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  1. The real murderer walks, the donkeys get the rap, what a fvcked country we live in.
  2. [color:"red"] PHUKET: Phuket has proven to be the country’s leading tourism destination with the announcement of two national Tourism Awards and six Tourist Guide Awards going to the province [/color] Greed and corruption will kill this place off before long. I used to be a Phuket fan but after the last trip 6 months ago swore I will NEVER go back, after my 75 year old Mum had a can of brake fluid thrown at her by one of the Tuk Tuk mafia when she refused to pay his outrageous asking price for a trip back from Karon to Patong. We reported it to the police but ofcouse they couldn't give a fuck. No money in this sort of thing for them. I think Patong in particular has turned into one shit hole full of scum bag cops, drivers and tour guides. Every where we went we were harrased by touts, rip off merchants and idiot motorcycle riders. Couldn't wait to leave the place. For me it was sad to see a place that was a great holiday destination deteriorate into this over the last 15 years.
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