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  1. zzzz

    Protests in Bangkok

    The pics show protesters packed like sardines. Los has low Covid infection rate but that could be a super-spreader event. With only 7 new cases reported yesterday for the whole country, maybe they need not worry.
  2. There was a defense minister-Rumsfeld, I think. He used to say things like: there are known laws, unknown laws, known unknown laws, known unknown known laws, etc. The man was out of it. 😝
  3. There are laws and there are unwritten laws — l use it loosely.
  4. Trump joked that he may leave the country if he loses the election. Given that he's in legal troubles with IRS and New York (to name a couple), it would make sense. I don't think he can set his foot in NY again, even though he's from there. NY is out to get him for felonies. If it wasn't for the fact that laws prohibit indictment of a sitting president, he would probably be in jail now.
  5. I was looking at the published odds of Trump & Biden winning the election and Trump was leading until last June when the rioting broke out in some of the cities. Since then Biden has doubled his lead over Trump. It looks like the riots were the turning point for Trump.
  6. RIP - I was just thinking about him a few days ago. I used to read his columns back in the day. According to Stickman’s interview in 2004, Trink said he remembered when BGs used to charge 100 baht for the night. Trink made only 500 baht each month back then...so it was very expensive then it seems.
  7. You're a funny guy, Cross. 😁
  8. Maybe a "W" shaped. There is a downside to the governments printing more money to help the people and the businesses affected by the pandemic -- HYPERINFLATION. A good place to be in hyperinflation is gold, which has been going up lately. Also, real estate and commodities.
  9. The governments have to keep the money flowing to the people and the businesses who have lost money to the pandemic, less there will be more social unrest. I don't think there will be a major crash as long as the money keeps flowing. Eventually the people will be immunized or get used to the new normal. The economy looks like it's in the middle of a 'V" shaped recovery -- the S&P500 lost about a third of it's value last March but recovered most of the losses.
  10. Forensic -- Netflix made in India: I was very much impressed with the background song that started at point 1:15. Sexy female voice with outstanding vocals and execution. I couldn't understand a word but who cares with a talent like that. Just average otherwise.
  11. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    This pandemic has affected my gaming. Until Covid-19 came along, I never had a perfect game of Hearts. Now, I’ve had three perfect games!!! After posting a proof of this on a Hearts gaming forum, it appears that none of them had ever played a perfect game. It must be a very low probability event. ◦
  12. Eisenhower presided during the golden age when the tax rate for the rich was 90%. Today, it’s closer to zero percent. But the rich has the power and the means to make the rules.
  13. In the age of smartphones, videos like that are more common these days. But stuff like that has been going on for ages, especially against minorities. That and other forms of bigotry are causing the rioting that is going on.
  14. Trump has managed to bring back the 1918 Pandemic, 1929 Depression & 1968 Race Riots at the same time.
  15. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Is that doing more harm than good? That is the gray area it seems.
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