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  1. Thankfully someone is. His Friday's phone in with Fox & Friends was cringe-worthy -
  2. and TQ2 was not on Soi Diamond - but on a smaller soi called Soi BJ - the bar (now closed) that took over from TQ2 was called Wildcats.
  3. Never heard about anyone getting in trouble for harboring.... Take a chance to cross the border by land? Before - if you got to the airport - they would max fine you 20,000 baht and blacklist you. But don't know if this is still the practice. Good luck to your friend.
  4. Wasn't Firecats the place with the motorcycle in the drum?
  5. i saw that they arrested the guy who shot him.
  6. You can Family Share for 6 people - THB 239/month. First month free. So Far - I see YouTube Premium offers ad free viewing, access to YouTube Originals and a separate YouTube Music App. But no access to YouTube TV yet.
  7. I see YouTube Premium has been announced for Thailand. So that explains the sudden massive increase of ads on YouTube the last few months. https://www.youtube.com/premium Anyone have this here?
  8. New Health Insurance Requirement for Long-Stay Visa Applicants (November 8, 2019) Location: Thailand Event: As of October 31, 2019, Thailand requires all long-stay (O-A and O-X) visa applicants to carry health insurance. Per Royal Thai Police Order Number 548/2562 dated September 27, 2019, foreign nationals who have been granted a nonimmigrant O-A or O-X visa must purchase health insurance which covers their length of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. The coverage must be no less than 400,000 Thai Baht per policy year for inpatient care and not less than 40,000 Thai Baht per policy year for outpatient services. U.S. citizens can present proof of existing insurance (U.S.-based or otherwise) that covers them in Thailand or they can purchase an insurance policy via the Thai General Insurance Association’s website at http://longstay.tgia.org U.S. citizens will need to download the Overseas Insurance Certificate and have it completed, signed, and stamped by their insurance company if using a non-Thai insurance policy to qualify. Actions to Take: · Visit the Royal Thai Embassy website to review visa requirements. · Learn more about Thai health insurance policy options. · Learn more about Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage.
  9. What happens if you don't do this? When do they "catch" you?
  10. Maybe able to reset password from the ATM. Can do that with Bangkok Bank at least.
  11. The Nation had a hostile takeover a few years ago - actually it was the NMG Group and started back in 2015.
  12. Ok Mekong - your right. Your system works better, 20 years ago. Now back to your regular non-scheduled programming.
  13. Lets talk soon about this.
  14. Any place to buy some specialty kitchen appliances like Hot Air popcorn machine Air Fryer Instant Pot Contact grills I just found a Bosch Experience Center on New Petchburi Road - will give that a try.
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