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  1. Mekong


    So what happened when the battery was not replaced, false negative alarms or flying blind. Your client may have been sat on the beach thinking everything was Hunky Dory whereas in fact his freezer had fallen into a sinkhole because somebody did not replace the batteries. I don’t even need to set a trap for you, you are admitting the weakness within your system , flat better has fucked. Looked at the graph / trend and it means Jack Shite to me, where is the scale for you Blue Humidity trend? Also do you expect me to believe Humidity (On No Scale) takes a dip at 09:43 then recovers to previous and remains constant until late afternoon / early evening Also prior to 10:18 on 17/5 you had updates every minute post then it went to every 20 minutes, what the new batteries are not up to it haha. You maybe able to fool the majority, hence the reason I accuse KS (Whom I have a lot of respect for) of being a snake oil salesman, so what if one has gullible people whom will buy into such I wish you all the best for taking the piss but you would need to wake up early I.e 1979 to get me up on me
  2. Mekong

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    Come on KS You have been in Thailand Long enough now to realise we have to pre empt any decision, they introduce new laws and ask, “Well why didn’t you think about it” They ask “Johnny Foreigner” to jump through hoops and once done, do it again but backwards and naked. i got the O-X visa aka the 10 Year and I tell you why, I had Baht in bank account I could not reinvest in property and also not repatriate. Divorce split the assets sit on Baht previously brought into Thailand for Property Purchase, not recognized as offshore currency when I wanted to move on. i have, or should I say my employer has a very good health care plan for me, ,the coverage as In Patient and Out Patient far exceeds the requirements but not accepted since “Not on the List” shout and scream, kick up a fuss claim blue murder, would get me nowhere, head down, gob shut and cough up 40,000 Baht. The hoops are growing smaller in Diameter, being hung higher up, I am not getting much younger but still expected to jump through them, c’est la vive as the strange Canadians might say.
  3. Mekong


    Coss Pffttttff Hamsters They are the worst offenders of the lot, they fool many humans into thinking they just run around on a wheel. The wheel is a dynamo generator and th battery storage is hidden in. ThI corner of the cage under a pile of sawdust disguised as a toilet area coz they sprinkle pee on top Always planning their next “Great Escape”
  4. Mekong

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Thai Rath would suit if you read Bild at home
  5. Mekong


    Hi John B OK let’s surmise, Sensors, DCS, PLC, Logic Solvers, Final Elements etc I am well up to speed with ... on Wired System be it a HART Multiplexer or a Foundation Fieldbus H1 it is the Internet Gateways and stuff, which I can’t see ,where my knowledge is lacking haha nearly a Dinosaur but not quite just yet. Cav Think about Q1 T/C would be too complicated because CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) would be required, PT100 Platinum RTD would drive the cost up so my guess is a Thermistor since as you ask in Q4 the measurement range -/+10 would cover Fridges and Freezers As for Q5 IP53 would suffice if the TX located in the cooled compartment, if outside IP32 IP53 solid bodies >1mm / Water Droplets IP32 solid bodies > 12 mm (Fingers) / Condensation
  6. Mekong

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    I honestly cannot remember the last time I held a Hard Copy of the Nation (or the Post) let alone bought one, must be well over ten years ago now.
  7. Mekong


    A New Concept of which I am unaware, now you really re having a laugh aren't you IoT is the commercial adaptation of the industrial IIoT which in itself is an adaptation of Fieldbus and HART Protocols, the difference being the the I (Internet) and T (Things) allowed us to bypass the Distributed Control System and has Field Devices (Things) with onboard microprocessors to carry out Control Algorithms, Communications Self Diagnostics etc A Timeline HART Protocol 1986 Fieldbus 1994 IIoT 2006 IoT 2009 Some 23 years or so after HART was introduced we get to IoT and you are trying to tell me I should learn something. It is nothing new, been around for over 30 years in some form or another but for some reason you guys think that you are onto a new thing, what next try to teach you Gran to suck eggs Here is a brief write up by Jonas Berge, one of the most respected men in industry. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/which-came-first-iot-iiot-jonas-berge/ PS I think you mean Process Trends and not "Pretty Little Charts"
  8. Mekong

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    Coss Not a dig at you ... Don't Shoot the Messenger What the article is referring to is Non-Immigrant (O-A) Visa aka the Retirement Visa but not the Non-Immigrant (O) aka the Marriage Visa. I was expecting this to come up at some point since the Non-Immigrant (O-X) Visa aka the 10 Year Visa already has this requirement but O-A is a little bit more laxed since overseas policies are allowed whereas O-X has to be with Thai insurance Company
  9. Mekong


    KS I fully agree that a restaurant needs to be able to prove that the Fridge / Freezer is operating correctly but a 16 bit analogue signal to tell them temperature to 2 Decimal Places is an overkill (and a waste of bandwidth) One Fridge May seem nothing but 10,000 Fridges and is soon adds up,. As previously mentioned, in most fault situations which result in loss of power your temperature sensor would be useless since also requires power. All that is required is a Temperature switch simple 1 and 0, 1 is OK 0 is problem, that is one bit of data. Door open, already inherent in Fridges since it turns the light on and off, Compressor running is also available and let’s go for the overkill and have refrigerator coolant pressure, Four bits of data as opposed to your 16 bits for an analogue signal which does not report the fault but only out of temperature and utilizing 16 Bits of Bandwidth which would have better been suite with 4. Also you failed to mention where the Threshold limit is set, i.e. alarm set point. You have fitted a Temperature Sensor to a Fridge, oh woo hoo, what does it do, report to your server via Wi-Fi, server compares measured value with a threshold limit and if a deviation sends an SMS, What if you have power outage at your server? I very much doubt you have UPS, redundant severs and redundant Communications lie any Data Centre would have and yet you charge People for the privilege It does not matter if domestic or commercial, the rules of Control Systems still apply and your system has too many inherent faults. If I was to apply IEC 61508 the PFD (avg) (Probability of Failure on Demand) is off the scale due to your servers not having UPS or redundancy,, a fault could occur but not be reported. Also the STR (Spurious Trip Rate) is too high since the Sensor does not have UPS back up any dip in power supply will lead to a false negative alarm / SMS. Peter and the Wolf scenario, it goes off so many times it is ignored when relevant, we call false alarms “Bad Actors” in industry and Alarm Management / Optimization is an art in itself. IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0 (I4) call it what you like, isn’t new technology, even though Snowflakes try to tell us otherwise. Nearly 40 years ago pre email SMS Mobile days my systems used to send an alert to the Plant Managers Pager same same but different. You are a Snake Oil salesman KS, as long as you can keep finding gullible victims all power to you
  10. Mekong

    EPL 2018/19

    Well Manchester United took shite to another level this season shite with a Cherry on top. to compound matters either the City rivals or the Scousers will win it worse case scenario
  11. Mekong


    Amateurs and Control Systems, bad mix if you ask me. i will take your Fridge Temperature Sensor as an example since you are comfortable with such. If I was an owner would I need to know if my Fridge was 0.295 Degrees or 0.296 Degrees do I hell, working or not working would be good enough, the only thing one could ascertain with analogue signal is “Rate of Change” But something not offered, a pure on/off cold or hot signal. Why would I sign up for that. Also I can have 16 Digital Signals for each Analogue one Ones said Fridge temperature rises looking at the RCA ((Root Cause Analysis) I come up with three scenarios, Power Cut, Cleared Safety Circuit ( Blown fuse to you infidels) or a Power Outage, or some cunt has unplugged it. In cases 1 and 3 your temperature Sensor would give a BQ Signal (Bad Quality) since I very much doubt one has Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for.a single transmitter, in case 2 your Router would be down since no UPS and no redundancy single mode of failure . Honestly KS I could sit and talk for hours Why this is all wrong, but you would probably get bored after 10 minutes and tell me to STFU. I don’t buy Snake Oil
  12. Mekong


    KS, Whilst a sensor for a Fridge temperature is all well and good it is hardly groundbreaking technology, but it is good to know that the home market is catching up with industry. I take your Fridge Temperature Sensor and raise by 48,000, that is approx what I have on my current project, I have worked on 750,000 plus projects but as part of a team 48K is enough for one man, and they all “Talk” to each other.. All database driven, have a unique primary key for each device and the rest just follows.. AI is coming into it nowadays, when I wrote my dissertation it was hypothetical based upon processor speeds and memory but Moore’s Law was/is correct and what was hypothetical way back when whereas today it is common use As I said, very few people understand what I do for a living, good the black art, at pr sent back into Powergen (no money in Oil & Gas), have people ever considered where eclectic comes from, you put a plug in or flick. Light switch and it just works, how does that happen? Silly old fools like myself whom ensure we keep your lights stay on that’s how..
  13. Mekong

    Kitchen applicances

    For some reason this post reminds me of a tune which will not go out of m head
  14. Mekong


    HART Protocol https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_Addressable_Remote_Transducer_Protocol, pretty basic to be honest. Pisses me off 2019 it has been rebranded as “Industry 4.0” or I4. no asshole snowflakes you cannot rebrand and claim as ones own, there are st.ill old farts linkage me around who will rip you to shreds
  15. Mekong


    IoT or IIoT? IoT Inernet of things is connecting physical devices and everyday objects, basically home and building automation , smart phones and smart speakers etc, pretty dumb shit if you ask me. IIoT Industrial Internet of Things refers to interconnect d sensors, instruments and other devices networked together with computers industrial applications, including, But not limited to manufacturing and energy management. IoT is the domestic version of IIoT, many people thing it is a new thing haha, think again circa 1975 when the first DCS (Distributed Control System) was introduced, I start d in the Industry 1980 Then 1986 BELL corporation introduced HART Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol , a game changer in a few short years I had gone for pneumatic to current loops and now a current loop with digital superimposed, lovely jubbley I could sit at a workstation in nice air conditioned environment and issue a command and th device would react accordingly. Test which require multiple personnel and rest equipment became a one man job, sat at a workstation and putting transducers into simulation mode. Profibus came and went,, well didn’t disappear completely but it was/is limited, good for things with a predictive result such as cranes etc, but not Process applications. FF (Foundation Fieldbus) what Profibus was aiming to be, now IIoT was ramped up, previous I would have a transducer and final element communicating with the DCS but with FF the Control Algorithms reside in the field device. I can hang up to 15 devices on one H1 FF cable, curs the cold costs immensely. People sometimes ask me “M what do yo do for work?” And I reply Controls Systems/Automation Engineer, Deer in the headlights look, I am either good at my job or good in bullshit, been doing this crap for nearly 40 years Now don’t get me started on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI), I wrote my dissertation on the topic over 30 years ago now, getting to old to think, I just invent a position in Vietnam and still getting away with it nearly 6 yers later