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  1. Worse. At least you know where you are with those people. Liberals are much more devious.
  2. Good for you. Once those people get a foot in the door you never get rid of them.
  3. That is the most insidious kind of liberal propaganda. It works its way into your subconscious and you don't even know it's happening.
  4. I was thinking about Sin Nombre....isn't it sympathetic towards illegal immigrants?
  5. Just worried about you picking up liberal ideas.
  6. Hit the jackpot on a plane the other night...watched 3 good ones on the seatback...'An Education' screen play by Nick Hornby about a girl growing up in London. 'Frost/Nixon', a dramatized version of the famous interview and 'The Damned United' about Brian Clough's 44 days as manager of Leeds. Michael sheen is a genius.
  7. 'Touching the Void' about 2 young English guys climbing a mountain in Peru. Things go wrong. It's a re-enactment with commentary from the climbers. Very well made I thought.
  8. 'Elephant King' Low budget but quite enjoyable. About 2 brothers in Chiang Mai. It never made general release for obvious reasons. Judge for yourself... http://www.fastpasstv.com/.
  9. 'Vicky, Christina, Barcelona'. Enjoyed it. Good acting, good writing, nice location. Not a great movie but a refreshing change from Woody Allen's usual psychoanalytical whining I thought.
  10. 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. Drag queens go to Alice Springs on a big pink bus. Very funny at times, some great acting and scenes of Australia. Obligatory happy ending.
  11. It's looking like a dead heat. :grin:
  12. A favourite trick in Chiang Mai was cutting brake cables. I know quite a few farang got hurt or killed in traffic accidents there after falling out with locals. Maybe things are different now.
  13. Oh man...your head must be spinning. My first thought it's very brave of you to tell us. I wish you all the best.
  14. Great story BH. I loved this bit.... He defended his choice by saying it not only made him a decent living, but also allowed him to help others. "I was allowing people -- citizens of Earth -- to go where they wanted, allowing a person to reunite with their family, a poor person to find work abroad, a mother to visit her children, a family to escape religious persecution, a wronged man a chance to start over," Ireland said.
  15. Thank you elef. I feel much better now. 'Correct' is not a word I would normally associate with SLH but who knows? Perhaps a spell in solitary has shown him the error of his ways. ::
  16. <Truly sad news , it's been reported that the country of Costa Rica ( spanish speaking ) will be holding a 4 day memorial , in memory of Mao Mark to start May 27th thru May 31st > I understand there will be a minute of silence throughout the whole Spanish speaking world. There may even be a temporary halt to illegal crossings of the Rio Grande. But you may be wrong about the date. I heard it will be on May 22nd. to coincide with International Max Wall Day.
  17. Sorry to hear about your problems FJ. Hope it all gets sorted soon. I am having some minor legal difficulties myself. Could you perhaps ask Mr Glasspipe QC to put some trousers on and give me a buzz? Thanks.
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