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  1. Hi Guys, long time no see. Where is that wasteland, Coss? Looks pretty good to me. I thought you were back in Kiwiland?
  2. That sounds like a good idea. How do I approach that coming in from a motorway from Pattaya, the nr 7? or the Chonburi BKK motorway? In either case, what would my reference be on a GPS?
  3. I need to visit a govt office in central BKK, close to Siam Paragon, which is Siam BTS station. But i am driving from outside BKK. Noramlly i'd park at Paragon or MBK or so, and walk to that office. But at 8.30 AM, as far as i know, the shopping mall parking lots are still closed. Does anyone know of an open and accessible parking in that area where i'd be able to find a spot at that time of teh day? I don't mind paying parking fee.
  4. [The reason I use Tim rather then Agoda direct, is that with Tim i know I'll get personal service. If what i want is not available, he'll suggest a similar place to suit my needs, and he knows my needs by now. I need good price, certain location, parking, free Wifi, and not necessarily breakfast. I also do certain places when travelling with my wife, but others when travelling alone. If in a hole without Wifi/net access, I can call him, give him a location, and he'll book and sms me a confirmation. Agoda on its own doesn't give service like that. Long Live Tim!
  5. I suggest you talk to DD direct. Three maybe stretching their space, but maybe it could be done. Forget about privacy. The girls won't worry about their privacy, and if you and your mates do, just get the girls to give you BJ.
  6. Thanks for re-opening this thread. I reported 3 years ago that I never had an STD. Now, about 6 months ago, I had one bout of gonnorea, quicly fixed with antibiotics. First time ever. Not from barebacking, I never do that. So it must have been from oral sex, one way or another. probably from a BJ, but not sure...
  7. Ah, Jomtien immigration. Always take a book. I sit down for half an hour, check the progress on the numbers, calculate when I'll be called and then piss off to the nearest MP, several nearby that are worth exploring. (try Soi 6 Jomtien!) Then, suitably replenished, I return, find I have another 40 minutes, eat a late lunch, and take my place in front of the desk around 3.00 PM (having arrived at 9.00 AM) You need to be very persistent in making sure you get teh re-entry you want. I always want multi re-entry, because I travel a lot, but once was given a single, which I only found out when i got home!?!?!@*** The guy had told me 1000 Bt. I queried it, said last year much more. he said changed rule!, I accepted it. Stupid! That meant a few months later I had to sit through the same agonising day again for a new Multi. Well, the massage did soothe the pain a bit. But at all times, remain calm and smiling. Dress tidily, no tank tops, do shave and shower before. Some of the characters you see there are a disgrace to the farang species.
  8. >apart from myself I think Coss and The Corithian are the only other iDiots on here, so welcome to the club.< I think I'm idiot enough to join that club. I moved from Win to Mac in 2004, never looked back. Laos is riddled with bugs, viruses and other nasties. Everyone around me (when i lived there) was constantly battling slowed down or crashed Win, I sailed through on my first Powerbook without a scratch. I bought it in 2004, replaced it early last year, 7 years on one laptop, without a significant virus. I replaced it because it could no longer carry the new applications I'm using, but it lives on, be it with a few holes in the screen, still going strong somewhere in a NGO training centre at the ripe age of 8 years. Phonewise, I skipped the iPhone, happy with my Samsung S, 16 Gb plus 32 Gb micro SD that fits thousands of pix plus quite a a few movies plus all the music I'll ever want. I looked at an iPad for travel use, but the Sony tablet has USB plus SD card slot, doesn't have the iPad's anal Apple limitations on what you put into it. Horses for courses.
  9. Encore

    My Smoker

    Did you try smoking some Pa-Nin? (Tilapia?)
  10. I'm with the Munchmaster, I'd give her one and would enjoy it. Did a famous FL here in P last year at 8 months, great experience. Just be clear upfront, you do it for the fun for you and her, that's all. And pay the usual.
  11. Damaged middle finger? Ouch! That's the one I use a lot to.... Oh, never mind, but I hope they didnt have to put a plastercast on it, she wouldn't like that one bit. Pleased the damage was limited and you survived. Remind me not to bump into you in a dark alley late at night.
  12. After posting a few historic pictures of mine in a TR yesterday, I ended up in the archives, to find a bit of an old post. In the process, I started looking at more old posts, and came across this one, from someone I've beeen following recently. He's talking about some girl called Nok, but I've forgotten the excact context of the long story, and am wondering if this is actually a very early story about the same person we've been recently reading about. Can anyone (maybe the OP), enlighten me? Don't need to name any other names, just a yes or no will do. Charming story. And I remember the hotel in the little street, I used to frequent that same massage place, and no, they just do massage. I think I actually had a beer or three with the OP on that very same visit.
  13. Well, when I clicked on p1, I didn't look at the date. I thought it was a new post this week, liked the story and wondered if he was writing about someone I know in Pattaya quite well , naming her Neung instead of XXXXX. Only at the end did I see it was five years old. Very believable story, Neung is the spitting image of an old regular of mine (currently in Jail I think) , and I have accompanied various girls to abortion clinics, not always sure if I was or wasn't the dad ( first time, I wasn't, second time he who was the dad of the first foetus paid for aborting what was probably mine, since I paid 5 month earlier when she aborted his. Then she and I split, she married him and gave him three more live babies. Then he died in a car crash, and a few years later she came visiting back here in LOS, binging her tribe and spent a night getting wasted with me, and renewing our past carnal knowledge. Old story, but as bizarre and believable as YimSiam's TIT!
  14. Mekong re-branded, and re-appeared on the shelves at double the original price. But a couple of months ago in laos, I came across a few bottles of the old label, and old price (well a bit more). Tasted the same, I've recently preferre SangSom. I also have posted very little, Living in Chonburi province spend more time in Pattaya, and although I still play, it's with a fairly loose circle of regulars, rotating between them. That doesn't leave much ground for exciting new adventures to be written up. Besides, although this board is my original home in LOS, in practice I get more up to date news about the focus of my play (Pattaya) on one or two of the P-boards. But I do enjoy coming visiting, keeping in touch with a few old friends, and up with the state of the "Coss play". Miss the good TR though.
  15. My wife needs a new laptop, the 5 yr old Sony Vaio is starting to become too slow for her needs (Mail, netsurfing, some Photoshop and a lot of Adobe InDesign, a fairly powerhungry graphic design progrmme. No gaming. To date little or no video editing. Sony was OK, but seems a bit expensive. Heard good things about Asus and Acer. Distrust HP (they refused to send me a new driver for my HP printer a few years ago when I was living in Laos "Because Laos was an enemy country." Silly twits!) . Dell seems to only do online sales, and we kind of like dealing with a person in real life when needing service. Apple Mac is out, I'm a Mac user myself, but She doesn't like it, and all her existing software is Windows based. I could read overseas reports and comparisons, but they don't relate to what's available here. I have myself been too long out of Win to know what PC laptop right now is reliable and value for money. Any suggestions? I quite like using IT City because they have branches all over and warranty will be honoured all around Thailand, but are they more expensive? I prefer a shop that is likely to still be there in a year or two. I also like Apple's concept of buying an extended warranty. 13 or 14 inch screen, to cope with weight when travelling, most of the time at home she uses an outside 20" screen.
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