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  1. I like the seaweed flavour available in 7/11 here in Thailand.
  2. Nonsense! These are friendly smiling helpful Thai people with nothing better to do all day than hang around tourist sites helping out clueless foreigners! The drinks are on me when I cash my gems for an 800% profit!
  3. Went there this morning. I counted 20 girls of whom half were doable. Strange sort of place. One guy totally out of his face dancing alone. Some girls dancing round their handbags. Everyone seemed to have some sort of direction except me (I'd just been woken up early so just popped in to look). Would have shagged any of about 5 girls if one had cared to approach me but none did. Surreal.
  4. I find it a right turn off when the bloke gobs all over the woman in a porn movie. You can download all the latest porn DVD rips on newsgroups and torrent and IRC so if I see gobbing I just delete it. I don't mind lesbians gobbing into each other or when the woman gets deepthroated and uses all that drool as a lubricant but for some reason another man's spit is a total turn off.
  5. Care to cite a source for these "African statistics" you rely on?
  6. Don't you think it's better to take these quack theories to another thread? Junglesoup made a very honest, brave and personal post so I think this is the thread to offer support not to argue about medical quackery. He needs to follow the advice of his doctors with whom he'll be able to work out his unique individual needs. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by quack keyboard "doctors".
  7. I just read a study that the only likely areas of infection are the foreskin and fraenulum. Other areas are "unlikely to be the route of HIV infection unless the skin is broken or inflamed". This explains why circumsised men are less likely to catch HIV through heterosexual intercourse. Use condoms properly with adequate lubrication to prevent breakage and the chances of catching HIV are negligible. http://www.aidsmap.com/en/news/8389B316-0C2B-4664-8E36-25612D65BA0E.asp
  8. He's already said he's getting his confirmation test result tomorrow. That's standard procedure. The chances of it being negative are very remote.
  9. You've acted bravely and done us all a great service by making that post. I remember the sickening feeling of just going for the results of an HIV test but to hear that you're positive must be devastating. I just googled for the Harvard research you mentioned and I'm now a lot more enlightened about the specific risks of heterosexual HIV transmission in Thailand. I'm now more committed than ever to 100% condom and I hope other board members are too. http://www.aids.harvard.edu/news_publications/har/special_1996/special96-7.html
  10. I think I know the one now. Near the Blues Factory. It must have picked up in the past year or so because it was nothing special last time I was in Pattaya. Sounds like a bar full of sloppy seconds.
  11. What/where is that bar? Is it ones of those bars opposite Marine disco on Walking Street?
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