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  1. Neil Peart https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51072190
  2. Could you imagine dddave on Twitter just be able to write his name
  3. Mekong

    5G available?

    Don’t need just want. My next phone will be 5G compatible just so it is available which when becomes mainstream
  4. Cash has to come from offshore still 49% of total occupancy can be foreign
  5. Herr BB And there lieth the problem Immi onle recognises last registrar, not an issue in your case since Hotel registers for you. what o propose is radical. Ie it may bloody work, rather than look dated of registration refer to length of reostrarion I.e if register as BKK then keep as BKK until such time secondary location time exceeds. All it would take is one line of code changed in the acronym
  6. Zimmer frame is for home use only, when out and about now nothing less than wheelchair i am a right bundle of laughs also, packed in smoking and drinking
  7. My TM 60 alternative pay an annual 1,000 Baht and all boxes are ticked
  8. Great until one “Retires” for me over 5:years as Skilled Specialist but as soon as decide not to work in Thailand scrutinized down the barrel of a microscope. Flash, over 4 decades in education and what does he get a Gemstone encrusted watch or more hoops to jump through
  9. I was at school pre SRS days when your uncle had balls. If she didn’t her name was Flo and she was your Auntie
  10. So extending non-imm B and TM 30 Requirements only apply to. Visa issued in Thailand, I learn something everyday
  11. You are the prime example of who it affects
  12. I have yellow Tabian Baan and therefore Building Manager, still need to waste a day at Chaeng Watthana to register TM30
  13. AIS has service called “Porting” where can transfer number to AIS seamlessly I transferred mine from a different carrier over 8 years ago now
  14. You know the worn out, full off holes 30 year pullover that you can’t bring yourself to throw away? This board is the same, just comfortable
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