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  1. jigger

    Future of this board

    I run the website and Internet infrastructure for thai360.com (and the former nanaplaza.com). The costs are not too high, as long it remains useful. It's good to read the appreciation of our efforts. Thanks! Jigger
  2. Hey Mekong, the email you have registered with the board, an hotmail.com address, is bouncing:

    <xxxxx@hotmail.com>: host                                                                                                                               
        hotmail-com.olc.protection.outlook.com[] said: 550 5.5.0                                                                                    
        Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable. n


      Kindly change it to a working address?


  3. jigger

    What does this say?

    I'd love to know the back-story to this: does she have a clue? Maybe she chose it cause the curly letters look cute? Or did the tattoo artist do it for a laugh? Or to pay her back for being annoying? Her name is Barbara, so she insisted on a transliteration!
  4. jigger

    What does this say?

    Saw this on Reddit, apparently it means "fresh spring rolls"? (playing around with attaching pix...)
  5. jigger

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    a b c, just testing
  6. jigger

    Server Problems

    ...and thanks for the kind words, sysadmins can sometimes feel unappreciated ;-)
  7. jigger

    Server Problems

    The latest iteration of the new server seems to be running smoothly, so I put it into production. With any luck it will run steadily; meanwhile the upgraded Nagios monitoring system will be watching closely. If anyone sees problems, do let me know. Jigger
  8. Being filthy rich must be a real drag on your life... all the lawyers and sycophants you have to hire...
  9. jigger

    Server Problems

    As some of you may know, I upgraded the server that runs thai360.com a few days ago. This supposedly-improved server has proved balky and stubborn, with the database crashing at regular intervals. I spent a bunch of time tonight working on it- but had to give up and go back to the original server for the moment, which is where I'm posting this. With any luck, I'll get the new setup working shortly, and will move everything back there. If not, I'll be picking up the few days of posts that may be missing here and get everything synced up. Apologies for any inconvenience.... Jigger
  10. jigger

    Hooters, Soi 4.

    Agreed. But, OTOH if you're mgmt, you have to have some ways to motivate the servers to pay attention to customers and not lose checks. A smart manager will announce this policy, insist it is strictly enforced, and then be very generous with exceptions ;-)
  11. Anyone know what the Thai says at the end of that scene?
  12. jigger

    I Love Gogo's

    Yup, guess that space used to be Pretty Girl?
  13. jigger

    Phuket Nightlife Prices?

    Answering my own question, a freelancer from a disco on Soi Bangla asked for 2K. She was definitely worth it.
  14. jigger

    I Love Gogo's

    The bar on the bottom left where Lollipop used to be is now called Spellbound. Inside, they combined two bars into a large space with an interesting X-shaped dance bar. When I was there in December the dancers were reasonably attractive and very enthusiastic. I love the "toxic shock" picture by the door- it's my new mobile phone background.
  15. jigger

    Patong - Nightlife Outside Bangla Road

    There are smaller, much more low-key areas of beer bars on Karon and Kata beaches, which are the next beaches south from Patong along the coastal road.