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  1. Pom Michael

    My iPhone doesn't like me.

    Settings / Wifi / pick the SSID (router name) - add password - and let it go. (For Apple phone) Normally don't need to mess with any of the many options (DNS, proxy).
  2. Fiber Optic cables - mostly light? If any power, should be small DC current?
  3. look like telephone/fiber cables - not electrical - ?
  4. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Nobel Prize ?
  5. Pom Michael

    Taxi Complaint

    Fool me once, my fault - get into his taxi three times ?
  6. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Oh boy - I'm really going to believe that guy!
  7. Pom Michael

    Princess Ubolratana: Thai royal to stand as PM candidate

    Well - that didn't last long......... CNN was blanked out every time this story ran yesterday (Friday) here in Bangkok.
  8. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Cav - first google link - for MFA media group. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Right-wing_media_groups Go ahead with your posts - but at least attribute them so it is obvious.
  9. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Any source Cav?
  10. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    This maybe politically incorrect - but dang she has a rack - don't ya think?
  11. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Fake News. On first glance you would think that a overturn % that high is bad (and actually the 9th Circuits percentage is only 3rd highest over the last few years) - but when you actually look behind the spin - the Supreme Court normally only takes cases that they find it likely to be overturned - the court is not there to affirm the lower courts. Just saying..... Don't want to get involved in using actual facts to make a decision - much easier just to go with your own reasoning. Right?
  12. Pom Michael


    I was wondering when this was going to come out.
  13. Unfortunately I agree with "My Penis" - was a big fan of her's for many years - something changed a few years ago in my mind.
  14. Pom Michael

    Cable TV in an apartment

    Not sure if this is a trick question or what? 1 - ensure you have the apartment/condo permission to get your own connection. 2 - go to True or TOT or one of the others like 3BB and apply for service. Can get a phone line, fiber cable, wifi router and even IPTV all set up and running in a few hours (once you get a service appointment).
  15. Pom Michael

    Divers Re-Enter Thai Cave To Search For 13 Cut Off By Floods

    Time to lock this thread - move the last few to a new Board Bar entry?