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  1. Smart cities = Government Sanctioned Big Brother Policy Ignoring Personal Privacy for a moment just imagine Social and Political Control. With government officials accessing public information, the data gathered is prone to misuse for personal or political interests. Someone behind the database has to have access to all the mountainous information and, therefore, has the authority to misuse the data to manipulate the public. Corrupt politicians and influential authorities may use Digital Media to manipulate public opinion for their interests. Even a flyspeck of an error could also lead to mismanaged information. The worst-case scenario is if the data somehow slips into the wrong hands, it could compromise the entire city’s security.
  2. The app I use the most is not on my phone or tablet but on my TV, Netflix. Also use YouTube app on TV since don’t copy URL’s from there. Mobile apps include but not limited to, Skype, Zoom, LinkedIn, XE Currency Exchange etc plus a few mindless games.
  3. You are being a Dick, not I You categorically stated that “If you are using a mobile you are out of WWW” which is an incorrect statement. 99% of the time I am online from my iPad or iPhone, both “Mobile Devices” jeez have the same OS Thai 360 via a browser email via a browser news websites via a browser Youtube via a browser ( using app can’t get url to post in here) Everything I do online via a browser So you are telling me that I am in some alternative universe where I can Eccles websites using a mobile device and a browser, with no applications installed, and not be using WWW
  4. You previously said if you are using a mobile then you are outside of WWW which is bullshit. Using a app is outside of WWW but using a browser isn’t I could use gmail app on an Apple BUT I DON’T, I use web based (web the third W out of WWW) therefore the WWW which is contrary to your comment “ if you use a mobile then pu are outside of WWW You seem to want to argue that apps are everything
  5. And only 1 point for failing to stop, speeding etc, points go back on Licence after 12 months. This means a driver could fail to stop, and be prosecuted, 11 times in a year before being disqualified from driving. Hit and Run is 4 points, you have to commit 3 hit and runs, and be prosecuted, within 12 months to be disqualified. But this begs the questions How many Thais have a Driving Licence How many would stop driving if Licence suspended.
  6. And I am using SAFARI BROWSER on a mobile device not an App, what part of that can’t you get your head around. Just because people go online from a mobile device doesn’t automatically mean they are using an app but you said “if you are using a mobile or an app, then you are outside of the WWW” which is utter bullshit. If using an app outside of WWW but not using a mobile
  7. Just got round to watching this excellent It is strange seeing Michael McKean as Chuck McGill, to me he is always David St Hubbins in Spinal Tap
  8. But the app is found on and downloaded from WWW though Also I am posting this from a “Mobile Device” it is still using WWW,
  9. Incorrect, you use the World Wide Web for naked women, WWW uses the internet Some/ Most of us use the words web and internet to mean the same thing but they're actually quite different. The world wide web, or web for short, are the pages you see when you're at a device and you're online. But the internet is the network of connected computers that the web works on, as well as what emails and files travel across. Think of the internet as the roads that connect towns and cities together. The world wide web contains the things you see on the roads like houses and shops. And the vehicles are the data moving around - some go between websites and others will be transferring your emails or files across the internet, separately from the web.
  10. Torrenova This thread is asking similar questions to yours, check replies to that one for a couple of pointers
  11. What was I on about, not Koh Poo but Bang Pu Restaurant is Sala Suk Jai
  12. You do realise that the first book printed and published on the Western Printing press was the Gutenberg Bible, even the Chinese were using printing to spread Buddhist texts
  13. Instagram. Home of Trout Lipped Posing Tarts and Food Facebook. Home to fake stories aka anti vaxxers, the original home of the narcissist Tik Tok. Home to childish morons trying to be funny and stupid dance videos If I was looking for a business these would be the last places I would look. Also why should I need to download an app to check out a business or product only to decide it is no good for me and have to delete it again. The apps I use, yes even old dinosaurs like me use them, were downloaded from the company’s website, such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. One of the best apps I ever used was in Madrid in 2010;/11 the full Public transit system. Type in Location and Destination and not only told you the route using buses and Metro also used GPS and told you where and when to change trains. Could be listening to tunes on iPhone and song would pause and announcement change to **** Line at next station fucking brilliant. I am not anti app, far from it, but the installation of such should be my choice knowing what the business has to offer, not having to download the app to see what the business has to offer. There must be 1,000’s of businesses out there missing out on mine, and other peoples, custom the global average for Facebook usage is less than 40% compared to 63.5% with internet connectivity. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok I am suffering from FoMO. Bollox. Furhermore 50% of app users are under the age of 25 whereas disposable income is higher in the 25 to 85 age groups, surely one needs disposable income to spend money …. Oh I forgot all the Gen Z will be Bitcoin millionaires, hold on there’s an app for that.
  14. OK my app is on the App Store How do potential customers know it so there? How do I capture potential customers? When I go to the App Store I either Know the App I am looking for and search by name Search for a Type of App When I search for a type of App, Big Balls Construction International and Perfect Projects Global dominate the search results and Mighty Mekong Manufacturing is know where to be seen So your business method is to rely on Instagram and Facebook, both owned by Meta and that twat Zuckerberg who harvest my data and sell it on, as a form of advertising. Basically if Meta goes down you are fucked, if Meta freezes / suspends your accounts you are fucked.
  15. OK I will bite, I have set up Mekong Mighty Manufacturing and developed an app for such. How to I get potential customers to install the app onto their mobile device and from where?
  16. Meaning they use HTTP rather than TCP/IP alone. I thought anyone with any degree of intellect knew that HTTP requires TCP/IP It is widely known that Yuri Gagarin was the first man in Space, in a quiz the question asked is “Who was the first man in space” and not “Who was the first man in space in a rocket” since a rocket is the only mode of transportation to take a man into space, he didn’t do it on a bicycle. Same with HTTP, people, don’t say HTTP with TCP/IP do they, if the did URL for websites would begin HTTPTCPIP and not just HTTP or HTTPS for secure ones. Back on topic, why did you state that most young people only use apps? The article was about small business owners, young people and internet security, or lack there of. Majority of small businesses use Websites and not apps so if young people only use apps then this topic dose not exist.
  17. I googled a link to have a source for my comment, you know when saying something it is better to back it up. If I had of made the comment without backing it up you would have been asking for proof or a source so I can’t win I never “Thought apps did not use TCP/IP” I stated that apps rely on HTTP rather than TCP/IP alone which was your standpoint. As previously stated when you order a pint of beer your order a Pint not a Pint and a Glass, or a meal you order the Food not the Food and a Plate, and when someone states HTTP it is implied that the transport protocol is used since without TCP/IP HTTP cannot function and therefore does not exist. Semantics 555. Looking at RINA or appears to be an advancement on TCP/IP for Distributed Applications, in my Field we have has Distributed Applications in the form of Distributed Comtrol Systems (DCS) for over 40 years but it is becoming more prevalent nowadays with the advent of Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and more and more devices need to communicate with each other seamlessly.
  18. I may not be as au fait with Communications protocols as you are, after all that is the basis of your chosen profession, it believe it or not a know a little bit. Power Stations and other Process Plants are in the majority computer controlled nowadays and as a Instrument and Controls (I&C) Engineer, here area fee of the protocols employed off the top of my head. AS-i – Actuator-sensor interface, a low level 2-wire bus establishing power and communications to basic digital and analog devices BSAP – Bristol Standard Asynchronous Protocol, developed by Bristol Babcock Inc. CC-Link Industrial Networks – Supported by the CLPA CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) – can be treated as application layer common to DeviceNet, CompoNet, ControlNetand EtherNet/IP ControlNet – an implementation of CIP, originally by Allen-Bradley DeviceNet – an implementation of CIP, originally by Allen-Bradley DF-1 - used by Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5, SLC-500, and MicroLogix class devices DNP3 - a protocol used to communicate by industrial control and utility SCADA systems DirectNet – Koyo / Automation Direct proprietary, yet documented PLC interface EtherCAT Ethernet Global Data (EGD) – GE Fanuc PLCs (see also SRTP) EtherNet/IP – IP stands for "Industrial Protocol". An implementation of CIP, originally created by Rockwell Automation Ethernet Powerlink – an open protocol managed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG). FINS, Omron's protocol for communication over several networks, including ethernet. FOUNDATION fieldbus – H1 & HSE HART Protocol HostLink Protocol, Omron's protocol for communication over serial links. Interbus, Phoenix Contact's protocol for communication over serial links, now part of PROFINET IO MECHATROLINK – open protocol originally developed by Yaskawa, supported by the MMA MelsecNet, and MelsecNet II, /B, and /H, supported by Mitsubishi Electric. Modbus PEMEX Modbus Plus Modbus RTU or ASCII or TCP OSGP – The Open Smart Grid Protocol, a widely use protocol for smart grid devices built on ISO/IEC 14908.1 OpenADR – Open Automated Demand Response; protocol to manage electricity consuming/controlling devices Optomux – Serial (RS-422/485) network protocol originally developed by Opto 22 in 1982. The protocol was openly documented[1] and over time used for industrial automation applications. PieP – An Open Fieldbus Protocol Profibus – by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) PROFINET - by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) RAPIEnet – Real-time Automation Protocols for Industrial Ethernet Honeywell SDS – Smart Distributed System – Originally developed by Honeywell. Currently supported by Holjeron. SERCOS III, Ethernet-based version of SERCOS real-time interface standard SERCOS interface, Open Protocol for hard real-time control of motion and I/O GE SRTP – GE Fanuc PLCs Sinec H1 – Siemens SynqNet – Danaher TTEthernet – TTTech MPI – Multi Point Interface Just a few of them
  19. I thought even you would understand that HTTP requires TCP/IP but TCP/IP can operate without HTTP, which it did for over 20 years before HTTP was developed and still is today. You stated apps use TCP/IP implying TCP/IP alone and I pointed out that apps use HTTP. I should have been clearer and stated “Use HTTP, which is reliant on TCP/IP” but I thought you you realised such, I was obviously mistaken and gave you more credit than deserved. Next time you order a Pint of beer be sure to explain that you require it in glass or it may be thrown in your face, or ordering a meal please tell the waitress you require the food serving on a plate or it may get dumped in your lap.
  20. Or if there is an alternative such as Future Forward Party, the Military and the Royalists make things up to get them disbarred. One prominent case against the party, which the Constitutional Court accepted in July 2019, alleged that FFP sought to overthrow the monarchy. As evidence, the resemblance between the party's triangular symbol and that of the Illuminati was cited. I will let you judge if any way similar
  21. Where Did I say no TCP? Stop mailing things up and read what I actually posted.
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