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  1. I'm waiting for Steve Jones to show up with the Peruvian girls.
  2. He will be a legend in Jackass world.
  3. There is one decent candidate... http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/us_usa_campaign_poll
  4. Seems to me Hugh, from my enlightened perspective, that a lot of people just won't vote. The promised Obama changes were not forthcoming and the Tea Party looks like a bunch of angry nuts. A moderate Republican, if there is such a thing, may have a chance.
  5. Yes I haven't given up on Sarah. Donald Trump dropping out was a huge disappointment though.
  6. All the candidates look like sock puppets to me Hugh. I am kinda curious to see how the budget deficit works out.
  7. I can barely control my excitement.
  8. Whilst not strictly speaking a libtard Hugh I certainly give him credit for sucking up to the GOP and bending over for AIPAC. Great job.
  9. Google doesn't like me much. I have obscure tastes in art and literature. They do keep trying to set me up with a Chinese girlfriend.
  10. People are getting too complacent IMO. More fear needed. Time for total nudity at airports....and that includes brown people and the ones wearing funny clothes.
  11. I don't trust most of the grannies these days either. Look at Code Pink! And terrorists think nothing of blowing their kids up. I'd like to see politicians taking more of a lead.
  12. He's a congressman why didn't he take charge? He should have complained at the time. Or maybe just tackled the raghead and pulled his funny clothes off.
  13. Not completely. These people stand for election and I guess we have to vote for somebody. Then we get stuck with them. We're allowed to bitch about it but basically we just suck it up.
  14. People get the government they deserve.
  15. Unfortunately not. At great personal expense Donald Trump will be hiring a team of forensic experts to verify the authenticity of the 'birth certificate'. http://www.theonion.com/articles/trump-unable-to-produce-certificate-proving-hes-no,20250/
  16. I was there in the sixties myself. Drove a VW from Europe to Goa....yes I was one of those. Afghanistan was bloody amazing....nice people too.
  17. Didn't he get staked out on an anthill?
  18. Spot on. Only now it's US drones instead of British cavalry and Indian sepoys.
  19. That's 3 days old already Steve. NATO and the rebels are pushing on to Tripoli. If they win Sarkozy and Obama will be heros.
  20. I just try to keep up but I don't think I have any kind of edge. The world looks more and more like a runaway train and we're all on it.
  21. Just me and a few others I think.
  22. Perceptive viewers can see past the bias in any news networks.
  23. Hillary wakes up... >A decade ago the U.S. government attacked Al-Jazeera as a propagator of anti-American propaganda. Now Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is citing the network for fine news coverage — and tweaking the U.S. media in the process. The Arab broadcaster says it's ready to take advantage of what it considers a major boost in its acceptance in the United States. Clinton, on the week many U.S. television outlets were preoccupied by the spectacle of actor Charlie Sheen, suggested during testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that American networks were falling behind in the competition for information. Al-Jazeera has been a leader in changing people's minds and attitudes, Clinton told lawmakers Wednesday. "Like it or hate it, it is really effective," Clinton said. "In fact, viewership of Al-Jazeera is going up in the United States because it is real news."< http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ap_on_en_ot/us_clinton_media
  24. Actually you don't need one. Or just make something up. Seriously, I think you would enjoy Facebook. Renew old friendships etc.
  25. I think you should join Facebook Mekong. You'd be great.
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