs down the road. Don't be surprised if your priced out of your Pattaya pussy haven in a few years. 5. Your next egg is in safe investment vehicles. The biggest myth around. I am willing to bet 90% don't even know how to diversify your savings and more importantly what they would be invested in. Some will say "mutual funds". I bet 99% of you never read your mutual fund prospectus or have a clue as to how the fund is run or what it owns. Add to that, you have no clue as to how those funds will perform in certain economic environments. I bet like most people u simply looked at the historical return of the fund and that was good enough for you. 6.. Your money will outlive you. Guess again, with the improvements in biotechnology and healthcare you will probably live longer. Your more valuable alive than dead, Don't be suprised that at the age of 105 your not hooked up to some machine and suckking down pharmaceuticals so your healthcare provider can milk every last shilling out of you until you expire. 7. The western based currency will always be strong against the Asian currencies. Yeah right. Keep on buying those cheap goods from China and outsourcing your services to India and selling your debt to Asia. Do u honestly think these countries will always be low cost providers and suppliers with a Western currency hungry economy ? Some of that hard currency will eventually purchase real assets and debts will have to be paid. Don't sleep, they want the good life and a strong economy too. Won't be too long before some of you and your kids will be working for an Asian based corporation. 8. You can predict the future. Not one person knows what his financial needs will be going forward. The problem with some of you blokes is that your basing your future needs on what you do today and at todays prices. No one knows what tomorrow holds yet you all seem to financially plan as if you do. Never think you have to leave Thai;and and return to youur own country for medical care or better yet Thailand tosses you out on your ass? My advice is that you better continue to invest as if you are going to live to be over 100yrs old(think of more growth vs solely income). Make sure your able to retire from the workforce and always think of ways to add to your retirement income. You keep thinking that once you get your $5k a month in retirement income your set for life; well you already lost your retirement before you spent it.
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