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  2. Mekong

    Prizes for Nutters

    Any excuse to a tenuous link to music
  3. Mekong

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    I saw Clapton at Royal Albert Hall, Page at Kebworth and Beck at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club Soho within 5 days of each other , defo beck for me, he has always played person to person rather than a large crowd A Zepplinn Classic “Dazed and Cofused”Oh please it was an old Yardbirds staple ... haha not that old my dad taught me http://youtube.com/watch?v=3ffBRhtWjEQ
  4. Mekong

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    I feel for Jack White actually, Seven Nation Army was probably IMHO th best riff written in the past 20 years or so and Jimmy Page just nailed it, bass line to begin with, don’t forget he was the bassist in the yardbirds have youmever seeen Page on bass with Jeff Beck IMHO Beck was the man
  5. Mekong

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Not seen the whole movie but a couple of snippets of it on You Tube
  6. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    Nothing to do with location IMHO more to do with which branch of Islam Sunni and Shia are the main two with Kharijeirpte a distant third maybe this will help https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_schools_and_branches
  7. Mekong

    Germany Thread

    I am not saying Abdel and Mohammed should not be allowed a vote as long as they are UK Citizens, but what you were implying is that UK Citizens over an arbitrary age should not be allowed to vote. How does that work citizen of House A is 65 years and 1 day old not allowed to vote, yet his Neighbour in house B is 64 years and 364 days old so is? It is under the UK Constitution that once you reach a certain age allowed to vote, what you are suggesting is “Only those who vote how we feel are allowed a vote” ever thought of going into politics in Cambodia
  8. Mekong

    Germany Thread

    Dangerous precedent their RM, you are saying an 85 year old such as my Father whom grew up during the bombings of Second World War, should not have been afforded a say , yet Abdul and Mohammed who have been in the country less than 5 minutes are?
  9. Mekong

    Germany Thread

    Dexi I agree to disagree with you on that point, most of the Brexiters are “Baby Boomers”and Older whereas most of the Remoaners are Gen Z and Snowflake. Personally I feel it was a knee jerk reaction to not having a referendum when Heath first took the UK into EU, sort of “I never voted to join” i couldnt really care one way tor the other, i did my voting back in 1988;when I could see the writing on the wall I voted with my feet so to speak.
  10. Mekong

    Thai driving licence

    Correct Tabian Baan does not work immigration is better because even an embassy letter needs to be translated and then authenticated. You have missed out something I am sure that you have, non- Immigrant Visa .... can’t get a DL on tourist visa
  11. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    But if a few drinks had been consumed that would then put the employee in breach of Drug and Alcohol Policy which is grounds for starting the disciplinary process
  12. Mekong

    Germany Thread

    MPIH Half correct, the Irish situation was self inflicted since 1916 by sucesive UK governments. Paddy neve “Went down”, down is the Republic which is whom the IRA (Irish Republican Army) were fighting to be reunified with instead of being governed from London. Paddy hit Unionist targets in the North before bringing it to the Mainland circa 71-72.. Majority of “Foreign”investment post Easter Agreement has actually come from the Republic South, the South is booming has been for 25 years, all the main Pharma Companies have European manufacturing base in Eire, the likes of Apple,, Google, Amazon etc have their EU HQ in Eire. There is a Skils Shortage in Eire so much so the Irish overseas are being offered lucrative financial packages to return. What th situation does have in common is uneducated peoples ignorance, naivety and fears. Back in the 70’s UK it was “Oh, you are Irish, must be a terrorist”as in majority of Terrorist were Irish hence majority of Irish are therefore terrorists, as educated people know such is untrue, but unfortunatley this world is not populated by an educated majority. Same as today majority of terrorist are Muslim therefore the misconception is the majority of Muslims are terrorists and there is no cure for Stupidity
  13. Mekong

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Cav, not seen the movie but will give it a look see but read the IMDB link. Again straight to John Mayells Bluse Breakers and no mention of the Yardbirds where he was only the third best guitarist They had Jeff Beck on Lead and Jimmy Page was reduced to Bass. i bet it doesn’t mention the gig Cream we’re playing at the Royal Albert Hall when Chas Chandler ex Animals had a young guitar protege over from the US trying to make a name for himself in the UK, Johnny Allen who later called himself Jimi. Hendrix blew Clapton off stage, so bad Clapton went back the the dressing room and was in tears vowing never to play again
  14. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    Migrant But you are missing the point, in any Emplyer/Employee relationship what is expect of each other is laid out in the Terms and Conditions of the Contract of employment. I very much doubt that “Thou shall stand during the National Anther”was one of the T&C’s of such Contract but the employers prerogative. it is like if worked for a Roman Catholic boss and he expected me to attend service every Sunday, if such was not written into the Contract then I would be well within my right to refuse to do so. Now one thing which over rules Contract Law is Statute Law, if I were an Emploter and one of my Employees broke suck laws, Murder, Rape, International Drug Running etc I would be well within my rights to firs his or hers sad arse, conversely if I was an Emplyee Doing such I would expect to get fired. i am an outsider (non-American) but I am pretty sure there is no law which states “Thou shall stand and place hand on heart”whilst the Star Spangeld Banner is played. Majority of Americans do so out of a sign of respect to the Flag, the Anthem and the Nation because it is what there fore fathers did. I hear it said “disrespectful to the Troops”Inam sorry when did the Arned Services have ownership of the “National”Anthem, that is the key word “National”it does not matter if I the forces fighting on the front line, representing a sporting Organisation, working for a corporation or waiting on people in a diner, each and everyone is a “National” therefore each and everyone owns the Anthem. its like in Thailand, foreigners laugh when the Anthem is played before to screening of a movie at cinemas and everybody stands up, there was a case a few years back when a few Thais asked “Why?”and remained seated and they were hit with the rather antiquated “Less Majeste” a law which is frowned upon by Western Society yet now the US seems to be going a similar way in the UK where I am from there is the law of Treason, to th best of my knowledge there are 8 grounds, amongst them attempting to harm the Monarch, starting a revolution against the state, and so on but not having to stand and sing the National Anthem, I could beat my arse if I wished pulling a full moony during the National Anthem and only arrested for indecency 40 years ago when Betty was 25 years Queen the Sex Pistols recorded their versinon of “God Save the Queen” God save the Queen, its a Facist Regime, no future, no future now, and it was allowed under freedom of speech, they were questioning the. Monarchy and Authorities but made no threat towards them, I doubt the same could happen in the States. As stated I am an outsider, a casual observer so to speak, but please do not confuse Contract law with morals, if you ever went to litigation with me you would loose big time
  15. Mekong

    What does this say?

    Reminds me of the time an idiot tourist asked me what the the Thai Script for “Super Stud” was to have it tattooed on his arm, I told him โรคจิต He did have the tattoo and as far as I am aware still has no clue (For non Thai readers Rokcit a slang word for Wanker)