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  1. Nervous_Dog

    Farang, insult or not?

    Which one is grumpy? I saw both grumpy and groucho I guess then, great place to hide a mobile between groucho and grumpy
  2. Nervous_Dog

    Farang, insult or not?

    When I am serious with staff they all call me Sir, makes me feel old and grump
  3. Nervous_Dog

    Bomber Not For Sale

    Yep - I mean "Passenger" as in a 'plane that carries fee paying people, usually over 20 or more. THink Concorde, but it wasn;t the Concorde! So Any other takers?
  4. Nervous_Dog

    Bomber Not For Sale

    The range on the Tu 95 is stunning, great distance, great plane. In Ghana I saw the HUGE An 124 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-124 I would love to see the 225 - THAT is a stunning plane Trivia - without looking at wikipedia or anywhere else WHAT and WHEN was the first passenger plane to exceed Mach 1?
  5. Nervous_Dog

    Chuwit looses! Massage tycoon ordered to pay up

    I am thinking the 6 who took it too the courts had master leases, the many shop owners didn't, thus only they had a legal leg to stand on,
  6. Nervous_Dog

    Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...

    One of the things I noticed when my best friend came down with AIDS was the advent of what I came to cal "AIDS Vultures" people he didn;t previously know that well, who suddenly had all sorts of ideas and theories he should try, "IF HE WANTED TO LIVE" After a time he reailzed they weren't trying to save his life, rather, they was trying to push their own agenda. As Robert Mapplethorpe said (and I paraphrase) "I am glad I am rich enough to afford the drugs, everyone who was poor that I fucked died, only the rich can afford to live as long as I have" He died of course, but my best mate, hasn't. DOG
  7. Nervous_Dog

    Miss X update...

    Read what I wrote again Panadol, I suggested she SHOULD and COULD be a good member of PTA however others may use it against her. Given that all families fight at times, best never give them amunition, no idea who might say something stupid in the heat of a moment then regret it. Shouldn't SHE decide who she tells and doesn;t tell?
  8. Nervous_Dog

    Miss X update...

    Prostitution is a illegal profession in 99% of the world. If you fell in love with a bank robber, would you take her home and say, Mum, Dad, here is Cindy-Lou, she's a bank robber but she's in love with me and seen the error of her ways. We're going to live together! Err - yeah, sure! ALSO IF you do love her, then surely your planning on a long term relationship. I can imagine 10 years in the future, at the PTA meeting, voting on the best person, (your wife) when one of the skanks turns to another and says "Don't vote for her, she was a prostitute" Nice one, how about if you do love her care about her future, sometimes hiding the past would be a sensible thing to do.
  9. Nervous_Dog

    Who seriously wants to date a BKK GTG?

    Yes - but to be far over 50% of the post is about me
  10. Nervous_Dog

    True super hi-speed

    i dont beleive the results, what is KASETS and where did true go for upload speeds?
  11. Nervous_Dog

    True super hi-speed

    ahh stick beat me to it! DOG
  12. Nervous_Dog

    True super hi-speed

    True is the first company to be given permission to operate their own gateways, so just maybe they are increasing I doubt it though, will ask around on Monday
  13. Nervous_Dog

    FREE TV over PC? or is this a scam?

    Try jsat.tv ask for John, he'll be able to give you the best advice, but not free
  14. Nervous_Dog

    FREE TV over PC? or is this a scam?

    there is a STB that takes that feed and converts it to TV, Haupphauge also I think have one, not sure about them Dig
  15. Nervous_Dog

    FREE TV over PC? or is this a scam?

    Sure, just move the satellite and you can 5 5 5 5 5 - you got the $? Yes you can get the content, but will it be in HD - NO You can get get Fox etc, but you DONT need a IPTV STB, you need a DVB-S (Satellite) box with a dish aimed at the right satellite. Direct TV Satellites are no where near the horizon, so no chanec there, however a relay hop of the content wil be able to be gotten, but you need the right decoder etc. IPTV STB's are NOT the solution satellite systems, pirate mostlikely, will get you what you want. For content that is not beamed over satellite that sits over this area, then you'll need to see if someone is streaming that over IP, and watch hopefully via a PC, good luck! DOG