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  1. The other things I would like translated is: Thea Madelen Oda Marie
  2. Thanks. That is the used saying in Thailand, or a translation of words? I mentioned the saying i English to my wife, and she did not know it even if she is a life long Buddhist. It is aesthetically pleasing, but sanskrit with the line on top seem a bit cleaner/softer. Then again, my wife is Thai so a compromise might be in order.
  3. I was thinking about a tattoo with my childrens names, and if I first ink it I'd like it to be correct? Haven't decided if Thai is visually the best option, have thought about other languages as well. Japanese, Chinese, Thai... I think Indian looks the best, but I have no connection to India. http://www.ukindia.com/zip/zsan01.htm My children have two names each, and then I was thinking about the Buddhist saying "life is suffering". Meaning that every time you get attached to something you also open up to suffering, but it's a choice you make willingly. Munks seems to choose away everything but a few items, I choose to attach my self to what I think gives life meaning, and get both the reward and the price. How do you write "life is suffering" in Thai?
  4. I'd like to translate some names into Thai letters, is that possible? For instance : Thea
  5. AF16

    Mlg Coss

    Damn, the only thing interesting going on here now. It's almost like I'm considering becoming a donor. Almost At any rate, good luck to Coss and his MLG, enjoyed the ride for as long as it lasted.
  6. I have seen it alone, did kind of like it, and mostly because I find Bella insanely attractive ..... for a young girl to be of course. Like if she had been ten years older she would be HOT!.
  7. I went to a mall with my brother in laws son, and we ran into some youths with red lip stick that behaved like brats. I said to my nephew that they ought to get a good whack to the head. My nephew looked scared and dragged me away, said that they were gang members and if we did anything to them some bigger and meaner guys wold come along. Gangs are gangs, never been about gentlemen duking it out to any rules at all.
  8. AF16

    Miss Thairand 2012

    Seems like the usual editing done in Thai pictures. A visit to photoshop and everyone look like smudged out pale ghosts. My wife want to take some family pictures in Thailand but I insist we do them back home without this editing shit. People should look natural, no matter skin-pigmentation, and for my wife that's pretty darn dark. I like it.
  9. Hope the Iranian mum and dad of these two fine gentlemen does not roam Youtube The Thai practice of showing suspects are a bit inconvenient at times.
  10. Contagion. A movie totally without purpose and no real end. A WTF moment.
  11. Just how old are you guys? I mean Grace Kelly is old, but this Mata Hari (SP?) chick must be ancient.
  12. Playboy magazine? The magazine run by the man in a velvet robe? That's not a testament to hotness, that's hillbilly sleezy
  13. Pamla is not hot, she has a hillbilly trailer trash trampy kind of look. Aniston is hot, she is cute, she have a nice personality vibe. The hottest woman of all time though is the Japanese pornstar Akira Fubuki.
  14. Funnily enough, being a devout Christians is a dealbreaker for me. I don't mind the not at all in your face Buddhist. I feel closer to them in spirit than a conservative Christian.
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