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    My friend thinks it is as good as real Viagra. I tried it and didn't think it was as effective as genuine Viagra. More like Kamagra, I think. Something's missing, in the formulation. However, it has to be better than the fakes.
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    Has anyone tried the Thai Gov't version of Viagra called Sidegra which is 160 for a pack of 4?
  3. Do you mean salaries that are weekly or monthly ? There are food vendors who gross thousands in a day. A one person laundry shop, in a medium size apartment building grosses more than 3000 a day six days a week. Cheap rent, electric and detergent are her only expense. 30 Baht a piece, you just have to count the pieces hanging on the line every day.
  4. The hunks of beef, in the goulash, must have been cooked a week before and was kept refrigerated. I've been taking meds, since I ate there. As far as the bakery, what passes for apple strudel (150 BT) is really an apple turnover or mini apple pie.
  5. A one year OA visa gives you 1 year from the date of entry.
  6. If you like German food don't go to Bei Otto. The Goulash sucked. It must have been made a week ago. The beef was old really old. If it was in my refrigerator, I would have thrown it out. And the price, forget it. With the ++and bottled water, it cost almost 500 Bt. Foolishly bought apple strudel. Shame on the baker. Unfriendly service, too. Skip it.
  7. exit2dos

    Food Land Bkk

    Yes, Soi 16, off Asoke.
  8. How is the bottled water supply in 7/11 on Beach Rd., Villa and Big C ?
  9. In 1989, it was about 40 cents a gram while an ounce was about $4 as a commodity.
  10. What's the current wholesale price, per gram, for sterling silver jewelry, like rings, earrings, etc.?
  11. It would take at least an hour and a lot of noise to pry a well mounted safe, with 4 bolts, that's flush against the wall, off. No thieves are going to spend that kind of time in an apartment building.
  12. Please note, I am not coming down at all on the OP. As he says, it is a pretty cheap thai safe. 1) I am trained in safe cracking for my job and the one the OP chose opens with a pretty good (and sometimes a pretty soft) rap with a 5lb'er. 2) 4" cc bolts tend to pop with about 200lbs force. (Code in the US I think is 6" to 8" bolts. I dont know about GB.) So think a crow bar with you putting a good effort to it. Also, that is for US concrete and not what ever it is they use in LOS. 3) As the op says, it is a cheap thai safe. I suspect the crow bat to just the door would do wonders. 4) Picking locks is VERY easy once you get the hang of it. See video above. And below... for tubular locks. Do you consider Pilot a cheap safe? It's made in Thailand. The way the door closes, I doubt the door could be broken open with 100 blows from a full size sledge. And by then my whole apartment block would be awake and the police would be there. The cabinet it self cannot be practically opened. Without going into why and what, I think it would be nearly impossible to pry off the wall. Than there's the key lock and digital system. Even if the lock was picked, which I agree can be done by an professional, than there's the digital part. There's other things that I won't disclose but I feel confident about the security of my safe. I'm not arguing but just putting it out there about my Pilot Thai safe and welcome comments.
  13. exit2dos

    Kammagra gel usage?

    I don't mean to single you out. Neither do I barfine. The last time I did was Y2K. In general, I find it ridiculous that guys will spend thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, money for girls (in whatever way) than go cheap and buy the cheapest ED drug they can find for their sex escapades. Penny wise and pound foolish. If they need no drugs, good for them. But if it helps them get power than they should spend 2000 Bt for a pack of 4 real ones, from a reputable drug store. We're talking $15 a day. I think most can swing that. Those that live here probably don't boom boom every day unless they are superman, so it shouldn't affect their budget too much. Maybe next year they will get a COLA increase in their SS checks. On the other hand, if the counterfits do the job, good for them.
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