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  1. Well another word for news is “Current Affairs” so what is your definition of current? Is it now or ongoing? This post is nether current or ongoing, the story does not belong to “The present time”. Now if the assailant had of been charged yesterday, or in court of something then that would be “Ongoing” an update on the story, but it wasn’t just an article of over a week ago with no new information.
  2. But that was posted in Nightlife not News
  3. PUBLISHED : 27 NOV 2023 AT 04:30 NAKHON RATCHASIMA: A man went on a shooting rampage on his wedding day, killing four people, including the bride, and seriously injuring one other before turning the gun on himself on Saturday evening, Source
  4. I was thinking “Damn another one” then realised it was a post by Coss about something which happened I the past. This happened in Korat on 25 November, honestly “Groom goes ballistic and shoots up wedding party’ shootings are so common nowadays they don’t even make front page headlines, more than likely on page 7 with the latest “Lucky Lottery Numbers” story.
  5. There are enough deaths during “The Seven Deadly Days” imagine how many if it became “The Four Wicked Weeks”
  6. An interesting little fact about the Pogues, they got their name from the Gaelic Phrase “póg mo thóin,” which is pronounced Pogue Mahone, the translation to English? “Kiss my Arse!”
  7. No “Debbie Does Dallas” I’m disappointed. 7/10 of the list are from the USA, ironically the puritan country that goes apeshit about a nipple being exposed on Prime time TV are the worlds largest producers of porn.
  8. Sentiment echoed in many a UK tabloid
  9. Unfortunately the arsehold brigade what it banned for “offensive lyrics” You're a bum You're a punk You're an old slut on junk Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed You scumbag, you maggot You cheap lousy faggot Happy Christmas your arse I pray God it's our last Guaranteed to be Christmas number one in the UK this year.
  10. Shane MacGowan, music and excess’ The Pogues were once described as a tight, professional bunch of musicians fronted by a total shambles. But the shambles, their charismatic singer Shane MacGowan, was heralded as one of the finest song writers and lyricists of his time. The Pogues' great achievement was to successfully bring together traditional foot-stomping Irish music with the crashing chords of North London punk. Like fellow Celts Brendan Behan and Dylan Thomas, MacGowan's source of inspiration was invariably alcoholic and he became as famous for his legendary excesses as he was for his music. Source
  11. A average “Backyard Swimming Pool” is 18,000 Gallons 18,000 Gallons is 4158000 Cubic Inches A dollar bill (according to Wolfram Alpha) has a volume of 0.06943 cubic inches. 4158000/0.06943=598,900,000 1 Billion Dollars in Dollar Bills would fill 1.672 Backyard Swimming Pools Why say 1 Billion Dollar, nearly 2 swimming pools full of cash is easier for an American to understand.
  12. Obviously the author of the article is from the other side of the pond. UK has Back Gardens not Back Yards UK measures volume in Cubic Meters / Yards not Swimming Pools, and just how big is a Swimming Pool, is there a standard size for back yard pool as there is for Olympic Pools? The SI Symbol for Gigaliter is Gl not GL, the prefix is Capital and Unit is Lower case (except degrees C) SI Units Not only does the US insist on using “Freedom Units” of measurement that don’t even use them half the time, everything is Length of x Football Fields Volume of x Swimming Pools The size of a Fridge or of a “Small Sedan” FFS why are they so adverse to saying what something actually is, and they wonder why the rest of the world laughs at them.
  13. Mekong


    That’s what I think the morally corrupt brigade do, aka Christians.
  14. Mekong


    Unfortunately the “Corination Chicken” is 70 years out of date, was the meal for when Betty had her crown screwed on in 1953, for Charlie it was a quiche. This years entries are pretty shit to be honest.
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