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  1. A lot more to this story - but bottom line - don't act like you own the road when your a foreigner in Thailand!
  2. RIP Expat_Dan which was his last Twitter handle that I remember. Sorry about the mask - but this was Black Tiger on his way out of Thailand late last year! [Sorry, Pom_Michael, have removed the pic. Not sure SD would have appreciated it being posted.]
  3. Agreed - once or twice a year type of event would be good. Anyone remember the name of the venue where we had the Server Party? On Soi 11 if I remember correctly.
  4. The charged the 3 friends with something over the weekend. https://www.thaipbsworld.com/third-suspect-in-the-death-of-thai-tv-actress-nida-surrenders-to-police/
  5. I thought they were talking about Rupiah! 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah equals $69.74 United States
  6. Ok, so the plot thickens - ? I have no idea if Stickboy was anyway connected to the Stickman site - https://www.stickboybkk.com I now see (source = Twitter) - that the person behind the Stickboy media network has left Thailand - and per his own announcement - for good. Related or just a strange coincidence?
  7. Thanks Stick - I thought as much but wanted to post here figuring you would give us the inside scoop.
  8. Anyone know what is going on with Stickman Uncensored?
  9. Yes - exactly - you need to do a real test when you arrive at the hotel here. Once the results come in (and negative) then you're free to leave the hotel.
  10. Not quite smoothly yet though - I saw reports of places being closed down for not having the SHA+ required certification. Also from today's clarification - but Baby Steps! “For those who do not finish their alcoholic drinks after the 9pm deadline, they should take their bottles home or try to drink up or just throw them away. Officials will be sent to make regular inspections.” My suggestion is to pay attention to domestic tourism first, then bring on the internationals - and even then start with people who basically want to come "home" to Thailand (for work / family) before the "normal" tourism is opened.
  11. The PM may have been exposed to the COVID virus directly - which under the present guidelines would mean he needs to self-isolate for 14 days! PM Prayut-self-isolates-after-covid-exposure-at-phuket-reopening
  12. Hey Dean - I would guess that July would be a good date to expect this. The expectation is that the quarantine will be reduced to 7 days for fully vaccinated people as early as April.
  13. Yes, I saw that - but that is just the cost for the piece of paper - not the actual vaccine!
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