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  1. Cav - you're always on the FAKE NEWS bandwagon, except when it is actually Fake News!
  2. Mekong - that is typical in the airline industry/hotels, etc... when spelling out names. The US (actually NATO) uses the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO_phonetic_alphabet
  3. So - how many years to recover from the damage he has done already?
  4. Pom Michael

    The Covid-19 thread

    Boris should be getting his hydroxycholorquinine from Trump - see what a story that would be when he recovers due to it!
  5. So - how'd that work out for the US?
  6. Pom Michael

    Bangkok empty

    I ventured out this afternoon (Saturday) - just walking the streets around Sathorn area / Suan Plu Road (old Immigration office) - and it was business as almost usual. Not a massive amount of people out, but there were plenty. Every food stall was selling food - and a few of the non food shops were selling items out of their doors. Was even able to get a COVID haircut!
  7. I hear Bernie has some upcoming free time. Let's ask him to "volunteer" to be the COVID-19 Czar in the USA (donate his salary to match Trump). Then implement his "COVID-19 Medicare for All" social experiment using the "$1,000 per family payout" being discussed. That should give him about 300 billion dollars to work with - get that to all the government hospitals and government social sectors - money will just re-circulate as much as possible - and the US will have a great opportunity to do something productive. Anyone have Bernie's number?
  8. Well now you have Biden trying to out "Trump" Trump - maybe this is the way to get to his base?
  9. New policy seems to be out today/tonight - I have not seen it translated yet. It was also confirmed that healthy people returning from Covid-19 risk countries will be quarantined at specific and guarded facilities - the countries and facilities still to be announced.
  10. Pardons are an ugly part of our government. But normally - most are at the end of their presidency - not all - but a majority wait until the end.
  11. Where is the source of the pollution? Looks like a lot of burning in Thailand - click on skip tour - this should show Thailand. Have not heard too much about the fires - maybe the ones burning are more important than the rest of us. https://firms.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/map/#z:6;c:100.9,15.6;t:adv-points;d:2020-01-25..2020-01-26;l:firms_noaa20-viirs,firms_viirs,firms_modis_a,firms_modis_t
  12. Cav - using nonsense sources only makes your nonsense more non-nonsensical. Thomas J. Fitton (born May 30, 1968) is the president of Judicial Watch, an American conservative activist group. ... Fitton rejects the scientific consensus on climate change; under his tenure, Judicial Watch has filed lawsuits against climate scientists.
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