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  1. I remember typing 58008 on my first Casio and thing it was clever
  2. George Carlin narrowed it down to Three Commandments Thou shalt always be honest and faithful, especially to the provider of thy nookie. Thou shalt try real hard not to kill anyone - unless, of course, they pray to a different, invisible man in the sky. Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself. Carlin gets my vote
  3. I am bringing it up calling you. You initially stated in your post installed SKYPE for daughters mother in 2001 before you edited it If SKYPE has no relevance to online Thai learning why did you bring it up first then.
  4. Considering SKYPE wasn’t released until August 2003 you did well.
  5. I do like to keep it classy
  6. To the best of my knowledge there were no “Nana Plaza Inernet Joints” per ce, most the the composed emails came from cafes in the old Ambassador Hotel Complex, I was shacked up with a girl who was the manager of one such places. She got a commission on the emails she wrote and part of commission of mails written by other girls, she was making a fortune. She blew me out and moved to USA with a rich American, HaHa, 20 years later we still send each other 1-2 emails per year, and she says she wishes she had stayed in Thailand with me. Who knows TTM, maybe your wife’s emails were written by my ex.
  7. Does “a large one” refer to size of Room or Fart?
  8. As good as Eddie Van Halen was, I wouldn’t place him at the same table as Stevie Vai or the 2 Joes Satriani and Bonomassa. He was in the wrong band, a West Coast hair band who were banded together with the likes of Motley Crue, Poison, Extreme etc, bands who wrote 3 Minute Pop Songs and had Mainstream Girls at their concerts when concerts, made much like the MCC and Garrick Club, were the last bastions of maledom. If you picked up a chick from a Sabbath or Motörhead gig you could be sure she would gargle before swallowing. Would Vai / Satriani / Bonomassa have recorded Jump or appeared on a Michael Jackson single? No way ... he was a Pop Star and not a Rock Icon.
  9. Copy of a condominium title deed owned by the visitor or a family member First time I have seen that quoted as a requirement option, about bloody time.
  10. It seems as if the Hydroxychloroquine debate has been put to bed
  11. Then they realized their mistake and removed it. It is now up to individual clubs how they support the movement. I would like to see them “Taking the Knee” when there are actually fans in the stadium, it maybe accepted down South by the Southern Softies, but not a chance Oop Norf where they would be booed of the pitch.
  12. It wasn’t about axis / axes, even though I maintain it is singular, just the same axis repeated. What you did say was what are the numbers, not what do the numbers relate to or what is the axis title
  13. 0,50,100,150,200,250 I think you mean what is the axis title.
  14. Mekong

    Any New Jokes

    But it does mean that they are blinkered seeing only what they want to see and not the full picture.
  15. What Cav didn’t post from the Trump Nobel Article Has Mr Trump been nominated before? Yes. And for the second time, he has Mr Tybring-Gjedde to thank. In 2018, the right-wing politician was one of two Norwegian lawmakers to nominate Mr Trump for the same prize, then for his efforts to bring reconciliation to North and South Korea. Mr Trump did not take home the prize that year, but Mr Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the conservative Progress Party, insists the US president meets the criteria this time.
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