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  1. Relax everyone, Mekong is NOT DYING of liver cancer. HBV-Asian strain is Hepatitus B virus-Asian strain. It is preventable and treatable. I seriously doubt he even has this condition. Additionally, Viral loads are seldom used to measure forms or levals of cancer, they are used as a tool to measure virus levals in the blood, and predict longevity of that virus and life expectancy of the patient. "stages" are used to do the same with cancer. Furthermore, viral loads are measured in parts per ML (Pml) or parts per thousand (ppt) or in increasing cases, parts per million (ppm). Thus, in the last mentioned scenario, the maximum viral load would not exceed 1 million (1,000,000) that would mean 100% of the blood consists of this virus. Which is impossible. Thus the claim that 175% of Mekong's blood is infected or composed of/with this virus is also false. I submit that this is just another pathetic attempt by Mekong to seek attention and sympathy from punters on an internet board and that is simply sad and disturbing. Deceiving your friends is never right. I have no idea why he constantly does this, nor do I know what joy he derives from it. Rather than continue to coddle him and thus enable him, I encourage you all to encourage him to seek the psychiatric help he needs. His behavior needs to stop, and we should all be encouraging him to cease this behavior and seek treatment. What we shouldn't do is tolerate this behavior, as doing so only enables and encourages him to contiue, to his further detriment. Mekong, Rather than continue this, I suggest you seek treatment for your pathalogical lying and attention seeking disorder. It has clearly consumed your life and is ruining it, and no doubt has played a role in past events. You cannot continue on this path and have a healthy normal life. You have become the laughing stock of this board and many publicly embracing you are in fact giggling behind your back. No one takes you seriously. These comments are said for your own good, and with the best of intentions. You need to stop this, and you need to seek help before it is too late. Now I am sure you will ignore this, do more research and come back with more lies and false claims. Instead I encourage you to put that effort into researching your condition and seek the proper help for it. I look foreward to seeing you when you are healthy and recovered and able to live a normal life. However I will no longer sit still in silence and watch you spiral out of control. Best of luck to you.
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