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    But …. But. … But where will the money come from, SRT are already 600 Billion THB in debt Source No contractor will take on Design or Construction work for such a debt ridden contract holder.
  2. And here was I thinking that they were the same entity
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    According to This Article the exemption from vaccination having had Covid is only a Victoria State rule for access to the Tennis Stadium, it does not over ride Federal rules that all non residents have to be fully vaccinated. As for lying on his declaration forms, many if not most people guilty of such are let of with a slap on the wrist or a fine of a couple of hundred dollars, if Border Force Australia is to be believed,but since, as Bust rightly pointed out, he is an arrogant knob head and they do have the discretion to pull his visa, which was a great excuse to prevent outrage in Melbourne after the lockdowns as MPIH noted. On the “Had Covid” line, is there any proof he actually has had Covid apart from his saying “I have Covid” a couple of days after it first emerged he wouldn’t be let in last month, all very fishy to me.
  4. Thanks for the verification Stick, it did seem strange a complete change in business model from relying on advertisers to finance it, to going to full paid content. Also I realised something fishy with domain name and a possible copyright breach. When I saw Paul101 post last night my first impression was “Someone is milking the cow here” $25 per month / $120 per year for unsubstantiated gossip, I can’t see whoever is behind it getting too many subscribers. For a start who is really so interested enough in such gossip to pay for it? I know I wasn’t in my “Bar Days” which ended over 20 years ago, and how can the owner guarantee 5 such exposures every month. My bet is it will be gone by Songkran.
  5. You must have been suffering from a temporary lapse of reason 😜
  6. Oh yes, the world renowned German sense of humour, how did I miss that. You just disagree with anything I post that’s all, you can’t help being conceited it is just your nature.
  7. Well obviously living in Germany you have a much better idea of day to day life in Thailand than I. Living in Bangkok My comment “You ain’t missing much TBH” was not aimed at travel and immigration to the country but actual day to day life in Thailand, you know the place where you said that you had cancelled your trip to. But of course I forgot how advances German travel forums actually are and could give you an genuine Bangkok experiences.
  8. She doesn’t, it’s a body double We certainly see, er, a new side of Meryl Streep (no spoilers, but her character appears naked at one point). Was she up for that?She is fearless. And yes, that is a body double. But you know who had a problem with it? Leo [DiCaprio]. Leo just views Meryl as film royalty … although maybe royalty is not a compliment … but as such a special figure in the history of film. He didn’t like seeing her with the lower back tattoo, walking for a second naked. He said something to me like: “Do you really need to show that?” And I was like: “It’s President Orlean; it’s not Meryl Streep.” But she didn’t even blink. She didn’t even bring it up. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/dec/13/adam-mckay-leo-sees-meryl-as-film-royalty-he-didnt-like-seeing-her-with-a-lower-back-tattoo Sorry to shatter your illusion
  9. Just wait until you are captured in one of his covert VDO’s and splashed all over the interweb thingy for all to see and then tell us how great he is. Unsuspecting people caught on his VDO’s may be in relationships, have families, have good careers, and all could be destroyed by this selfish cunt. So one of th best what, Marriage Breakers, Relationship Wreckers, Family Splitters, Career Ransacker. If I ever caught him filming me he would get a size 10 in his bollox.
  10. This is just a follow up to “Anti Amnesty International” story a few weeks back.
  11. How do you control NGOs that are against the state on various issues such as how to handle the Deep South insurgency, monarchy reformists, anti-megaproject environmentalists and the like? Pass a law that will grant you the power to restrict their fundings and type of activities. That’s what’s happening in Thailand under the Prayut Chan-o-cha regime. The Cabinet gave the green light to the draft NGOs Operations Bill on Tuesday. The parliament, heavily filled with Prayut’s sycophants, will most likely pass it into law soon. Some told me as soon as next month, BTW. “They may restrict certain types of activities, say organizing a public forum to criticize the military. They don’t have such a law as yet,” Pornpen Khongkachonkiet, a veteran NGO leader and director of the Cross Cultural Foundation, told me on Wednesday. She added that if the bill is passed, the NGOs Operations Act could require non-government organizations to submit their activity plans for government’s approval in advance in order to ensure that “public order” and “good morals” are not affected. What constitutes “good morals” for the government may be the suppression of human rights for civil society, however. Issues like monarchy reform, including the call for the abolition of the controversial lese majeste law, could be perceived by the government as being against good morals. NGOs organizing or aiding the protests on the same issue like monarchy reform, or against the long standing imposition of Emergency Decree in the Deep South, or against capital punishment, could be construed by the state as being against “public order.” This, combined with the possible control of how much and to whom foreign funders can give to Thai NGOs, will ensure further controls on NGOs by the state. Squeezing, or restricting the money pipeline could leave some NGOs dry or dead. The usual suspects include Open Society Foundations (OSF), which is one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations supporting issues like freedom, democracy, and human rights in more than 120 countries around the world, but seen by xenophobic rightwing nationalists as a trojan horse of the United States attempting to destabilize or oust administrations that are not in line with U.S. interests. The European Union is also a big donor to some Thai non-profit organizations working on issues seen as being opposed to the Thai state. For example, the EU partly funded the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights Group, which is currently almost solely representing the near two hundred people charged under the lese majeste law. Pornpen told me that the draft bill, if passed, will only most likely be used to control a few problematic NGOs like hers. “It will be used to control just a few NGOs – not all … But the general picture is that it will restrict anti-government expressions, public assembly and affect democracy in terms of participation.” True, some other NGOs leaders who are making noise opposing the bill are those working on sensitive issues that the Thai state at least feel uncomfortable with. Laddawan Tantivitayapitak, another veteran NGO leader assisting Burmese fighting for democracy, both within Thailand and across the border in Myanmar. She sent me a message on Thursday. It was a news story by Matichon, a sister organization of Khaosod English, reporting her criticism and opposition against the bill. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/opinion/2022/01/09/opinion-draft-ngos-bill-is-like-a-python-constricting-civil-society/
  12. Nicola Sturgeon urged to scrap census asking teenagers about anal sex Scotland’s largest parents’ organisation is calling for the SNP government to withdraw its schools’ health and wellbeing census, which has attracted opprobrium for asking 14-year-olds about their experience of anal sex. The controversial poll has united rightwing pro-family campaigners and progressive children’s rights advocates, with both groups fearing it may end up causing harm to the young people it intends to help. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jan/09/nicola-sturgeon-urged-to-scrap-census-asking-teenagers-about-anal-sex
  13. I stand corrected, it is the route known as The Green Mile which comes out on wireless NW corner of Lumpini opposite Soi Sarasin. In my defense (haha) I never used to walk, always drove or MRT and according to the website in the link it was opened in 2012 and I moved from the area in 2010 (damn that long) prior to construction / opening. What also threw me when you said you used it everyday 2009-2015, I may have misinterpreted what you wrote. I assumed you meant walked to Lumpini on occasions from 2010-2015, but evidently you must have meant walled to Lumpini on occasions 2012 onwards. My misunderstanding. Khun Bubi Not quite a map from 1834 but close pre 2012 😜
  14. Kuhn Bubi Far from it, I used to live just down Chuea Plearng Road from 2001 up till 2010, so the area in question used to be my old stomping ground, so to speak. A street map of 1834 would not prove a point since Chalerm Nakhon Expressway, and none of the others, had been built back then, as I am sure even you may understand. When one resides in an area one tends to have knowledge of the geography of said area. Pretty useless you talking about navigating Bangkok, in your mind there is only on Soi 7 in the whole of the city. Stick, once through the park / Thai Tobacco Monopoly grounds, you come out on Thanon Duang Thak, also referred to as Soi Zero, you must remember Soi Zero bars next to the train line and under the expressway where Sukhumvit becomes Ploenchit. You are still west of the very same expressway, you still haven’t gone under it yet. Klong Toey MRT station underpass only crosses Rama IV, so you have to cross the expressway entry / exit ramps at Rama IV. Check it out on a map, just not a 1834 edition, to refresh your memory. Anywhere else in Bangkok I may question my own memories but not that junction which I must have passed through a few thousand times. Friday night meetings at Bradmans were always ended with a stroll / bar hopping down Cowboy, MRT from Sukhumvit to Klong Toey then a Motocyc taxi from the rand u dear the expressway Cheau Plearng side.
  15. You make it sound like a pleasant stroll, which IMHO it isn’t. You have to take your life into your own hands and cross where the expressway entrance is opposite Thanon Cheua Plearng on Rama IV then a 15 min / 1 km walk alongside Rama IV to Wireless Road just to get to Lumpini. Must be an hours walk at least to Silom from Asoke. Me, I would pay 21 THB and take the Air Conditioned MRT to Lumpini or 23 THB to Silom I think you have been away for too long Stick and just have romantic memories
  16. Alcohol consumption in restaurants in 69 re-zoned provinces will be banned starting on Sunday as part of a raft of revised government measures to contain the recent surge of Covid-19 infections. The Covid-19 zoning status of eight other provinces approved for tourism promotion remains unchanged, meaning alcohol is allowed to be served in restaurants until 9pm. These decisions were made during Friday's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) meeting chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, where the government opted for a balanced approach to tourism and curbing Covid-19. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2243879/drinking-curbed-in-69-provinces Two things stand out It is strange that Covid only affects people drinking alcohol, mask off eating food or non-alcoholic drinks no problem INFECTED, the Thai Government has found a correlation between Alcohol and Covid which does not exist. The CCSA has an agreement with the Covid Virus not to strike in areas zoned as “Tourist Areas” why else would it be safe to Drink Alcohol, which Government says causes Covid, in the “Blue Zones” and not the “Orange Zones” Do you ever get the feeling they are making it all up as they go along and doing a very bad job of it. If this is the competence of military leadership it’s good job Thailand never goes to war
  17. But the ones who can (allegedly) sing are just as bad rely on songwriters, or should I say songwriter. Ever wondered why Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Pink, Justin Bieber and all the others sound the same? Blame Max Martin since he writes songs for all of them
  18. If I remember correctly Security Guards at the little barriers on wheels used to charge either 10 or 20 Baht to drive through the Old Tobacco complex.
  19. I agree we have passed “Peak Oil” but it is not going to run out next week, next year or even the next decade, there are over 50 years of Known reserves of both Oil and Gas available, that is without further exploration and / deep sea production. There is also 133 years of Coal left, why does society condemn full stop a Coal Fired Power Plants instead of looking at todays modern Clean Coal Power Plants, that is systems in place to capture NoX, Sox, Carbon and PM2.5 emissions? But oh no Coal is Dirty it must go, instead of, oh look coal can be burned clean. 50 years, let alone 133 is an eon in Technology terms, in 1903 the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier than air craft 37 meters, within 16 years Alcock and Brown were crossing the Atlantic and by 1957 the Russians had launched Sputnik. Inventions of the last 50 years we take for granted include the ATM, DNA testing, Laser (non intrusive)Surgery, Photovoltaic Electric Cell, Electric Vehicles, Personal Computers, the World Wide Web, Fibre Optic Cables, Bar Codes, The Birth Control Pill, GPS, Cell Phones, Home Gaming Systems , MRI scans, Online Commerce, the list goes on. if any of these inventions / innovations had have been mentioned just at the end of WWII you would have been locked in a padded cell, and innovation is exponential. So whilst Fossils Fuels will eventually run out, I do not see the rush to stop using today and tomorrow,, and shut down all existing facilities, It has been demonstrated that fossil fuels can be burned clean. But no, Governments are falling for the Green claim that we must change to renewables overnight, to hell with the expense, society is heading fromone alleged disaster headlong into another one. Shy is enough money and research not being put into Hydrogen Fuel Cells, or other alternatives, damn in 50 years time we may even be able to engage warp drive and harvest energy from either Black Holes or Space Based Solar Power SBSP. Don’t lock me in a padded cell, just look back at history.
  20. I thought that was what baa99 meant, Pinocchio didn’t buy votes 😛
  21. I never “Got” Elvis, other of the same era such as Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Chubby Checker, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent etc all had one thing in common, they wrote their own material Elvis didnt he relied upon writers such as Ben Wiseman, Mac Davies and Otis Blackwell to compose his songs for him, he never wrote a single song. IMHO an Artiste writes and records predominantly their own material, nothing wrong with the occasional cover version, but to have a career based upon singer others compositions is not the sign of an Artiste, merely a performer, a phenomenal performer for sure, but a performer non the less. You can teach a one trick pony to perform.
  22. Great, twice the size that not many people will use Lumpini Park is so popular because not only is is a nice peaceful green zone in the midst of the concrete metropolis, it has trees / shaded areas in which to relax. The wetlands by contrast, looking at the photos, is all open, not many Thais will want to get the nasty sunlight on their oh so pristine white skin now would they. As Rudyard Kipling observed, and made into song by Noel Coward “Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun” and even this Englishman doesn’t.
  23. Yes, yes yes, You tree huggers may scoff but I have yet to see viable figures which can demonstrate net zero is achievable Saying “Net Zero” is one thing, actually achieving such is completely different. Say we fill the planet with enough windmills and solar panels to meet global needs, that is only good enough if the wind is blowing (not too windy like) or the sun is shining. Battery storage I hear the people cry, batteries take up a lot of space and also use rare metals such as Cobalt and Lithium. Cobalt Mining is not clean, it also has an environmental impact, so what in fact you are doing is replacing one set of pollutants with another set of pollutants whilst charging you and I, the consumer, more for electricity etc, because we don’t mind paying a little bit extra if it is Green, What a load of Bollox, it is a scam run by big business, it is not clean energy it is “A Different type of Dirty Energy” This is why I say it is a pipe dream, nobody has been able to demonstrate how to achieve it. If you know different I am all ears
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