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  1. That’s because Trump supporters don’t know their arse from their elbow.
  2. Similar, I got my place for a steal 8 years ago, the asking price was below market for a quick sale and I offered 20% less for cash sale within 48 hours, and true to my word within 48 hours I had the Chanote (Title Deeds) and a Tabian Baan (Housebook, my Yellow one and Mrs Kong’s Blue one) If I had rented for those 8 years I would have paid over 25% more in rent than I actually paid for the place. When I purchased the property we were 5Km from the nearest BTS station, next year there will be one 250 meters from my front door so the value has skyrocketed. I think I am retired now, dur
  3. How many retirees pay Thai Corporate Income Tax? How many retirees can afford the cost of property? Not read it myself but Mrs Kong says a minimum of 10,000,000 THB to purchase a house and land is being banded about. One thing that pisses me off, and makes Mrs Kong use Thai swear words unfamiliar to me is the fact that you can own a property / yellow Tabian Baan but still have to apply for annual visa, show 400,000 THB and report every 90 days. Given that uncertainty who in their right mind is going to drop 10 Millo THB on a property they have no guarantee of living in for life.
  4. Oh you Cynic 555 a man after my own heart. A Review would have unlikely led to changes, but a possibility of a review, no chance.
  5. I missed Z List Celebrities from my list. Shows how unimportant they really are.
  6. The HiSo and pseudo HiSo Thais think that COVID 19 is a working class disease and effects the like of immigrant workers in the fishing industry. They thought they were safe Socialising in Thong Lor. ,,, err not New cases include a high proportion of Actors, Models and “Influencers” (whom were called whores back in my day)
  7. Can people not use there phones in Landscape mode?
  8. Mekong

    Songkran 2021

    Good way to keep COVID-19 under control ... NOT!
  9. Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces
  10. Mekong


    Whilst most of the world looks at the UK NHS with envy it is worth noting that NZ Social Healthcare was formed ten years before the UK. Damn right Kiwis are proud of it
  11. Do people actually use that shit? Sort of “Hello, here is my personal information, please feel,free to share”
  12. But the Next Line is “Isn’t he a bit like you and me” Therefore inferring just the same as you Cav and Trump Also the song was in the Movie “Yellow Submarine” and sung about Jeremy Hilary Boob after meeting him in nowhere land. Nowhere Land sums up the United States to some.
  13. As the saying goes, you don’t pay them for sex, you pay them to leave.
  14. Hence why Oil is known as Black Gold It was the ARabiam AMerican oil COmpany aka Aramco who were the real winners.
  15. What makes the USD have to be the world reserve? Historically it was the Greek Drachma then the Roman Denari, the Byzantine Solidius then the Arab Dinar. The first truly World Reserve was the Dutch Guilder, helped by the Dutch East Indies Company. It was the 1860’s where most Industrialized Countries fooled the UK and put there currency on the Gold Standard and the Pound Sterling became the International World Reserve. The US Dollar took over post WWII, mainly by default since most of Europe and Japan had no Money left / were in debt, only the US had any money left. What ne
  16. All I said was that you asked the question of the wrong person you muppet, why try and over complicate things. What has engineering have to do with shot messengers?
  17. Palatkik never said it was 4K the posters of the VDO did. Maybe you should direct you comments to YouTube poster.
  18. He brought to us Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream, Glasgow’s cheap imitation of Tony Wilson (haha can’t you tell I am a Mancunian)
  19. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    But the 1% would be spread out across all Hospitals in the City and not concentrated on one
  20. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    Either Mount Health Fairview had a bad batch or it is being administered incorrectly. Bad batch the infections would have occurred in patients who had vaccine at or around the same time
  21. It is Low Priority only affects Jonny Foreigner but not Thais. You can bet your bottom dollar if it was a online service Thais used it would be fixed in 5 minutes.
  22. The positive side of Covid 19
  23. Never set foot in the place, nether the original Washington Square ot current Ekkami location. ... Never appealed to me.
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