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  1. Fark, I had totally forgot about Santos’ Dwarf Doorman, what was his name “Dui” or something similar. For me personally, and many others I assume, the heyday was 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis, twice as much THB for you Buck, Cheaper prices, Girls without attitude, Internet in its infancy and pre social media, ohhh happy days indeed. I am still stuck in Bangkok, wouldn’t have it any other way, mind you the bar hopping days are In the dim and distant past. As much as it pains us to admit it, we get older and parts of out bodies start rebelling, breaking or just falling off. We all eventually have to slow down before we burn out, some by choice and some by final warning from the Doctor. My last visit to the beach
  2. Yesterday evening the wife was reading news online and said to me “Problem in Indonesia, fire in mountain” She had forgot the English word Volcano, damn I didn’t even know the Thai word for Volcano. At the time I hadn’t read or heard the news, but as soon as she said “Mountain Fire ”, I knew exactly what she meant, “Oh! you mean a Volcano” It’s weird how, over the years, the brain tunes in, and what, to some may sound abstract or cryptic, to me makes perfect sense. Like, what else could “Mountain Fire” mean logically. For the record, I have since learned the Thai for Volcano is “Phukhow Fai (ภูเขาไฟ)which literally translated means “Mountain Fire” so she was giving a literal translation, you learn something everyday. She did not say whether the Mountain Fire Erupted or “Opened”
  3. it is relatively cool in BKK at present 27C Daytime and 18C at Night
  4. I remember that as if it was yesterday. Sitting with a cold one, chewing the shit without a care in the world with the amazing show going on. Ahh happy days.
  5. After 52 years Madrid Bar in Patpong has served its last Pizza and Closed its doors for the last time. Many happy memories of the bar
  6. Ford v Ferrari The well known story of Shelby and Ken Miles, The Ford GT40 and Le Mans Christian Bales portrayal of Ken Miles was excellent apart from, what I thought, was the most dodgy English accent heard in a movie since Dick van Dyke’s Bert the Chimney Sweep in Mary Poppins. I honestly thought Bale was American, whereas in fact he is British who puts on the American accent and in Ford v Ferrari it was actually his real accent. My flabber is gasted
  7. Funnily enough must be 10 years or so when I last smoked the better stuff (in a country where legal) In fact not had a drink for over 2 years now, Doctors Orders.
  8. I forget about small businesses, I usually work on Multi-Billion USD Projects. Usually a project requirements specify latest version of windows or Windows NT, since NT support went this year probably just the latest. now. I don’t use windows, Mac man myself, but that is a different discussion.
  9. Cav, I am not knocking the use of XP for home use, your choice and I suppose it fits in well with your Rotary Phone, VHS Recorder and Abacus. What I am saying is that companies who still use XP for ICS or office networks are leaving themselves open to Ransomware, there is no money to be made from individuals but a lot from National and International Corporations the most famous being Wannacry
  10. Is it just me, or are other people getting pissed off wt being referred to as Cisgender or Cismale. To me CIS means Commonwealth of Independent States, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc not some old Latin prefix for “The Same Side” The term was introduced by the LBGT Community to differentiate between Trans (The Other Side in Latin) and non Trans. We already have a word MALE to denote such, no need to go adding Prefixes which 97% of the population never asked for and never knew we had the need to have such. How can a minority (approx 3%) dictate to me, give me a label and stick me in a Pigeonhole, they have forced an unwanted term onto others, and determining my own identity. They can go and wave their Rainbow Flags, Stick their pricks up each other’s arses, rests up as women and so on, no skin off my nose, as long as they don’t bother me. But giving me a label I don’t need is going to far. Rant Over
  11. Well, has been 3 years now, so long I forget that I ever smoked, whatever possessed me to start in the first place I will never know, probably peer pressure and trying to look cool / hard as a 15 year old. I used to have weird dreams after I stopped smoking, not sure of the full context but always involved going somewhere and I was dreaming “I can’t go, I have no smokes” and wake up looking for them, but they stopped after some time. That was probably the time I realized I was over the, for good. On the positive side, I have seen a Pulmonologist, the old lungs still at a decent capacity for my age and x-rays come back totally clean. He can’t believe I smoked for 40 years and at the end over 2 packs per day.
  12. And that is a well known about Security Risk to Industrial Control Systems. Ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, Factory was running XP. Would not be allowed in O&G Production or Processing since the ICS is considered part of the Safety Critical Lifecycle Systems. Don’t forget Cav, I be an I&C Monkey also.
  13. More like Permian than Dinosaur Since XP launch 33% of the Global Population have been born
  14. You don’t speak Thai yet understand the printed version, why should TV be any different? It wasn’t me who was arrested, if it was I wouldn’t be posting.
  15. Thairath TV also available on YouTube
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