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  1. "all i know he is going to thailand with around 180,000bt and thinks that will be enough for him to settle down and lead a comfortable life until he gets sorted out. Surely you must mean 180,000 GBP and not Baht
  2. This is one of the few sites where time zone has to be set independently of computer clock
  3. Whilst wired is faster than wireless how much speed is actually required? Wireless 802.11N can hit speeds of 300Mbps which is a damn site faster than my ADSL connection, range of approx 70 Meters indoors and 250 Meters outdoors. On my home network I currently have 3 laptops, a netbook, Internet TV, Printer / Scanner / Fax and 3 smart phones, the router is located next to the balcony and I can still get 7500kbps on my Macbook Air whilst seven floors up poolside on a TOT Homeplus account (9 dl / 1 ul) I have no problems watching movies stored on my time capsule via wireless on the Internet TV. Wired may be faster but wireless offers far more flexibility for a basic home network.
  4. I don't think that I have had any worse service than has been handed out to locals, especially in rush hour / rain as KS points out. Having lived in the same district of Bangkok for well over a decade and also driving here I am well aware of many of the sub soi's etc that whilst maybe an extra KM on the meter certainly bypass major traffic jams and work out quicker and cheaper. I have had many discussion with Taxi drivers about using alternative routes and the most common reply is that for many farangs if they are not on Silom / Sathorn / Rama IV / Sukhumvit etc they think the driver is trying to fleece them. Fuel costs in Thailand have more than doubled in the last 6 years yet the only increase in Taxi fares has been a slight reduction on distance travelled on initial 35 THB flag drop fee before meter starts clicking up. I for one will never knock Bangkok taxi services, in all walks of life there will be the occasional rogue but on a whole I find the service reliable and inexpensive.
  5. The good old days of "Marriage of Convenience" making me feel like an old timer now, those were the days, you forgot to add the 500 Baht fee payable to City Hall for the divorce registration. Hull is a bit of a trek but if combined with a yearly trip to blighty total costs including flights and visa fee's work out at less than 1.000 Baht / week with a family visit thrown in. Setting up company has initial investments and then overheads of approx 1,500 Baht / Week but since there is a slight probability I may get more contract work in Thailand having my own company and WP puts me in a slightly advantageous position, plus its all tax deductible from my non-Thai companies anyway. Visa wise it really is a grey area in this situation and something that most of us do not even consider until confronted with such a predicament.
  6. I was on non-imm B for a few years until the contract in Thailand was not renewed late 08 so I lost my sponsor. That is when we registered at city hall so I could get non-imm O, even though we had the wedding ceremony, family over from UK etc, 3 years before we actually registered the marriage. It was subsequent to this I set up EU and BVI Companies which has now allowed me to set up the Thai subsidruary for the WP and non-imm B. It used to be easy up until about 2004, even if divorced but still had Marriage Certificate one was able to go to Penang (in my case) and get a 12 month non-imm O, then they changed the rules and only issued 90 day non-imm O's then requirement to apply for extension to stay by visiting Immigration with "The Wife" .... Shit I was divorced from my first Thai wife for 5 years and kept my non-imm O on that basis, those were the days. Good luck to your colleague he will need it, if he is a Brit he should visit the Thai Consulate in Hull, they are still giving out 12 month tourist visa's no questions asked for about 100 Quid, I know a few guys who have lived here for years on consecutive 12 month tourist visa's from Hull.
  7. Hi Gobble I had to get a tourist visa in June, my non-imm O was expiring and since I am going through a divorce my soon to be ex was not going to assist me in applying for a subsequent 12 month extension to stay. I did it in Singapore due to free flights using air miles and the fact I have mates there who I stayed with for free. What a performance, same as another poster mentioned they wanted confirmation of hotel reservations and onward flight details etc. I had with me my Ta Bien Ban (Thai Housebook) and certified copies land registry department documentation and old passport copies, why do I need a hotel when I have records of over 20 years living in Thailand and had owned an apartment in Bangkok for over 12 years. They were still adamant about onward flight ticket even though I had no intentions of leaving Bangkok whilst divorce proceedings were ongoing so I nipped to a Travel Agent at Orchard Towers explained my plight and she agreed to sell me a single ticket to Siam Reap for day 60 and refund 80% of the cost once I had my visa and returned the ticket to cash back in. Got the visa the next day. The 30 day extension at Chaeng Wattana Immigration office was a doddle, I had to apply earlier than the 60 days were up due to public holiday / weekend but the 30 days was calculated from the expiration date of my existing 60 day visa rather than application date so that wasn't to bad. Meanwhile I have now set up a Thai subsidiary of my European Company and am now back on a non-imm B with a work permit so that's the next 12 months taken care of. With accountants fees, ghost employees social welfare payments etc plus my own income tax on declared earnings it's costing about 6,000 THB / Month to be totally legal and being VAT registered, I may cut corners and fly close to the wind on certain issues but I stay 100% legitimate when it comes to Thai Immigration issues. This experience did get me thinking though, how the hell is a non Thai under the age of 50, therefore not eligible for a retirement visa, supposed to stay in Thailand to contest his divorce once his non imm O 12 months extension of stay has expired. If I didn't have trustworthy friends I have known for many years who have assisted me in setting up Thai subsidiary company I would now be classed as Illegal and once divorce case got to court I would have been arrested for overstay, case thrown out, a few nights in IDC before deportation and the ex would get everything. The system is screwed. One thing I have learned is that if the Thai woman can keep the case out of court for 12 months she is granted immediate divorce and 100% ownership of all joint assets. Kong
  8. I'd 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now :rotl: :rotl: :rotl: :rotl: :angry: I think City expected to be top tonight after doing Spurs 5-1 at WHL
  9. Things have taken on a new twist My divorce lawyer has offered to marry me so I can get a non imm O visa, pure business, I may take her up on the proposal Who the hell gets wed to their lawyer for a visa, ME haha, this is getting weirder each day
  10. Deffo non fiction but at times I wish it was Bloody hard work going thru divorce in a foreign country
  11. Still alive and kicking and stayed out of jail. Been busy the past few days with apartment hunting, moving in shopping for bedding, cutlery and crockery etc, such an exciting life.
  12. Well for the first time in nine months I am back in Bangkok and it feels great, staying at S31 for a few nights until I get an apartment sorted. Some cracking deals to be had here, OK 3400 Baht / night might seem rxcessive bit for a Duplex room (Living Room downstairs / Bedroom upstairs) in a 5 Star Hotel 80 Euros / Night is not bad at all. I am going to give her one last chance to do things amicable first I need to get a new Thai Sim Card so she wont recognise the number and may actually answer my call, I will give her 72 hours to meet me and come to mutual terms, if we cannot come to agreement then legal proceedings begin. I will post regular updates but if you dont hear from me for a couple of weeks that means Flash was correct bout the hitman.
  13. Well I have had a change of heart, after considering walking away from Thailand after the soon to be ex told me it was over, I am coming back and will take legal proceedings against her. Sat in Barajas now (Madrid Airport) and flight leaves in 40 minutes, hold onto your panties woman because I am coming after your arse. I have been warned against this but I have never been one to take advice, this may prove to be an interesting few months
  14. Gents Maybe it is time to drop the topic, I for one am getting rather bored with the subject matter. There is ongoing litigation, so why drag this forum into it, nothing to do with us and definatley nothing to do with KS. My 2 Cents worth Kong
  15. I have no address or phone number currently No Can Do
  16. Come on HH Have I ever offended you when we have met in real? I stand by my statement that my comment was aimed at goverments and not citizens
  17. Basic Law of Physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, my reaction is against my feelings towards US Foreign Policy and certain citizens of the Nation who get caught up in the nationalist fever and actually believe that the US of A is doing the world a favour. Please don't confuse my distain of US Foreign Policy with my friendship with US Citizens, I actually have many American friends all over the world who I have either worked with or met socialy and we get on just fine, in fact Mr C there are are few American BM's who are mutual friends of ours. To balance things out there are also certain chapters of British history that do not wash well with my own personal beliefs and I could not and will not defend. At least I have stirred up a debate, but please accept that my "Uncivil Remarks" were against the poicies of the respective goverments and not the citizens of the country. Kong
  18. The Arrogance of that quote FUCK OFF HOME YANKIES we didn't ask for or need you intervention Gung Ho Assholes
  19. Steve You could go further and state that the Founding Fathers of the United States were in fact themselves the offspring of illegals
  20. KBR aka the Evil Empire the biggest civilian contractor in Iraq. 365 Mill is a drop in the ocean compared to the unaccounted for Billions over the last few years in Iraq. One of the directors is now doing 20 years for 200 Million of backhanders to get contracts in Nigeria, every KBR employee at the time the investigation was ongoing was issued with a court instructing them not to delete any emails. I worked for K M.W. Kellogg at the time, nothing to do with Brown & Root. Brown & Root sold off one of its subsiduraries a few years ago, Haliburton of Dick Cheney fame, Cheney is still a non executive director of Rootie Tootie. All these Goverment contracts being awarded to the same civilian contractor DOH!
  21. If Piers Morgan was driving a 1956 Moggie Minor I would still throw a brick at him. asshole!
  22. I must have heard that one a thousand times but I never tire of hearing it, As an Engineer who has had run ins with beuracratic management on more than one occasion it is actually very close to the truth and that is what makes it so funny.
  23. About 50 KM North, its not so easy just to pop into town as it was when I was living Rama IV / Chuea Plearng area.
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