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  1. Has anyone heard any stories, legends, or myths about pirates and beaches and buried treasure on southern Thailand islands? There doesn't seem to be any good info on the internet.
  2. Exploring Thailand back in 1974 with my college classmate Mike, I didn’t get much of a chance to elaborate on his travel exploits into Bangkok’s night life. I had a Thai girlfriend so the only taste I got of its charms was from the stories he told. And he told a lot of them. Never mind that he was cast in a Thai movie – my girlfriend’s mom financed it – his off-screen antics were the real show. The trouble is, there is only one that, in good taste, I dare share… Back then foreigners were a rare commodity, especially English speaking ones that Thais could relate to with the odd remembered word from some forgotten GI. They’d follow you around, wanting to paw at your clothes or your high top sneakers. Kids followed you around like you were the Pied Piper. Strangers tugged at you on the streets to sit and eat with them. In a coffee shop, everyone stared. Add to that, Mike’s unprecedented status, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how he was eating it all up. Then there was that morning he woke up on some deserted beach, miles from the set. He didn’t remember how he got there. His pockets were empty. It was only because he had his actor’s pass around his neck written in Thai that a motorcycle jockey offered to waive his usual fare and give him a ride. Ragged with his hair tousled, he still got a round of applause when he finally showed up on the set. To the Thais, he was definitely a curiosity. His pantomime explanations alone would have rated him five star reviews. But now, for the first time, he was stuck. Payday wasn’t for another week, and he was broke. Not wanting to let on to anyone what had happened, he made excuses about being tired and wanting to get to bed early. Then the walls started to close in. The TV might as well have been static. Were all the channels in Thai? Did Thais do anything but cry for five minutes on these soap operas? And these lizards running across the ceiling, do they bite? And that damn music playing outside, who can sleep through such a racket? Finally, he gave up and went to walk around downstairs. Any place had to be better than this. Sitting just outside the hotel, he got an offer from a taxi driver that was too good to pass up. There were a lot of jewelry stores in town, offering commissions for brought in potential customers. Since Mike was already an actor maybe this would be right up his alley. He didn’t have to buy anything; just look around and act interested. Needless to say, that was what he did for the rest of the week. Every alley shop was another bottle of beer. Every avenue store was a glass of wine. By the end of the night, a midnight snack was the taxi driver’s treat. Come payday, with just one stop on the way, the ride was free.
  3. You're Thai when you head for sticky rice instead of Imodium for a bad stomach, as if getting used to the water was the holy grail.
  4. http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/Reader/reader1.htm that's one that worked yesterday.
  5. Try this link http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/Reader/reader1184.htm
  6. I've lived in Bangkok since 1983. I came here back in 1974 after I secretly married my Thai sweet heart right out of college but it took me 9 years of struggling to get accepted before I could come back. I'm a retired writer now. I just got my first book "Thai Lies" published on Amazon last week. Before that I was a gemstone dealer in Bangkok. ...The book?.... Secretly married to his Thai girlfriend right out of college, an expat's nine year struggle for acceptance. The journey bounces between the states and Europe and Cambodia and all over Thailand. It's the only travel guide of the country you will ever enjoy reading with stop offs in some secluded diving coves near Malaysia. The only foreigner crazy enough to train and fight muay Thai boxing in the 70's. Just don't forget the sunscreen if you're around the pool. It's over 500 pages. Out on Amazon January 1, 2013. And yeah, I'm still around, living the Peter Pan fantasy. So, I'm really looking forward to hearing how y'all made it over here, what you're doing to get by, what exciting places you've been, what crazy predicaments you've been in, funny stories so I'll feel better knowing I wasn't the only one who screwed up. All that good stuff.
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