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  1. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    The problem being that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) occurs in the wild and big business / governments cannot make money from it. it is a fucking weed, hence the nickname. Imagine for an instance that the governments decreed Lettuce illegal because eating Lettuce is part of a good regulatory diet, oh no we are putting all the diet pill pharmaceuticals out of business, the Judge “You are hereby sentaced to 5 years in State Penn for the unholy crime of possession of 2 Lettuces” And that is how pathetic the laws are on Marijuana / Cannabis / Weed
  2. Mekong


    Some athletes blame poor performances on the state of the pitch. Others blame it on tactics, or perhaps just a bad day at the office. But blaming your opponent for farting is definitely a new one. https://www.bbc.com/sport/darts/46245993
  3. Mekong

    New Zealand Thread

    Coss, You missed my sarcasm, Frivilous, Meaningless and Petty are Synonyms of Trivial
  4. Mekong

    Now WTF is Hotmail up to?

    Hang on this is Flash we are talking about here
  5. Mekong

    New Zealand Thread

    Such a frivolous online petition over such a meaningless matter I am glad NZQA rejects it as petty
  6. And when the roads are full use the footpaths (sidewalks)
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth
  8. Mekong

    I am out

    Less than 3 Postings on US Politics per day
  9. Mekong


    And Yorkshire, you can’t leave Yorkshiremen out, even to this day they still go on about the Battle of Orgreave (1984 during the Miners Strike), I should know I work a guy who is “ex down pit” in that era. Haha showing my age now, still rember clearly going to Miners Benefits gigs, Billy Bragg, John Cooper Clarke etc OK serious now and try to answer Steve. The 2016 United Kingdom European Union Membership Referndum, commonly known as British Exit or Brexit, was a simple, or should have been a simple “Shall we leave the club” vote, i.e. turn the clock back to pre 1973 when we joined the European Union. Thai is what the YES Vote (Brexiters) wanted and the NO Vote (Remainers) were against. What May is proposing does not follow the simple Exit which was voted for and is making many concessions to try to appease both sides but has ended up upsetting both. I am not fully au fait with all the technicalities since TBH it is non of my concern, I got out over 25 years ago, but some of the sticking points seem to be the Irish Border, why not just repatriate the island FFS, legacy of 1921 Partition, oh can’t do that that would be seen as giving in to the Republicans Another one is United Kingdom woulld still be subject to EU laws for an indefinite period after “Brexit” but would have no say I. The lawmaking policy, totally against what was voted on in the Referendum I.e. a clean break
  10. Mekong

    I am out

    Is it safe to come back yet?
  11. Wake up and smell the Coffee it has f**k all to do with Tourism numbers since the land borders are Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanma, who as not being known as “Big Spenders” as well as usually only visit for a few days and not 30 days at a time. it is probably a reciprocal agreement to allow Thais multiple visits for longer durations to the mentioned countries, this alleged change is aimed at Asians and not Mr Farang, even though many think that Mr Farang is the only tourist in Thailand whereas in fact Mr Farang makes up less than 20% of total Tourist Figures.
  12. Mekong

    Which Prepaid SIM for 20 Day Stay

    Considering I don’t use pre-paid SIM then I couldn’t give a suggestion could I! I have been using AIS as my post- paid for over 7 years now without a hitch so you can’t go wrong with AIS
  13. Mekong

    Any New Jokes

    Obvious in Nam
  14. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    Ignoring me is just hiding your head in the sand, come on Steve you are better than that. it is not an”American Forum” or at least it wasn’t last time I logged in, it is an American Thread in a Thai Forum, see I put that right for you. What gets on my goat is the fact that every little thing has to posted where as most US and some US resident citizens couldn’t care less. If this forum was WashintonDC360 I would keep my gob shut but it isn’t is it For the record I enjoy reading your opinion on numerous topics but there is an overkill on USA politics just my opinion i should hate you for supporting Arsenal haha how pathetic that would be
  15. No doubt it this had occurred in USA there would be multiple replies as in whether the idiot who put peanut butter on his wedding tackle was pro or anti trump There would be an analysis into whether is was smoth or crunchy peanut butter or even if it was butter and not peanut jelly