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  1. Bad Photo, she is 1.83 Tall (6 Foot) and 55 kg u drew eight if anything
  2. Palang Pracharath members abruptly ordered a new birthday cake for party leader Prawit Wongsuwon on Thursday after the original drew scathing reviews for bad taste on social media. The design of the original cake showed the figure of a man supposed to represent Gen Prawit standing on the national flag in the shape of the country. Cake And these are same people who filed a complaint last November about Thailand Miss Universe Contestant for, you guessed it, standing on. a Thai Flag. Flag Damn Hypocrites
  3. As if USA will allow Thailand access to F-35’s when they are having Joint Air Exercises with China. RTAF and Uncle Xi
  4. Does Thailand not have enough Tin Pot Dictators as it is.
  5. This one I posted a few weeks ago about testing for Monkeypox in monkeys, it doesn’t come from monkeys Only in Thailand
  6. Incorrect comment, concept of safety is abysmally low in “Some”Commercial Operations If safety was abysmal in all commercial operations we would be reading about Air Crashes in Thailand, Accidents on BTS or MRT, but we don’t. If safety was abysmal in Industrial Operations we would be reading about incidents at Thai Oil Refinery, Indarama Refinery, Banchak Refinery, PTT Global Refinery, Star Petroleum Refinery, Exxon Mobil Sri Racha Refinery, Rayong Purifier Refinery, PTT Global Refinery, but we don’t. If safety was abysmal I Thailand we would be reading about many incidents occurring offshore in the Bongkot Gas Production Field, but we don’t. If safety was abysmal in Thailand we would be reading about incidents at the over 35 Power Stations in Thailand, but we don’t. In Air Travel, BTS, MRT, Refineries, Offshore Exploration, Power Plants etc, all operations are regulated by international standards. In Road Traffic Accidents, Nightclub Fires etc all regulated by the Royal Thai Police and Local Government. If is obvious Thailand can comply with International Safety Standards when regulations are correctly enforced, but as soon as BiB, Local Officials and Brown Envelopes appear it all turns to Rat Shit.
  7. Strange considering nearly 30% off all global cases reported are in the USA 9,492 compared to 4 in Thailand. More chance of meeting an infected person in the USA than most of the countries on the list, only Germany, Spain and UK has more cause per capita than USA. MPX Outbreak
  8. The English Game 2020 (Mini Series) England, 1879. With football still in its infancy and an amateur sport, upper-class teams, led by Old Etonians, have dominated the early years of the FA Cup. But a revolution is brewing: against the rules of the FA, James Walsh, the owner of working-class side Darwen FC and the associated mill, secretly pays talented Scottish players Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love to join the team ahead of the cup quarterfinals against Old Etonians, whose roster features several members of the FA Board, including team captain Arthur Kinnaird. Had the storyline and capacity to be a good mini series but was a damp squib Downtown Abbey FC.
  9. Saying QLD and Thailand does not imply half half, saying filmed in QLD and Thailand 50/50 would, but I never said 50/50 or claimed half was filmed in Thailand now did I, you are trying to put words into my mouth And back to your original question, which you appear to have overlooked, “Why did Howard not film in Thailand” the link goes the reason COVID
  10. So my replies to your threads, TV for Short Term Rental or Move money from Thai and were negative and attacking you were they? Excuse me for breathing And Mr “Oh So Sensitive” how was it a personal attach? Were you not unaware that Taiwan had New Taiwan Dollar, you said so yourself, which is IGNORANCE. Ignorance is not a negative word, it merely points to a lack of knowledge on a certain subject. There are many topics I am ignorant on and would not be insulted if told so, in fact I would agree. Being Assumptive is ARROGANCE, look up arrogance and then look at the synonyms and assumptive is in their. Again you ASSUMED you were being told monies in USD and rather than confirm such just accepted the fact. So please do tell when calling you Ignorant and arrogant is a personal attack when you have demonstrated such traits to the board, I was merely pointing out the obvious and not a personal attack. Lets check you posting history, over 400 posts in the past 10 years and apart from less than 10 of those posts each one has been a topic started by you or replies to your own topics. Of those 10 which were not, 3 have been in the past week on this thread Then we look at topics started, the majority are questions of which most could have been answered by a quick Google. You don’t seem to interact with any of the other posters, all you do is take take take without offering anything in return, and you wonder why personal attacks, in your opinion. Sorry I dislike freeloaders.
  11. Insulting, how is that so all I said was IGNORANT. “Lacking knowledge or awareness in general” gg stated “And what is a Taiwan Dollar anyway” which in itself shows a lack of knowledge or awareness the very definition of ignorant. Arrogant “Exaggerating ones own self importance” as in expecting the whole world to trade in USD As for NT v TWD, TWD, TWD is the ISO 4217 IBAN listing, not local stang, same as UK is GBP (Pound Sterling) not Pound or Quid Then you go on to contradict oneself stating Doing business with Taiwan since Adam and Eve and there bills are always made out in USD Ring a hotel in Taipei and they will quote it in Entee So which is it, USD or TWD, make you mind up GG rang China Airlines in Taiwan, just like you ringing a hotel in Taipei, and was given a price in TWD just like you, but since you have knowledge you are aware that entee refers to New Taiwan Dollar (TWD ISO 4217j, and are not expecting a quote in Euro “Because I am German and we use Euro in my country” I know you loathe me and try to pick holes in every post I make, like as if I care, it means I have got u dear your skin So, I stand by what I said,GG was ignorant due to not knowing about different global currencies and also arrogant by expecting everything in the world to be in USD. It was an honest observation based upon facts and not the insult one perceives
  12. This post shows the pretense of many Americans. There are over 20 countries in the world have a currency called the dollar, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and United States. The woman from Taiwan on the Phone did not know you paid is USD, and I doubt she knew you were from the USA, unless you specifically told her “I am GG from USA and paid in USD”. You called Taiwan and were given a price in TWD, well what did you expect Vietnamese Dong, Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit, Laos Kip, Korean Won etc The failure was on your behalf for expect the world to revolve around you and assume everything is geared to the USA, the fact that you did not know that Taiwan had its own currency , like another 179 countries also do, should not come as any surprise. If I had been told 4800 Dollars fee my first question would have been “Is that US Dollars?” but I would have probably assumed TWD. So basically you are blaming China Airlines in Taiwan for your ignorance and arrogance
  13. As strange as it may sound, having spent 6 years in Vietnam recently, I don’t really know Vietnam. I was I a small town over 2 hours from Hanoi, left for work at 630am, returned at 6.30pm so didn’t have much downtime. When we went to Hanoi, as I said over 2 hours from Hanoi, we didn’t have much time there and usually went to the same places to eat, shop and drink. Time off work, more than 1 week, we always came back to Thailand. Even though I stated visa / work permit / temporary residence card easier than Thailand, well that was comparing doing it myself here compared to company doing it in Vietnam, when I was working in Thailand Visa and Work Permit extensions were also easy and 90 day reporting was done for me. Thailand is far more Western shops, Bars / Entertainment such as cinemas, more choice of Restaurants etc, plus if I was single the Thai nightlife is far superior to the Vietnamese. Overall, even with its hassles, I would say Thailand at the moment
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