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  1. Yep - I mean "Passenger" as in a 'plane that carries fee paying people, usually over 20 or more. THink Concorde, but it wasn;t the Concorde! So Any other takers?
  2. The range on the Tu 95 is stunning, great distance, great plane. In Ghana I saw the HUGE An 124 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-124 I would love to see the 225 - THAT is a stunning plane Trivia - without looking at wikipedia or anywhere else WHAT and WHEN was the first passenger plane to exceed Mach 1?
  3. I am thinking the 6 who took it too the courts had master leases, the many shop owners didn't, thus only they had a legal leg to stand on,
  4. One of the things I noticed when my best friend came down with AIDS was the advent of what I came to cal "AIDS Vultures" people he didn;t previously know that well, who suddenly had all sorts of ideas and theories he should try, "IF HE WANTED TO LIVE" After a time he reailzed they weren't trying to save his life, rather, they was trying to push their own agenda. As Robert Mapplethorpe said (and I paraphrase) "I am glad I am rich enough to afford the drugs, everyone who was poor that I fucked died, only the rich can afford to live as long as I have" He died of course, but my best mate, hasn't. DOG
  5. Yes - but to be far over 50% of the post is about me
  6. I love to look up, trouble is what do you do when she looks down?
  7. Thank you Bangkok Traveller, these are words I was looking for, but couldn;t remember the mans name or exact words. Often when people complain of America bashing I think of these words, because I do believe as flawed America is, it does or did have amazing potential, It is so democratic, the people have more power than anywhere else except maybe switzerland, yet they fail to see it. You can vote for your local police, public prosicutor etc. These are offices of incredible importance that are reliant upon the wisdom of the local people. I was pleased to read in a book about America, with the writer saying something similar, "Run for local office, do it, you'll be surrised because you may just win" An interesting dicotomy, a land where people are afraid to speak out, and where they can vote for so many important public offices. DOG DOG
  8. Oh all right, if it makes you happy I will go out every week and drink in some bars, but ONLY because you asked nicely
  9. They where for the photo comp which this month has about 5 entries! Maybe I should hand them over before they expire to this months winner? DOG
  10. I think I have written before about some high level Thais who complained to me, "The problem with THailand is it was never colonized" DOG
  11. I knew a few Thais I workedd with in Australia, one owned a local thai newspaper. One of them was a engineer, he;d lived in australia for 13 years, I needed a thai engineer in thailand, so I took him with me back here! Talk about taking coal to newcastle. DOG
  12. Brissie Boy who also lived in Taiwan, Chin Shu, the hi tech area, the convinced the boss to open a office here in Bangkok! DOG
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