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  1. An interesting little fact about the Pogues, they got their name from the Gaelic Phrase “póg mo thóin,” which is pronounced Pogue Mahone, the translation to English? “Kiss my Arse!”
  2. No “Debbie Does Dallas” I’m disappointed. 7/10 of the list are from the USA, ironically the puritan country that goes apeshit about a nipple being exposed on Prime time TV are the worlds largest producers of porn.
  3. Sentiment echoed in many a UK tabloid
  4. Unfortunately the arsehold brigade what it banned for “offensive lyrics” You're a bum You're a punk You're an old slut on junk Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed You scumbag, you maggot You cheap lousy faggot Happy Christmas your arse I pray God it's our last Guaranteed to be Christmas number one in the UK this year.
  5. Shane MacGowan, music and excess’ The Pogues were once described as a tight, professional bunch of musicians fronted by a total shambles. But the shambles, their charismatic singer Shane MacGowan, was heralded as one of the finest song writers and lyricists of his time. The Pogues' great achievement was to successfully bring together traditional foot-stomping Irish music with the crashing chords of North London punk. Like fellow Celts Brendan Behan and Dylan Thomas, MacGowan's source of inspiration was invariably alcoholic and he became as famous for his legendary excesses as he was for his music. Source
  6. A average “Backyard Swimming Pool” is 18,000 Gallons 18,000 Gallons is 4158000 Cubic Inches A dollar bill (according to Wolfram Alpha) has a volume of 0.06943 cubic inches. 4158000/0.06943=598,900,000 1 Billion Dollars in Dollar Bills would fill 1.672 Backyard Swimming Pools Why say 1 Billion Dollar, nearly 2 swimming pools full of cash is easier for an American to understand.
  7. Obviously the author of the article is from the other side of the pond. UK has Back Gardens not Back Yards UK measures volume in Cubic Meters / Yards not Swimming Pools, and just how big is a Swimming Pool, is there a standard size for back yard pool as there is for Olympic Pools? The SI Symbol for Gigaliter is Gl not GL, the prefix is Capital and Unit is Lower case (except degrees C) SI Units Not only does the US insist on using “Freedom Units” of measurement that don’t even use them half the time, everything is Length of x Football Fields Volume of x Swimming Pools The size of a Fridge or of a “Small Sedan” FFS why are they so adverse to saying what something actually is, and they wonder why the rest of the world laughs at them.
  8. Mekong


    That’s what I think the morally corrupt brigade do, aka Christians.
  9. Mekong


    Unfortunately the “Corination Chicken” is 70 years out of date, was the meal for when Betty had her crown screwed on in 1953, for Charlie it was a quiche. This years entries are pretty shit to be honest.
  10. Mekong


    This Article sort of sums up my thoughts, it is a n overused cliche.
  11. No, They were separate imbeciles, Thailand has a plethora of them it seems It all makes trucks carrying soil falling into holes on Sukhumvit seem rather tame by comparison
  12. No, I that one the Fire Extinguisher exploded, in this one the Home Made Bomb exploded, and they are surprised Liquid Fuel and Nitrogen in a modified cooking gas canister, what did they expect, and these are supposed to be the Fire Safety Instructors . Shakes head in disbelief
  13. A few years ago, two Englishmen managed to get lost in the Sahara Desert. After three days, they were about to give up when they spotted a brightly coloured area on the horizon. Thinking it might be an oasis, they diverted slightly to get to it. It wasn't an oasis, but a form of travelling market. The two Englishmen hoped that one of the stallholders would have some water, so they approached the first stand and asked for water. The vendor bowed to them and replied "I have no water, but by the grace of Allah I do have sponge cake, tins of sliced peaches, strawberry jelly, custard, and cream." Rather crestfallen at this, they asked the second stallholder they saw. "I am sorry, but I have no water. By the grace of Allah I do however have sponge cake, fresh sliced peaches, orange jelly, custard, and cream." Feeling really worried by now, they found a third vendor and asked if he had some water. "Like the previous persons you have asked I have no water, but like them, I have, by the grace of Allah, sponge cake, sliced peaches and pears, lime jelly, egg free custard, and cream if you would like to try them." Feeling very depressed they tried the fourth salesman, who responded "It is most unfortunate that I have no water, but by the grace of Allah I have sponge cake, sliced peaches, mandarin slices, lemon jelly, custard, and cream for sale." This went on for every stallholder they saw, a request for water would be met with small variations on "I have no water, but by the grace of Allah I have sponge cake, sliced fruit, some flavour of jelly, custard, and cream." As they walked out of the far side of the market, the first Englishman turned to the second and said, "That was rather strange." To which the second responded, "Yes, it was a trifle bazaar." OK I will get my coat
  14. Mekong


    It’s always confused me why people always say “But think of the Children” Whilst I am not saying we shouldn’t think about them, what makes them so special as to be singled out? You never hear Think of the Disabled Think of the Mentally Handicapped Think of the Pregnant Women Think of the Homeless etc These are also vulnerable people but no one ever seems to “Think about” them Maybe we should start thinking “About the VULNERABLE” and not just Children
  15. And it also shows the complete hypocrisy of Disney. Another one of those “It is Funny Because it is True”
  16. With IOS Settings you Moron / Accessifuckingbility / Cunting Keyboard Toggle on and off the Bastard as required Salty Enough for you now?
  17. With IOS Settings / Accessibility / Keyboard Toggle on and off as required
  18. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t recognise the difference Previously in History I have been accused of supporting the IRA in Northern Ireland and some people couldn’t get their heads around the difference in supporting the Republic argument for a United Ireland and supporting terrorism. I have always supported reunification if chosen via the ballot box at a referendum but against the IRA and terrorism. The same / similar is being used today, I support the Palestinian People, I their fight to have their lands returned, but I have nothing against the Jewish occupiers as a people. I don’t agree with Hamas way of going about it and they should have left it to the PLO who used to be defined a terrorist organisation but are now recognised as a political organisation, Just like Sinn Fein who were the political wing of then IRA but now have the majority in the Irish Assembly and have MP’s sitting in the House of Commons.
  19. What did Musk say which was antisemitic? The tweet he agreed with stated ”Jewish people “have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.” Well when people like Noel Ignatiev, an American Jew best known for his theories on race and for his call to abolish "whiteness". Ignatiev was the co-founder of the New Abolitionist Society and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor, which promoted the idea that "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity", such as In This Article Now IMHO Ignatiev’s publications were “Dialectical Hatred” towards whites, Musk did not say “I hate Jews” which is antisemitic but that Jews were “Pushing the same hatred used against them” which is not antisemitism in anyway. Just another example of certain groups of people not listening to what is being said and claiming “Ooo he was being antisemitic” Grow the fuck up you woke bastards, just as bad as those claiming “White Supremacy” or “Male Patriarchy” it’s all in your heads. That being said, I still think Musk is a twat, but come on pick something he has done twatish to beat him up with.
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