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  1. Mekong

    Any New Jokes

    That’s a South African Zebra
  2. Blue Lives Matter? What’s all that about? I know it is supposed to mean Police, but is this only uniformed police, what about plain clothed officers. Why does Blue only uniformed Police and not Fire Fignters. Sounds more like an International Society for the protection of Smurfs. What next, Green Lives Matter for Paramedics, Rainbow Live Matter for LBGT community, as a non American it is a little confusing
  3. Maybe because you are the only one debating the obvious, hehe
  4. You get the 220 Baht back so only 780 Baht fee not 1000, stop bloody moaning 😉 hehe I have wired money for years now, always been the best option for me. The last transfer I made lasted ages then I realized the malls were locked down why did they reopen?
  5. T,was funny, being a hard up Northerner with dubious ways of making a living meeself reminded me of life 30 Years ago. A major error in the Shows title, Brassic is Cockney Rhyming Slang, “Borassic Lint” Skint, which I presume it refers to. Rhyming Slang is not used Oop Norf and in Lancashire Brassic is slang for very cold, taken from “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”
  6. Am I missing something but what is wrong with having a Thai Bank Account and transferring funds from overseas, getting the offshore rate and making transfer when exchange rate is in your favor.
  7. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    My Engineering decisions are 100% Correct You have to believe me because I said it
  8. Is Radioman Frede reincarnated.
  9. Why have ypu started a new thread, already posts in UK bread for 2020 What next? USA Thread 1-13 May 2020
  10. Was Nixon responsible for Vietnam, NO but his handling of it caused loss of life. Is Trump responsible for Coronavirus in the USA, NO but his handling of it is causing loss of life. Dont get me wrong Bo Jo is doing no better
  11. And more people have died / Trump is responsible for, in just over two and a half months, than the total number of casualties for the entire Vietnam Conflict.
  12. Or as we say in Northern England “All Fur Coat and No Knickers”
  13. What is a Country Mile? A Country Mile is 10 Furlongs / 2200 yards where as the Statute Mile is 8 Furlongs / 1760 Yards One school of thought is it is derived from”As the Crow Flies” A Statute mile is usually measured in the city with line of site whereas a country mile has many curves and undulations making it necessary to travel 2200 Yards in order to get 1760 Yards Point to Point. More trivial claptrap from me
  14. I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if I had still been drinking but fortunately, for me I am now teetotal Dont get me wrong, I am not sanctimonious declaring everyone should, not wrong with it, it just wasn’t right for me
  15. You don’t need a plan, you need an agent
  16. A Non-Chef, or anybody for that matter is allowed to tweak as that would be picked up as a failure under the QP. Remember, the Quality Plan is one of “Coss Sauces Incorporated” documents that has to be complied with
  17. 200 / 10,000,000 = 0,00002 not percent 0.002%
  18. Where is it manufactured? He He For my sins I did quite a bit of work on Country of Origin whilst in Vietnam, if goods were determined to be ASEAN of G7 then they were not subject to tax. Tax savings on over USD 1 Billion of hardware is a major saving. it comes down to components of most expenditure such as Research and Development and procedures being followed. For example if something is manufactured in Count B using Country A design and R and D following Country A procedures, ISO 9001 etc then it is claimed Country A is country of manufacture just like APPLE
  19. Mekong


    If a Female Prime Minister had just had her sixth (or seventh) child by a third father just months after getting divorced and in the middle of a massive crisis, would be all be putting the flags out? Yet it is OK for Boris ... Hypercritical assholes
  20. You mean that British movie directed by Danny Boyle (Train Spotting fame) Irrfan Khan wasn’t the Star, that would of been Dev Patel as Jamil Malik, Khan played a supporting role of a Police Inspector hence the reason, Who?
  21. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    This must explain why Florida, Louisiana Texas etc have the lowest Covid figures Oh, Wait, they don’t.
  22. He is taking the piss, UK laws are only applicable in the UK unless specified in the tenancy contract. Imagine if the boot was on the other foot and you tried t claim Thai Law in the UK, you would get totally laughed at Thai Law section 537 thru Section 574 is all about contracts and duties of both parties
  23. It does not effect normal alcoholics more like Vodka on your Cornflakes brigade
  24. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    Red Fanta for the spirit house.
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