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  1. Hi Guys, long time no see. Where is that wasteland, Coss? Looks pretty good to me. I thought you were back in Kiwiland?
  2. Well, when I clicked on p1, I didn't look at the date. I thought it was a new post this week, liked the story and wondered if he was writing about someone I know in Pattaya quite well , naming her Neung instead of XXXXX. Only at the end did I see it was five years old. Very believable story, Neung is the spitting image of an old regular of mine (currently in Jail I think) , and I have accompanied various girls to abortion clinics, not always sure if I was or wasn't the dad ( first time, I wasn't, second time he who was the dad of the first foetus paid for aborting what was probably mine, since I paid 5 month earlier when she aborted his. Then she and I split, she married him and gave him three more live babies. Then he died in a car crash, and a few years later she came visiting back here in LOS, binging her tribe and spent a night getting wasted with me, and renewing our past carnal knowledge. Old story, but as bizarre and believable as YimSiam's TIT!
  3. I've been a regular at Tulips since it opened (2005? or so), it was started by a few girls who used to work in Baron's (now closed). Since then, various ex tulip girls have started up similar places, mango, Victoria, snowwhite etc. I tried them all, but still like Tulip best. Recently only visited rarely, since I live in chonburi. The formula works for me, I rarely ever had a dud. I used to have a shortlist of five (Dao , Nice, Tina, C and May) Nice and C retired ("Privatised by falang? Not sure) Tina and May are reported to have started in the new places, and as far as i know Dao is still there. although she is now getting older, and not petite, she is a stellar performer (Pun intended , Dao means star). Many of the girls there are 3-holers, which is Ok if that rocks your boat, but almost all of them seem to have great energy. Oh, the price of 1500 tip on top of Oil massage fee of 400/hr has been standard since the start. I usually give a bit extra tip. Try tke out overnight, for only a little more, she'll come to the hotelroom after 10.00 Pm and stay until morning, very well worth it.
  4. NG, I do like your new avatar more then the old one. I haven't been to Bar4 yet, but I'm pleased that overpriced Net Cafe has finally gone.
  5. A couple of the bigger hotels in P'lok have MP. Some of these, extras can be had, even FS at a price (2000 at my last visit). In fact, one 3-4 * hotel where I often stay, i've never gone without fs in the MP. But they upgraded the premises, and the price for aextra went up too.
  6. Yes, that was the internet shop Nok took me to on my first visit to Thailand. At that stage I'd know her only a day, and she didn't know it was going to be two years. She showed me the email she got from a Brit called Ted, and asked me to read it to her (she spoke more english then read it. Little was I to know what lay ahead. thank buddha, she eventually married him. Pleased that Massage Pimp got his cumuppance, even if for him its only a trifle.
  7. just found this old post again. Now can anyone tell me who won the Akane voucher, there must be at least ten coupons in by now ( I think at least half would have been mine) Could the winner please report back if it was worthwhile?
  8. I remember that evening. You should have followed Suadum when he left Sheba's, I met him in the next bar, (The bar with NoName) and great fun was had by all. I find it hard to believe you didn't find anyone on SukH between Soi 11 and 15, between 1.00 and 3.00 it is absolutely packed, and a wide variety is on offer. I agree, sleeping alone in BKK is a letdown.
  9. On my last visit to Eden, one of the girls with me surprised me. They are very diligent about condomuse, swapping condoms whenever I swap partner or change orifice. But when after some frantic activity I came, XXX jumped off me, ripped the condom off, and proceeded to lick me clean. Somewhat defying the purpose of condoms, but very pleasant.
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