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  1. Hitting St George on Google this comes up, your point being
  2. I am not denying Saint George was a Crusader, what I am saying is the fans are dressing as “St George” and not “Crusaders”Much like when an American wears a Cowboy Outfit as fancy dress it is not anti Native American (well not yet) I would argue your average football fan would be to ignorant to the Crusades against the Muslims and didn’t realise the connection between dressing up as St George and the Crusades If it pisses the Qataris off, GOOD, their bribery to get the World Cup, Winter World Cup, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Changing rules on Beer, extortionate prices, lying about attendances and many other things the Qataris are guilty of have pissed the rest of the world off, so we’ll done English fans, they don’t like it when we piss them off.
  3. Good, glad to get back at the rad heads. Point of order though, they are not dressed as “Crusaders” but in fact “Saint George” the patron saint of England “The George” is the 12th most popular pub name in UK with 222, “George and Dragon” 27th with 129, the combined 351 would make it 4th most Popular
  4. Do people actually go to shops nowadays? I prefer most shopping via a click of a mouse and delivered to the door. It has at least 2 advantages No need to carry home from shops The wife doesn’t spot something else and get “diverted”
  5. Awww diddums, does the truth hurt
  6. For anyone in Thailand interested (Probably only me) or for anyone coming whilst the World Cup is on here is a list of the games and which TV Channel being broadcast on TV Schedule
  7. That one was funny 40 years ago when I first heard it Speeedbird 206 flies to Miami not Frankfurt, that is Speedbird 902
  8. Senegal v Netherlands Official Attendance 41,721, The Stadium only holds 40,000 Yesterdays photo, for Ecuador v Qatar attendance was 67,000 the stadium holds 60,000 Rule Number 1 for lying, make your lies believable, like what idiots state attendance greater than stadium capacity, especially when the whole world can see empty seats.
  9. I see that many of the Qatari fans were dressed as empty seats Embarrassing Link
  10. Mekong

    APEC Summit

    It was on Thanon Dingo near democracy monument, they were on route from the “Government Approved Protest Zone” in front of city hall, to Queen Sirikit Convention Center.
  11. It wasn’t a trial per ce but an “International Military Tribunal” Article 12 of IMT Charter, which is derived from Nuremberg Charter states ”The Tribunal shall have the right to take proceedings against a person charged with crimes set out in Article 6 of this Charter in his absence, if he has not been found or if the Tribunal, for any reason, finds it necessary, in the interests of justice, to conduct the hearing in his absence” Article 6 states Crimes Against Peace War Crimes Crimes Against Humanity. Charter This is how they were convicted without appearing in court.
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