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  1. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    This maybe politically incorrect - but dang she has a rack - don't ya think?
  2. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Fake News. On first glance you would think that a overturn % that high is bad (and actually the 9th Circuits percentage is only 3rd highest over the last few years) - but when you actually look behind the spin - the Supreme Court normally only takes cases that they find it likely to be overturned - the court is not there to affirm the lower courts. Just saying..... Don't want to get involved in using actual facts to make a decision - much easier just to go with your own reasoning. Right?
  3. Pom Michael


    I was wondering when this was going to come out.
  4. Unfortunately I agree with "My Penis" - was a big fan of her's for many years - something changed a few years ago in my mind.
  5. Pom Michael

    Cable TV in an apartment

    Not sure if this is a trick question or what? 1 - ensure you have the apartment/condo permission to get your own connection. 2 - go to True or TOT or one of the others like 3BB and apply for service. Can get a phone line, fiber cable, wifi router and even IPTV all set up and running in a few hours (once you get a service appointment).
  6. Pom Michael

    Divers Re-Enter Thai Cave To Search For 13 Cut Off By Floods

    Time to lock this thread - move the last few to a new Board Bar entry?
  7. Pom Michael

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    Didn't make it either - sorry Dave.
  8. Pom Michael

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    I'm 50/50 right now - will try.
  9. Pom Michael

    Divers Re-Enter Thai Cave To Search For 13 Cut Off By Floods

    Getting urgent work permits / permission to work is so much easier now.
  10. Pom Michael

    Video Editing Software & Training

    Thanks everyone. Ok, will reply to a few items all here. a. The little guy is only 9 - so will indulge him a bit before calling him a snowflake just yet (and actually I don't know how that term has been labeled to either the Left or Millenniums). b. Don't really want him on my iMac - just got it and even if the software (iMovie) is good - would prefer him working on the older Windows computers. c. He can already upload directly from tablet to YT, so this exercise is to learn how to actually edit videos and add effects. d. I really have no interest in learning this skill myself, so some self help videos would be a start - but a more detailed course/tutor is what I would prefer. e. No interest to make money from it - just a hobby to spend his time instead of spending every waking minute playing Roblox or similar games. f. And yes, scripting and editing is the point of the exercise. Cheers!
  11. Pom Michael

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    Oops - brainfart - I was thinking about Bourbon Street - so ignore my comment. See you Friday, 6th July.
  12. It seems that the latest profession to aspired to for kids is to be a "YouTuber" - and hopefully a successful one. My eldest is now wanting to host his own YT show. So of course, his discussion with dear old dad is - show me how to do. Well, I must have missed the class on video editing, and have no known competencies in such areas - so have no idea where to begin. Getting the software is not the problem, although I'm not so keen on letting him on to the Imac's iMovie stage, but how to either quickly learn the trade, or even better yet - pay someone to teach him how to do? Any places to look?
  13. Pom Michael

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    Woodstock moved to Ekkamai, not Thonglor - at least it was there the last time I looked. Will put down a Friday get together for 6th July. I think the last time I saw ItsMeDave was at Catcus's going away party for him - with lots of white cream all over his head.
  14. Pom Michael


    LINE has a good group chat function. There were some memorable LINE Groups for guys in Pattaya and Clark. {Just be careful if your sending in more risqué photos - don't send the wrong group - it happens!) They also have a PC app so you can sit and type from your desktop. Someone here should set up a THAI 360 LINE Group - the set up was to have 2. a. For people in town b. For others interested but not in town Maybe we are all 10 years too late for that. Cheers
  15. Pom Michael

    Usa Thread

    Nothing to see here - move on..... The Donald advised that he didn't want to be a distraction. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/donald-trump-skips-barbara-bushs-12404251