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  1. Hi Guys, long time no see. Where is that wasteland, Coss? Looks pretty good to me. I thought you were back in Kiwiland?
  2. That sounds like a good idea. How do I approach that coming in from a motorway from Pattaya, the nr 7? or the Chonburi BKK motorway? In either case, what would my reference be on a GPS?
  3. I need to visit a govt office in central BKK, close to Siam Paragon, which is Siam BTS station. But i am driving from outside BKK. Noramlly i'd park at Paragon or MBK or so, and walk to that office. But at 8.30 AM, as far as i know, the shopping mall parking lots are still closed. Does anyone know of an open and accessible parking in that area where i'd be able to find a spot at that time of teh day? I don't mind paying parking fee.
  4. [The reason I use Tim rather then Agoda direct, is that with Tim i know I'll get personal service. If what i want is not available, he'll suggest a similar place to suit my needs, and he knows my needs by now. I need good price, certain location, parking, free Wifi, and not necessarily breakfast. I also do certain places when travelling with my wife, but others when travelling alone. If in a hole without Wifi/net access, I can call him, give him a location, and he'll book and sms me a confirmation. Agoda on its own doesn't give service like that. Long Live Tim!
  5. I suggest you talk to DD direct. Three maybe stretching their space, but maybe it could be done. Forget about privacy. The girls won't worry about their privacy, and if you and your mates do, just get the girls to give you BJ.
  6. Thanks for re-opening this thread. I reported 3 years ago that I never had an STD. Now, about 6 months ago, I had one bout of gonnorea, quicly fixed with antibiotics. First time ever. Not from barebacking, I never do that. So it must have been from oral sex, one way or another. probably from a BJ, but not sure...
  7. Ah, Jomtien immigration. Always take a book. I sit down for half an hour, check the progress on the numbers, calculate when I'll be called and then piss off to the nearest MP, several nearby that are worth exploring. (try Soi 6 Jomtien!) Then, suitably replenished, I return, find I have another 40 minutes, eat a late lunch, and take my place in front of the desk around 3.00 PM (having arrived at 9.00 AM) You need to be very persistent in making sure you get teh re-entry you want. I always want multi re-entry, because I travel a lot, but once was given a single, which I only found out when i got home!?!?!@*** The guy had told me 1000 Bt. I queried it, said last year much more. he said changed rule!, I accepted it. Stupid! That meant a few months later I had to sit through the same agonising day again for a new Multi. Well, the massage did soothe the pain a bit. But at all times, remain calm and smiling. Dress tidily, no tank tops, do shave and shower before. Some of the characters you see there are a disgrace to the farang species.
  8. >apart from myself I think Coss and The Corithian are the only other iDiots on here, so welcome to the club.< I think I'm idiot enough to join that club. I moved from Win to Mac in 2004, never looked back. Laos is riddled with bugs, viruses and other nasties. Everyone around me (when i lived there) was constantly battling slowed down or crashed Win, I sailed through on my first Powerbook without a scratch. I bought it in 2004, replaced it early last year, 7 years on one laptop, without a significant virus. I replaced it because it could no longer carry the new applications I'm using, but it lives on, be it with a few holes in the screen, still going strong somewhere in a NGO training centre at the ripe age of 8 years. Phonewise, I skipped the iPhone, happy with my Samsung S, 16 Gb plus 32 Gb micro SD that fits thousands of pix plus quite a a few movies plus all the music I'll ever want. I looked at an iPad for travel use, but the Sony tablet has USB plus SD card slot, doesn't have the iPad's anal Apple limitations on what you put into it. Horses for courses.
  9. Encore

    My Smoker

    Did you try smoking some Pa-Nin? (Tilapia?)
  10. I'm with the Munchmaster, I'd give her one and would enjoy it. Did a famous FL here in P last year at 8 months, great experience. Just be clear upfront, you do it for the fun for you and her, that's all. And pay the usual.
  11. Damaged middle finger? Ouch! That's the one I use a lot to.... Oh, never mind, but I hope they didnt have to put a plastercast on it, she wouldn't like that one bit. Pleased the damage was limited and you survived. Remind me not to bump into you in a dark alley late at night.
  12. After posting a few historic pictures of mine in a TR yesterday, I ended up in the archives, to find a bit of an old post. In the process, I started looking at more old posts, and came across this one, from someone I've beeen following recently. He's talking about some girl called Nok, but I've forgotten the excact context of the long story, and am wondering if this is actually a very early story about the same person we've been recently reading about. Can anyone (maybe the OP), enlighten me? Don't need to name any other names, just a yes or no will do. Charming story. And I remember the hotel in the little street, I used to frequent that same massage place, and no, they just do massage. I think I actually had a beer or three with the OP on that very same visit.
  13. Well, when I clicked on p1, I didn't look at the date. I thought it was a new post this week, liked the story and wondered if he was writing about someone I know in Pattaya quite well , naming her Neung instead of XXXXX. Only at the end did I see it was five years old. Very believable story, Neung is the spitting image of an old regular of mine (currently in Jail I think) , and I have accompanied various girls to abortion clinics, not always sure if I was or wasn't the dad ( first time, I wasn't, second time he who was the dad of the first foetus paid for aborting what was probably mine, since I paid 5 month earlier when she aborted his. Then she and I split, she married him and gave him three more live babies. Then he died in a car crash, and a few years later she came visiting back here in LOS, binging her tribe and spent a night getting wasted with me, and renewing our past carnal knowledge. Old story, but as bizarre and believable as YimSiam's TIT!
  14. Mekong re-branded, and re-appeared on the shelves at double the original price. But a couple of months ago in laos, I came across a few bottles of the old label, and old price (well a bit more). Tasted the same, I've recently preferre SangSom. I also have posted very little, Living in Chonburi province spend more time in Pattaya, and although I still play, it's with a fairly loose circle of regulars, rotating between them. That doesn't leave much ground for exciting new adventures to be written up. Besides, although this board is my original home in LOS, in practice I get more up to date news about the focus of my play (Pattaya) on one or two of the P-boards. But I do enjoy coming visiting, keeping in touch with a few old friends, and up with the state of the "Coss play". Miss the good TR though.
  15. My wife needs a new laptop, the 5 yr old Sony Vaio is starting to become too slow for her needs (Mail, netsurfing, some Photoshop and a lot of Adobe InDesign, a fairly powerhungry graphic design progrmme. No gaming. To date little or no video editing. Sony was OK, but seems a bit expensive. Heard good things about Asus and Acer. Distrust HP (they refused to send me a new driver for my HP printer a few years ago when I was living in Laos "Because Laos was an enemy country." Silly twits!) . Dell seems to only do online sales, and we kind of like dealing with a person in real life when needing service. Apple Mac is out, I'm a Mac user myself, but She doesn't like it, and all her existing software is Windows based. I could read overseas reports and comparisons, but they don't relate to what's available here. I have myself been too long out of Win to know what PC laptop right now is reliable and value for money. Any suggestions? I quite like using IT City because they have branches all over and warranty will be honoured all around Thailand, but are they more expensive? I prefer a shop that is likely to still be there in a year or two. I also like Apple's concept of buying an extended warranty. 13 or 14 inch screen, to cope with weight when travelling, most of the time at home she uses an outside 20" screen.
  16. I now haven't been to Tulip for a while (Busy down here), but it used to be one of my favourite MP in BKK. I used to have rotating list of 4 regulars, each and every one a darling and a very accomplished practitioner. Some have retired, some have opened their own place, a few still there. the one still there as far as I know ah my all time fav, "Ms2ToeF..k" She did get a boobjob after I'd known her for a year, but it didn't diminish her ethusiasm at service delievry with passion. One of her party tricks wa sto such my big toe and then insert it into her pussy. then, with it inserted, she'd grab the other big toe, also suck it (Acrobatic she was) and insert it into her arse. Then she'd try and bend over to take me into her mouth. What they call a true "3holer". Tulip rocks!
  17. I'm a bit late on this, but the OP asked daytime fun, but doesn't like massage. Well, the obvious answer is Tulip, Mango, Snow white, Victoria etc, Most of my visits there I had little or no massage, at least not of the ordinary massage type. Open mostly from 10.00 AM onwards. Then there's the new BJ bar in Soi 10, which is not at all seedy, and can also provide LT. Plenty of options.
  18. Part 4. The next day was going to be another low key day, staying at home except for a brief visit to Soi 6. I started by phoning my most favourite Soi 6 girl, from Saigon, but she proved to be away for a few days. Bummer. But it was only going to be ST with her only, since when I enquired she was very resolute “No, I like sleeping alone in my on bed†. Still, she is a stunner, and very hot in bed, so i don’t mind getting rationed by 1 hour shots. From a personal POV, I can totally understand. On a good day she’ll have 5 or more customers, = 5x or more an hour with a bloke in a bed shagging you. But that pays. Overnighters don’t pay by the hour, but by overnight, which is a long time, so earning per hour is much less. Now if this guy is a young, great looking charming and rich man, she may make an exception, but I am none of those, and although we are very friendly, and she shares a lot of here private life with me, I don’t fall in that exclusive class. Maybe only he BF in another country does. So I then phoned nr 2 at MFY, her phone is still off. So we’re going to physically walk through Soi 6 from one end to other and see what’s around. I do spot a few possibles, maybe 3. At MFY they tell me my nr 2 has gone to Malaysia to work because here it is too quiet. Bummer! (No, she wasn’t) Then, just when I think i have to walk back and re-assess the three options, I spot MsB (not her name) at Bullring Bar. Wow, I don’t usually take very beautiful young women (except for my Saigon one, who’s a fluke) , but for MsB I’ll make another exception. She has a very pretty face, not over made up, just like the pretty girl next doors. And a stunning body, 20 yrs, babyless, flawless, lovely tits and ass, smooth belly, good english . In one word, GREAT! Except, she doesn’t really get into the sex too much, she’ll do the required movements, and pulls a painful face when I slowly and carefully move inside (After an extensive (as usual) warm-up job). I am very careful, she is surprised when I ask her to go on top, and seems to have a limited repertoire of moves and positions. So eventually I got where I wanted to be but “in a limited way for an off nightâ€, as Paul Simon would say. Pity, because I really liked her. Pretty good English, she said all self taught after a customer from Aus bought her a book a few months ago. She sits and studies and tries it out on customer, and was very pleased when I gave her a few pronuciation corrections. Lovely girl. I think maybe she doesn’t have a huge sexual experience, and isn’t really that interested in sex, Or maybe not with an old codger 3 x her age. But if you’re younger, appreciate beauty more then totally wild sex, she’s worth a try. On the way home I stop off at YH and have a foot massage with the Virgin. I know she does HJ if I want, but I just had FS with mixed results from another young woman, and a foot massage is just what i wanted. The V is cute and disarming, and does a good foot job (Couldn’t resist that one). Tammy was just leaving and introduced me to her sister (I wouldn’t have picked them as sisters, maybe sisters in a thai way. Pity, I always enjoy chatting with her. She’s been working hard at her paintings and should have a few ready to hang in the cubicles soon. Nok finished with her customer, who leaves and she sits down at the desk and we chat. She tells me how incredibly happy she is that she made the shift to working here, she just feels happier inside herself, and really suits her job as assistant manager, while still giving a very good massage as long as you don’t want much more (an occasional tug is OK). I like her as a person, she’s mature and shows some wisdom, I’d love RA to diversify and add another one or two 30‘ish woman to the blend.
  19. I think the previous report accidentally got posted twice. Sorry. PART 3 Third night off, (well, still basking in the sexual bliss from that mornings bout with B, and a tiny bit hungover, I decided in needed a break. Next day (day4) hit town around 6.30, had a look on BR first, just in case. That had a market, which made it much harder to see and interview the girls, didn't see any I liked, so had a beer in Nevada instead. i used to have a regular there, but she now FL and wasn't available tonight. I hoped to find one of their servers, a mid 30's (or late 30's), whom I had once st 'd upstairs and had a great time with. She was a typical MILF that didn't get taken often, and got very hot. She came hard and said she hadn't come in a year or so. I wanted to get her overnight, but she wasn't there. Instead I immediately got spotted by Am(?), a 40 yr old solid built who always dances stark naked, and from the stage already started calling out she was so horny and wanted to be fucked. i did her a few times before, good shag, but slightly less attractive, and a bit over the top. So she sat with me for ten minutes, got me to massage her substantial tits, suck them, and inserted my hand to let me know how hot she was. i said 'you feel dry, how can you be hot?" "You feel deeper, you will feel wet. i declined, finished my beer and gave her 100 Bt tip. Then paid and left. Drove to Soi Lengkee and booked into Opey De Place, and went for a pizza. Opey is a very pleasant hotel, Standard room 750 Bt, clean, spacious, basic but has TV, Air, hot shower and fridge, what else do you want. And secure parking! I didn't want to go on an extensive Gogo trip that night , and didn't want to BF an un-tried GG girl. Instead i walked to Devil's Den, had a chat with John about what I wanted: GFE, not a powerbunny, feeling good was more important then coming max nr of times in min number of minutes. After browsing the iPad they have for quiet study prior to line up, I decided on MsT. (not to confuse with the "other' MsT we know so well). She would be available at 10.00, or slightly before, so i had two hours up my sleeve, which I used to explore Soi LK. Started at Champagne, which I had visited a few times, but not often and usually for an hour or so in the afternoon. never BF'd from there. At 8.30, it was packed. Saw several very nice looking women, mostly bikini, some topless, and a few fully nude (on the rear stage, and in the shower. Good stiff and cheap Sangsom soda. I probably could have found a BF for the night here, but BF was 800 bt, a good looker would probably have asked at least 2000 LT, plus a few warm -up drinks, would have ended up costing me about the same as MsT DD, and been less of a certainty about the quality service I would get. Then to the next, i think it is called MAXX or so, opposite Champagne. Five girls on stage, one topless, three or four more topless standing around. One sat next to me and introduced herself. Been working there for 4 days, one customer so far. Little, nice touchable little breasts, and she encouraged me to feel her up through her panties. kissing and smooching, seemed relaxed and pleasant, but 20, not really what i'd want for the night. Tipped her, moved on to next Gogo, OFFICE. More girls on stage, not many customers (like MAXX). I didn't really like the dancers in dark office type uniforms, maybe they strip them off later, but too dowdy for me. One slightly drunk topless girl with a chinese face kept leering at me, and when her dance was over, came over to me with another topless friend, i jostled a bit with both, friend eventually left her, and MsChina started assaulting me in earnest, lots of kissing and smooching which she did well, Rubbing her tits against me, and encouraging me to explore her crotch and nearly bare ass. Nice soft well filled body, about late 20's i'd say. But very drunk. Paid my bill, tipped her 100Bt for trying and left. The drinks were cheapest in Champagne, I think 65 Bt, and under 100 in both others, but they were weaker. Time to get back to the Den and collect MsT. MsT DD is at a guess early 30's (correct me if I'm wrong, I didn't ask her, and I can't access the DD site at the moment), well filled without being fat, good sized natural breasts which look, feel and taste good, friendly personality, and relaxed. On arrival in room I realised I'd forgotten to ask about anal, I didn't really care , but while in the shower and washing her, I touched and asked, she replied no, so i said 'No problem, don't need to.' Before shower, we sat on the bed for about 15 minutes, chatting, getting to know each other a bit. She has some English, but probably less than my Thai, so we spoke mainly Thai. No Kids! Worked at DD for about 8 months. Listed to music, drank a bit of Sangsom, she drank water only. Then hit the shower, mutual soaping and washing ( I love washing TG!) On bed, we started soft cuddling, until she descended with her mouth on my member, using a big electric dildo on my balls at the same time, which was surprisingly pleasant. After quite a while of that she asked if i wanted to fuck, but I decided to first reverse roles, went down on her. Long munch, then a bit of Bugle, then found that vibrator and inserted it inside her slowly, aiming the tip high up inside against the front wall of her vagina. Then kept munching and bugling. Eventually her legs clamped together, she bucked and grabbed my head to stop me, I think she came, or made a good pretence, not sure. So we donned the condom and rode away in various ways. i like them on top, free for me to enjoy breasts and her the have control over her own pleasure. It was good. Talked for a while more, I picked up email, read a few pages on this and other sites, we had another cuddle and dropped off asleep. In the morning I woke suddenly at about 5.15, forgot where I was and thought i was alone. But i heard water running and my first thought is the toilet must be flushing continuously. I got up and went to the bathroom where I bumped into a beautiful naked and clean Tammy, who'd just had a shower. I had simply forgotten she was there and it was pleasant shock. We returned to bed and had a very pleasant morning bout. I wasn't very hard to start with, so she went down on me, and used a much smaller vibrator (size of a finger) on my ass. Lubing it, she started to insert it almost entirely, which combined with her mouth and hand was extremely arousing, I suppose it may have triggered my prostate. that showed rapid effects, and I reluctantly stopped her, in order to put on a condom and fuck. That didn't last too long. Shower, tip, and she sailed out the door by 6.15. Mission accomplished. probably total cost for the night 4700, great sex and company.
  20. I've been a regular at Tulips since it opened (2005? or so), it was started by a few girls who used to work in Baron's (now closed). Since then, various ex tulip girls have started up similar places, mango, Victoria, snowwhite etc. I tried them all, but still like Tulip best. Recently only visited rarely, since I live in chonburi. The formula works for me, I rarely ever had a dud. I used to have a shortlist of five (Dao , Nice, Tina, C and May) Nice and C retired ("Privatised by falang? Not sure) Tina and May are reported to have started in the new places, and as far as i know Dao is still there. although she is now getting older, and not petite, she is a stellar performer (Pun intended , Dao means star). Many of the girls there are 3-holers, which is Ok if that rocks your boat, but almost all of them seem to have great energy. Oh, the price of 1500 tip on top of Oil massage fee of 400/hr has been standard since the start. I usually give a bit extra tip. Try tke out overnight, for only a little more, she'll come to the hotelroom after 10.00 Pm and stay until morning, very well worth it.
  21. Encore

    Pattaya Tales

    >Many of you know that it's rather raunchy with shows on tables--interactive shows, though I'm the shy type and don't partake like my hero Ikkrang< I usually fit the role of 'anti-hero' better. The girls on the table actually always prefer a tip, 100 Bt is a hell of a lot better then their cut of a LD. And you really should give audience participation a go one day, it is a great cure for shyness. I was shy many years ago, until some pingpong girl in a Patpong bar invited me to help her by inserting the pingpongball she had to exert again in a cup. Then graduating to icecubes, which ended up in my drink. From there to a good munch is only a small step.
  22. Encore

    State of the Sanuk

    disagree! besides, physical beauty is over rated. Attitude and passion count more! Hey, when are you coming to BS for a meal at Aunty's? Gimme a ring if you do!
  23. Part 2 Left my gear at secrets, and went to work. During the day i had a call from an old mate, telling me he was arriving from Isan, to meet the subject of his growing attachment, and would be in town for a few days, hopefully more then that. How about meeting for a beer, a meal or a night out on the town. OK, let’s do that. Slight hiccup, I know the subject of his adoration, A, she works in an MP where i occasionally (well frequently, for the past 3 years), go when I am in the mood for some expert service. In fact, she’s one of two or three who on a rotating basis provide that expert service, and does so, uhhh, with dedication. But she’s not a shrinking violet, so she’ll cope. To avoid being the third wheel on the samlor, I decided to invite one of the other few from her workplace, “Bâ€. B is a regular of mine, about 30, not particularly pretty face, very Isan looking but absolutely fabulous tits, and a great performer in bed. No silly games of “I’m a stunner, my shit doesn’t smellâ€, just a great down to earth woman. We arrive at their hotel/GH, just after six, and sit down for a beer or two with my mate. He’s looking extremely happy, and bubbles on like a teenager in love. I’ve been there, even at his age, loved the experience, but it almost led to a train wreck for me. I hope it will go well for him. I absolutely love Ms A to bits, but she’s one of about 10 about whom I feel like that, so if she is privatised, taken off the table, it wouldn’t leave an unfillable gap. Then A arrives down from the room, looking totally beautiful. She does an almost imperceptible gasp of breath, when she sees her colleague next to me. Of course my mate may not have told her who his mate was who came to visit, and that he would bring her work mate along. But she recovers, and sits down and chats with B. I do have the impression, by her avoiding my eye, that she maybe mightily pissed off with me, although, on the surface, nothing shows. Then it suddenly hits me that i put ourselves in a slightly awkward situation. Here, I am sitting opposite two beautiful hot women, both of whom I have known in a biblical way multiple times, and both of whom have been extremely good to me. And all around this table know about it, although no one would refer to it in any way at all. Then again, A is in the same boat, sitting opposite two, uhh, mature blokes, both of whom she has known in a biblical way on numerous occasions, both of whom have expressed affection in some way or other (I don’t do declarations of love to any of my gaggle of ten lovers, but I do let them know how much I appreciate them), and all people around the table know about this, although in a typical Thai manner (Maybe also british manner), no one would refer to this fact. It is like an invisible net binds us. Did I overstep the mark, by arranging this get together? Will she hate me forever? If my mate and her develop the connection between them to a higher level, it will never be mentioned again, and not matter, since she’ll be off the table. But if she stays at work, i may have blown (pun not intended) my connection. I hope not, we’ll see..... We have some snacks, and move on to a small pizzeria around the corner (Thank you Expat, for pointing this place out to us it is excellent). In fact, Expat comes and joins us for a short while, unleashing upon us his extensive knowledge of food, places that sell it, and places you can eat it in the region. But he declines our invitation to join us for the next stage of the night. I had invited B for the night out on the town. I’d asked her if she’s ever been to a gogo, she said no. Would she like to see one? If she didn’t like, we could go elsewhere after that. I had in mind a ‘soft’ introduction by taking her to Anglewitch. Most girls I have taken there enjoy it, after adjusting to some of the , tastefully presented nudity. When I mention that suggestion to my mate, he says he’d taken A to a gogo first time for her some time ago, and she liked the ones where you could whack some pretty little naked nymf with a rubber tube. When he said that, she looked unscrutinable, not sure if she understood what he said, or whether her face indicated maybe it was him who liked flogging naked bodies or liked looking at her doing the same. Not sure. So he suggested either Babydolls or Windmill. Windmill? After yesterday’s visit, that may be awkward, I could imagine walking in there with B and the others, and Ann or so rushing up to me, saying ‘HI Ikkrang’, lying down on her back, spreading her legs and asking to be bugled. Would be a bit awkward, since both A as well as B have undergone such treatment (never complained, either) in the privacy of our massage cubicle, when we had the floor to ourselves. It might shatter their image of me as a mature, courteous, modest and polite old codger and make them see me for the debased raunchy pervert I really am. No way. So I suggest that for a newbie to Gogos like B, it maybe better to start slowly. i realise they may not want to go to Anglewitch (I’m sure A would like it, but not my mate), how about starting at Silver Star WS. I’d taken another of their colleagues, “C†there a few years ago, another gogo newbie then, and she had, after the first shock at seeing nude women, gotten to enjoy it. She hadn’t enjoyed Windmill one bit! OK, agreement. We were to meet at SS WS at 10.00, which gave B and I the opportunity to park the car near Secrets, bring in a few bits of luggage, and pick up my email. While I picked up my mail, B had a shower, and then of course, having another half hour up my sleeve, we did what we usually do under such circumstances. Wow! I remember now why I like her so much. Another round of showers, this time we washed each other, never allowed in her workplace. She first claimed to be shy to shower together, but when i pointed out the absurdity of that after what just took place, she conceded. Right on the dot of ten, we met my mate and A at SS WS. We entered, I was pleased to find the seats along the bath free, sat down, ordered. the girls were standing up, partly, but only partly covered in suds, so it was a bit more abrupt initiation for B. Mind you, on entering we passed a few small stages with the buck naked slim girls gyrating, like last nite, so she wasn’t a virgin anymore, although she did claim afterwards, like C a few years ago, that she’d never in her life had seen a woman totally nude, never had seen a pussy that wasn’t hers. But the show didn’t have the same spark as yesterday. OK, I wasn’t in the position to partake, another bloke had one of the girls lay back in his lap while nr 2 did the games, pussylicking, rubber tube bashing, icecube shoved inside and aimed at a cup (She hit the cup this time, round of applause) but it was flat, actually a wee bit boring. 20 minutes later, we left . Outside my mate announced he was exhausted from his 4.00 AM rise to drive down here, and wanted to hit the sack. So I asked B what she wanted to do. “Up to you†She had mentioned Isan music before, which I like, but i wanted to remove the idea from her mind that all gogo entertainment involved intensive use of pussy, and was boring. So I suggested we’d go to Angelwitch, and if she didn’t like it, we could leave in ten minutes and go to Isan music. We arrived just as a show was starting. i’d seen it before, it is not at all raunchy, but good clean fun, some beautiful naked bodies, but well choreographed, funny, and only very limited display of pussy. In fact, some of the numbers where the dancers give a hint of exposing that part but never really do, or only briefly at the end, are IMHO far more erotic to watch then the “in your face†(pun not intended, but very appropriate) stuff at Windmill and other places. So instead of five minutes we watched the entire 30 minute show, until the intermission, when the stage was filled entirely by about 25 dancers, shuffling away and partly revealing their bodies. B remarked on how many different body shapes there were, big tits, small tits, big asses, small asses. i suppose if you never saw a naked woman before, it maybe a revelation. i pointed out to her that it confirmed how great her tits were in comparison to the ones on stage, she blushed a bit, and snuggled up. I asked if she’d like that job, she shrieked “No, I shy!â€. Within the context of her own occupation, shy is an interesting word, but having sex with a total stranger in the privacy of a massage cubicle must be less threatening to shyness then merely exposing your body in a dance in front of 100 people. I explained that this shuffle would continue for 20 minutes before the next stage of the show started, did she want to stay and watch more, or go to Morlamsing. We could always come back another night for the next part of the show. She chose for the music. Outside she seemed genuine when she said she really enjoyed what she just watched, and so much more fun then the raunchy stuff at SS WS. Entering the music club, at the start of WS second or third place on your right, don’t know the name, but it doesn’t really start in earnest until about 11.30 Pm, and you’ll identify it by the sound coming out. We were shown to some barstools and a little table, a bit towards the back, i moved further forward, then after 5 minutes, moved to the other side of the isle, with far more comfortable stools with backrest. There was a guy on stage singing what was more Thai pop then Lukthung or Morlam, but he was just warming up, while the people started arriving. When we got in, there were maybe 15 or 20 in the audience, 3 hours later when we left about 60 or 70. or more, by then 90 % local, with a smattering of farang, with their GF du jour, like me. Ten minutes later the show started. I’ve been to this place once before (with C? or someone else) but many other similar places. my very first Thai BG GF, eleven years ago introduced me to Lukthung and Morlam, I’ve come to love it, and understand what a essential part of Isan culture it is. B lit up, I mean her face lit up as if she’d come home. She started vibrating with the music, moving her body, until I pushed her to the dance floor, and she really got into it. I dance sometimes, know some of the hand/arm moves, but didn’t have much stamina that night. When I sat down she wanted to sit too, but I gestured for her to stay and dance. She came back a few minutes later and kissed me on the mouth (fairly rare in a thai setting in public. ) She was happy. she took her phone, and talked to someone (No idea how she could hear above the noise, but 20 minutes later three pretty young women came in and found her. introductions all around, they ordered a drink, and i deftly plucked their bill out of the waiters hand and paid. I realized I might be in for a few more bills (older person with highest status pays always) but never mind. In fact that was all they ordered and drank, it was their ‘entry fee’ to the club, their drinks were almost untouched all night, the only other bill I had was for my own Sangsom Soda. The girls were all working in one of the four MPs in her soi. they were all isan, and every single one seemed to love dancing. i looked around, at some stage there were 20 or so people dancing, some almost going in a trance. These people had come home. All these wonderful women who during their long days would labour in Mps and such, providing us falang with the bodily services, and in between spend many boring hours outside trying to bring in customers, they suddenly changed into fully alive human beings, shed their skins. I saw such pure joy on the faces,such abandonment, such liveliness. I lasted until about 2.30, then my lack of sleep the night before kicked in, and I decided to go home. i gave B the choice of staying and either coming back on her own to my room, or going home with the girls, but she immediately said she’d come with me. Outside, she profusely thanked me, said she hadn’t had so much fun for ages. she hardly ever goes out, very rarely an overnighter with a customer, then doing what he wants. Otherwise, she lives at her workplace, and often doesn’t leave the soi for days on end. We got home, i said if you want to sleep that’s OK, we can deal with other matters tomorrow morning. She feebly protested, but gave in and we slept, snuggled up. I woke around 8, looked at her and gently stroked her. She slowly woke up, rolled against me and touched me down below. Action stations! No further comment needed, she’s just great at that. I especially like how she can seemingly enjoy me spending 20 minutes ‘Dining at the Y’, without asking me to stop, just encouraging me to go on. Afterwards, she went for a shower, I grabbed my laptop and attended some business. That dragged on again, she came back to bed and dozed. 20 minutes later, while I was reading mail and absent mindedly stroked her body with a free hand, she started to gently touch me again. I held little hope, so soon after last time, but the one who matters decided otherwise and responded. i had to put my laptop down, and laid back, luxuriating in her touch. I didn’t think it would go anywhere, but enjoyed the process. She saw it as a challenge and we finished the second round succesfully after about another 20 minutes. Now running late for her work, we quickly showered once again and headed home to her Soi by car. Usually during the day it is clogged with people, chairs, laundry drying racks and vendors carts (it is a dead end soi) so i had never driven into it, was intending to drop her off at the Soi opening on the main road. But is looked entirely clear, so i turned into it and delivered her right in front of her shop, windows down, blaring Morlam at high volume. Her acting manager 
( i used to occasionally choose her, even if she was complaining she was an old woman (20 yrs my junior), she used to give outstanding service, until she decided that in her new status as acting manager, she could choose to finally give up FS) was outside and gave me a big smile. B kissed me, and got out, waving me farewell. One of my better nights in Pattaya. Fot those who need such details, i paid 500 Bt ‘barfine’ to the MP, 2100 to her (2000 fee, 100 breakfast). My other expenses would have been 400 or so beer and dinner, a few hundred drinks and tips at SS WS, about 400 at Anglewitch, and altogether about 1000 at the morlam sing place, including drinks for myself and 4 girls, and 200 tip to the band for playing our requests. Maybe 4500 all in, and had a great time for it. 5
  24. Boobjob in the pipeline in an hour or two. Having just sampled the old version, IMHO, she doesn't need them, but she doesn't accept my opinion. Very ancient members here may remember a long old thread on a board about 9 years ago: Letters from Issaan. Well, that's her! Still as pretty and as mad as before. Tied one on in NEP last night, had to be almost carried out of rainbow 4. But one thing she didn't unlearn in 8 yrs in Britain! Oops, this is a family thread. Moderators, shift it if need be!
  25. I'm happy to report that a (Former?) BM has connected me with a young woman who used to act as nanny for his family, and an arrangement has been made. thank all for help, and I may report in a few dyas how it went and what it was all about. Ancient history!
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