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  1. Forensic -- Netflix made in India: I was very much impressed with the background song that started at point 1:15. Sexy female voice with outstanding vocals and execution. I couldn't understand a word but who cares with a talent like that. Just average otherwise.
  2. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    This pandemic has affected my gaming. Until Covid-19 came along, I never had a perfect game of Hearts. Now, I’ve had three perfect games!!! After posting a proof of this on a Hearts gaming forum, it appears that none of them had ever played a perfect game. It must be a very low probability event. ◦
  3. Eisenhower presided during the golden age when the tax rate for the rich was 90%. Today, it’s closer to zero percent. But the rich has the power and the means to make the rules.
  4. In the age of smartphones, videos like that are more common these days. But stuff like that has been going on for ages, especially against minorities. That and other forms of bigotry are causing the rioting that is going on.
  5. Trump has managed to bring back the 1918 Pandemic, 1929 Depression & 1968 Race Riots at the same time.
  6. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Is that doing more harm than good? That is the gray area it seems.
  7. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    A breathing machine requires having a tube in your throat; and, because of this, additional procedures are required before you can talk or eat (not to mention the gagging problem). It’s not clear that a breathing machine can be more effective than a Oxygen nasal cannula when a Covid patient is able to breathe on his own.
  8. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    For Covid patients, it looks like they are put on ventilators even though they CAN breathe on their own. The problem is they are not getting enough oxygen when they are breathing. A ventilator is such a case may do more harm.
  9. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    A newscaster doctor was hospitalized recently for Covid. He said he opted not to use the ventilator. Apparently, once you get on the ventilator, your chance of survival is just 10 %. What would you do if you are on Oxygen with Covid and they tell you that the Oxygen is not enough to keep you alive so you should switch to a ventilator? The newscaster doctor opted not to switch and lived
  10. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    That post is about UTILIZATION of available resources to fight COVID-19. I said the hospital ship had less than 10 % use at most and the hospital emergency room waiting room was empty (0% utilization) while the camera crew was there. You responded about morgue tents and people coming from all over to help but you didn't mention how these resources were used if at all. Were the morgue tents empty the whole time? Did the people that came from all over do anything useful? You missed the gist.
  11. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Work on it. There’s a gist there👍
  12. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    You missed the gist of my post. Hopefully, you will get it right.
  13. Pick the lesser of two evils. But that may not be easy. During the last election, both Clinton and Trump looked equally bad to me. I just read a report that said Trump is perceived to be better at handing the current crises. https://www.yahoo.com/news/bidens-edge-evaporates-trump-seen-000336671.html
  14. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Trump eventually allowed Covid patients on that ship but still very few showed up. The point is that there were concerns that the health care system would be overwhelmed but it doesn’t look that way. I just watched the news where a camera crew goes into the emergency room of a major hospital. The waiting area is empty. I guess people avoided that area like it was the epicenter of a pandemic.
  15. Wikipedia has detailed plots of every movie ever made, a motherload of "spoilers." They don't have "spoiler alerts" by the way. I used to belong to a forum that used to prohibit "spoilers" but it stopped that because discussions are better that way. If you are concerned about spoilers, my advice to you is stay away from reviews.
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