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    Short Time Room Near Soi Buakhaow

    Haven't been in ST room in years. Now I know a really good lady who lost ID card. Do you know of any decent ST rooms In S Pattaya, Soi Buakhaow area. First thing, clean and well-maintained. Second, air con.
  2. zanemay

    Back to the Bare Boobs

    The girls who danced topless during Songkran - The discussion missed a lot. While the woman that wrote the article was disparaging the wounding of Thai culture as was the Minister of Culture, they didn't mention the cultural damage caused by the perversion of Songkran from a lovely, traditional ritual into a bizarre, industrial strength water war. Perhaps they don't worry about this because the new, bizarre Songkran (a.k.a. Water Festival, the name used for commercial promotion) is such a profitable product for the tourist industry and the vendors of Songkran crap. But yes, it is the place of older women who don't have much else going on, to play the role of defenders of the culture, especially from "immoral behavior." It's so interesting that originally Asian and African cultures wanted women to cover up bare breasts to conform with foreign values! Some do and some don't. Older Thai women wander around their Issan yards bare, and who would care? Country girls nurse their babies on songtaeows around here. Look! The breasts belong to (1) the women (2) their babies. They can do whatever the hell they want with them. Except for nursing I prefer they keep them tucked away, so I can have the joy of taking them out for myself. Leaving them out all the time spoils the fun. It's also funny that katoeys can take theirs out whenever and wherever, at least in Pattaya. Police have no interest because they're artificial. Really hilarious. KBS World TV (Korean) is running a documentary on an African tribe in which all females from 8 to 80 are bare chested. These people live in a harsh environment, but seem to keep a spunky attitude, one 65 yr. old dude with lots of goats, taking a 15 yr old as his 4th wife, with the approval of the other 3 - actually looked odder than anything I've seen in LOS. Methinks this boob exposure (which was shown late at night here) is akin to National Geographic. They are documenting culture, yes, and giving us a little thrill at the same time, whoopee. Boobs or no boobs, those people lead rather boring lives and I changed channel after awhile.
  3. zanemay

    Attach photos YMail not working

    Was that a response? My avatar disappeared a year ago. I don't know how they work exactly, but I thought it was located at a different website. If the sites shut down or change, then our avatars don't work? I'm curious about that too... But back to the photo problem... If anyone cares, I'm doing various little tests to try to work out the best process to send photos. I've at least figured out what the progress bars and messages should say when photos are processing correctly. I am managing to send photos but it is a lot slower than it used to be. I will clock the computers I'm using. The internet shops are changing to wifi and who knows what place has what speed, no matter what it says on the window of the internet shop.
  4. zanemay

    Attach photos YMail not working

    I have routinely attached photos 1mb - 1.3mb 10 at a time no problem. Now the function is so intermittent as to be useless. I am testing to see if I can attach one at a time or if there is any problem with the photos. I have been looking at the "Attaching Files" progress bar for 5 minutes to attach one photo. Long ago the progress bar for WinExplorer changed to "Done" but the yahoo progress bar goes on and on. That means it will never happen. I attached one photo normally, went to "attach more", then it choked. A week or so ago before this started happening it would attach at least a photo each 30 seconds. I have tried different internet shops and used both explorer and firefox. This is really f'd!
  5. zanemay

    Attach photos YMail not working

    For a couple of days I have been unable to attach photos to yahoo mail. I start the "attach files" process, it looks like it's working normally, but goes on endlessly. Is this an intermittant yahoo problem?
  6. zanemay

    Sending Explicit Emails Cyber Crime ?

    Does anyone have any real idea what this new law applies to, that is, what the intent really is? If an explicit photo is emailed privately is that now a cyber crime? It seems that this would criminalize a huge amount of email and internet activity, and I'm not talking about putting photos on porn sites, just private email between friends. I'm thinking this may be as arbitrary as the whim of any investigator having a slow day. Who is the rape victim? The person receiving the email, or the person who is the subject of it, for example, a woman in a photo? * * * * * Sending unwanted sexually explicit emails would be punishable by a year in prison and a 20,000 baht fine under changes to the country’s rape laws under consideration by the government. For the first time, the criminal code governing physical assault will gain clauses that punish virtual sexual harassment, such as posting photographs or videos of a sexual nature on the internet or sending them via email. Electronic sexual harassment from superiors would also become a crime. Such crimes have previously been punishable under the country’s cyber crime and pornography laws. At an Aug. 14 hearing in Bangkok, the Ministry of Social Development & Human Security also heard public reaction to other proposed changes to Thailand’s rape laws that add further protections for children, the elderly, pregnant women and the mentally or physically disabled. Additional proposals would set stiff punishment for rape involving transsexuals. Ministry Inspector-General Somchai Charoen-Amnuoysuk said the proposed additions to the criminal code protect entire classes of people, including society’s most vulnerable citizens who cannot fend off sexual predators, such as the elderly or mentally ill. The draft bill to be submitted to the Cabinet would increase jail sentences by 33 percent.
  7. Doxx...You have raised a very interesting subject. My input is all just opinion based on observation rather than research and a lot of it could be off. But.. I think each of our experiences will vary because of the Thai people we know. I have been visiting LOS for 10 yrs, but have had almost no encounters with the middle or upper class or any "sophisticated" people whatsoever. I don't work in LOS and I stay out of BKK. My preference throughout my life is the lower-middle and lower class, which reflects my immigrant, salt-of-the-earth, family background. It's not just that I feel comfortable with such people, it's that I lose interest entirely when middle/upper-class people start talking about their favorite wines, restaurants, resorts, etc. In Thailand, I enjoy the simple Issan people the most. But in general there is a lot lacking in terms of culture. Look at the shallowness of the tourist destinations. So much is just cheap commercialism. I don't know everything, but I have been around the country. The "National Parks," if you can call them that, the ones that I've seen, completely lack facilities that show respect for nature and the environment. They are wholly unsophisticated compared to sites in true "first world" countries. Nature and wilderness are not lauded, I think because there is little opportunity for commercial exploitation, that is, if you can't sell anything, who cares? Support of nature and the environment has little commercial value. It is not supported for its intrinsic esthetic value. And there we are back to the Maslow scale. It seems like the biggest draw for internal tourism for Thai travelers at the higher end of the scale are temples and religious sites. That's okay, they certainly are worthy in their own right, but really, once you've seen 10 of them, you've seen enough, haven't you? That's cultural bias, perhaps, but I don't think that even middle / upper class Thai's travel enough to know what he world offers, and therefore what Thailand could offer. Religious topics are also the core of good cultural art. Western society started there too, but advanced way, way beyond it. Not to say that there aren't good painters, sculptors and other artists in Thailand. There is beautiful work done. But the huge number of copyists really illustrate what I think is your point. Art, which should be at the very top of the Maslow scale, is demeaned by being made into manual labor. It becomes another cheap product to be sold to foreign tourists, while the originals that are copied are beyond the appreciation of Thai people in general and even of limited interest to the people who copy them. So few have traveled to see the great museums of the world. I suspect that those who travel outside the country head for the resorts - for the creature comforts and associated bragging rights. I should talk to my Thai dentist some more. She travels internationally, but to budget destinations like Romania and those countries around Russia with unpronounceable names. I think it's for a get-away, R&R and to experience some different scenery and weather. I have a question about the "upper" class Thai's. Their taste in food would be revealing. Are they beyond pepper, pepper, and only pepper as the only spice? The food I encounter, which is to say "avoid," is so one dimensional and, excuse me for saying so, awful. There is a rich world of cuisine in BKK, but do any Thai people seek it out without being led by a farang?
  8. zanemay

    Viagra handjobs?

    Excellent! Just send me a hot katoey rat and I won't need viagra anymore. Jerking him/her/it off would be plenty stimulating for me. Zane May
  9. zanemay

    Travelers' Privacy Protection Act of 2008

    First to World Fun. Thank you for the "Welcome Back." I don't post much any more, but I still do what I do in Pattaya, same as ever, supporting a significant part of the population of Issan. Bit I think that my biggest accomplishment is that in 8 years I haven't been run over while crossing the road. Just winged a few times. Responding to Mr. Hot Chocolate, I will say: Don't carry anything through US Customs. This last time in LOS I bought the book "The Girl in the Picture" which follows the life a little Vietnamese girl, now a woman, who was the subject of a very famous photo. She was perhaps 5/6 years old, running on a road, towards the camera, crying and naked because her clothes have been burned off. We have all seen the picture. Because it is on the cover of the book I left the book in LOS. You can never tell what Customs guy might have a bug up his ass on what particular day. Never mind that the child is on fire. I've answered plenty of their invasive questions already. I'll finish the book when I go back. To the poster that challenged my experience to say that US Customs is most vicious. He asked if I had entered the Middle East lately. I have not and I fully take your very valid point. Just poking around online one time I found something interesting about traveling to Dubai in UAW, a very popular destination for professional athletes and celebrities. Here is UAE policy: "Any visitors traveling on a passport that has any type of visa or entrance stamp to Israel, please note that you will not be permitted to enter Dubai. The same applies obviously to all Israelian nationals." So exactly how is it that Tiger Woods and other top golf and tennis players allow themselves to go there when they exclude Israelis? Lots of money, I know, but something is wrong there. I appreciate all the input on this post. Zane May
  10. Restoring your Civil Rights at your border... Now there is a reason to write to your legislator, Congressman, Senator, MP, etc. There is a real move in the US Congress to protect us from the search and seizure of electronic data. Movement in one country can lead to movement in others. I assume that the USA is the most vicious at disregarding our civil rights as we come through Customs. Under the Bush administration, our rights were tossed and if we had been to Thailand or Cambodia, it was "game on" for Customs. They broke open your luggage and looked at every bit of your electronics, and would help themselves to your hard drive if they were in the mood. No Probable Cause whatsoever was needed for doing things like taking and keeping your laptop indefinitely, copying your data, hard drive, photos, and every personal and business file you carried. I got the impression that because my PP was stamped from several visa runs to Cambodia, that they wanted to put me in jail. If they couldn't do that, they would settle for making degrading implications. Under the guise of Homeland Security they were shaking us down for child pornography. The prevailing attitude seemed to be that "we're going after pedophiles and we don't care who we abuse in the process." I know that uniformed agents will turn into goons and bullies and worse when given a little self-righteous boost, so I was fully cooperative. Anyway I have never made or possessed a file that could be called criminal as I avoid drugs and girls under twenty. I carried nothing but the most innocuous photos and files and I wiped my Palm Pilot to protect info about my friends and business associates. As far as I know the program is still going on. When I came through Customs a month ago at SFO they didn't pull me aside, but only because they were occupied with a bearded fellow I had met coming from BKK. I am hoping that under the Obama administration these arbitrary searches will be eliminated. It really feels weird to be stripped of the Civil Rights you have always lived with. It is all well and good to commend the "troops fighting for our freedom," but without legal protections at home we won't have it anyway. On Sept 26, 2008 a legislative Bill was introduced to limit this. "Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) has introduced in Congress the Travelers' Privacy Protection Act of 2008 to ensure that American citizens and legal residents returning to the US from overseas are not subject to invasive searches of their laptops or other electronic devices without any suspicion of wrongdoing." Probable Cause would be required to allow seizure of equipment. It is cited in many places online, but the following comes from ACLU Northern California: "Travelersâ?? Privacy Protection Act Introduced We have blogged about the invasive new border search policies that allow copying of books, documents and data, as well as intrusive questioning, all without probable cause and in conflict with decades of legal precedents. The Travelersâ?? Privacy Protection Act restores privacy protections, while still enabling federal border agents to retain foreign intelligence information by obtaining a warrant. Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) introduced S. 3612, with Senators Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) signing on as original cosponsors, while Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) introduced H.R. 7118. â??The Bush administration has sought to undo over twenty years of legal protections by searching personal electronics without probable cause,â? said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. â??We applaud the introduction of this legislation and call on Congress to act quickly on this crucial issue for travelers. In todayâ??s world, laptops, cell phones and digital cameras are the storehouses for our most personal information. We cannot allow our privacy to be breached under the guise of border security.â? â??Congress cannot allow DHS and CBP to turn our borders into Constitution-free zones,â? added Timothy Sparapani, ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel. â??Americans have the constitutional right to privacy, and that includes the sensitive and personal information we keep on electronic devices." Other Links: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=s110-3612 http://blslibraryblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/travelers-privacy-protection-act.html
  11. zanemay

    SWAT Teams Patrolling Beach Road !

    Okay...Let me try again. The long-haired guy was a Thai guy sitting at the beach and he was being questioned by a patrol. The patrols I saw had 4 soldiers and one had a very real rifle. Nobody was shooting a movie or spiking my drink. Having thought this over a bit, I believe they are exactly what their vehicles said they were and they were doing what they were supposed to do. That is, they are an anti-terrorism force and they were engaged in a patrol for that purpose. This was a serious and well-funded effort. Must be funded by foreign money. As I said, they weren't bothering the freelancers. There are plenty of tourist police and their volunteers that do that. Unfortunately.
  12. zanemay

    SWAT Teams Patrolling Beach Road !

    Yes...Last night there they were, a couple of teams of four guys, looked military. One per team had automatic rifle. I saw a farang soldier in the group, same uniform as Asian guys. They had fancy military vehicle parked, Humvie or equivalent, new and freshly painted. Lettering on the side, "SWAT. Anti-Terrorism Unit." I saw them questioning some Thai guys. One had kind of long hair and interesting look. I don't think they were talking to girls, but most of the girls were scattering. I wonder what's up? Has anyone seen these guys anywhere else? Who is funding?
  13. zanemay

    Navy encourages sailors to bonk

    You are correct sir! I think they should be bussed straight from ship to Ayutthya and be enrolled in the monkhood for a couple of weeks and learn about refraining from all worldly temptations. Good for them and good for me. They get under foot of the established whoremongers in this town.
  14. zanemay

    Miss X update...

    Ahhh...this is what I call "Saving the World - one bargirl at a time." or FL. Have you heard of "short time?" My life got sooooo much simpler and better when, after a couple of years of long-terms and long-times, I went short, short, short. I would say that was the point I graduated from "newbie." I do have a regular g/f to take care of me in an emergency, and I take care of her when I'm in LOS, but (a) she comes over for a few hours every few days, so neither of us gets bored ( I've never sent any money, although I might in an emergency © neither one of us are "serious" although we do sort of love each other (d) I'd never take her home. My "wife" would not appreciate that! Best of luck Mr. Knight in Shining Armor... Zane
  15. zanemay

    Strange Cum Rituals

    Average. Not recommended. Don't go long time. Quit when I have eaten my fill.