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    "Amazingly out here in rural Vietnam I have a 48 Mbps Internet connection" -- That is amazing! I thought speed like that is only possible with fiber optics, not something one would imagine finding in rural Vietnam.
  2. I had a problem like that with AA. UAL is better when using FF miles to LOS.
  3. You must like hot weather -- April is the hottest month in LOS, as July is in USA. I was thinking of going in June ... when Mangosteen is in season. (When that Malaysian Airline went missing it was carrying tons of the stuff).
  4. Oxygenated water may not be healthy because germs would multiply at a faster rate in an oxygen enriched environment.
  5. I often drink water with carbon dioxide dissolved in it, pressurized. A lot of this gas can be harmful but the amount that is in seltzer water is harmless.
  6. The taxi driver should drive the drunk all the way home, then catch a taxi back to his taxi. More money for the drunk to pay but it's safer.
  7. I was just watching a TV show about drug trafficking on the US-Mexico border. A guy that they picked-up (because he was acting nervously) turned out to a mule, delivering drug money back to Mexico. He had stashed money in the lining of his coat, in bundles strapped to his legs, and in his underwear.
  8. I see what you're getting at but my statement would still apply if the passengers aren't answering because the captors have taken their phones (scenerio). Your logic is flawed. (If one is able to answer a call, it would be news.)
  9. It seems resonable to assume that the relatives/friends have been calling their cell phones but none of the passengers are answering.
  10. .22 LR is the best caliber if you're doing a hit in a car. (I read this somewhere -- I'm not a hit man ) The reason being that bigger calibers are too noisy in such a confined space. The victim is placed in the middle of the rear seat with two burly guys on either side of him. The hit man, in the front seat, turns around and shoots the victim a couple of times in the neck using a .22LR pistol, followed by some more shots to the head.
  11. The recent mass killing in China was a "simple religous nutjob event" to use your words. I recalled reading that Muslims were involved.
  12. It's not political. it's religious: Jihad -- war against all non-Muslims.
  13. If this was a terrorist attack, it would be interesting to know how they got past security. They may have developed a new way to get through the security, which I'd expect was very tight at the boarding area.
  14. A couple of weeks is about as long as i can stand in LOS/ Then I'm ready to GET THE HELL ON OUT. If I have to live here long term, I'd be crazy, drunk or both. Most other destination, I can only tolerate a few days, so LOS is actually a favorite. If i have to live away from home, I'd be a vagabond -- a few days here, a weeks there, moving frequently...and i'd end up with that dreaded 'million mile stare'.
  15. zzzz


    For a long time, I thought I was allergic to silver in a drug called silvadene. But I'm actually allergic to sulfa drugs, of which silvadene is one.
  16. Health care seems to be lacking in Cambo. You may have to fly out of the country for decent care in your old age.
  17. My guess is that Bust posted this story even though he knew it to be false.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z02LHM1kROM&feature=player_detailpage
  19. That pole dancer reminds me of a beauty I picked up one time in an open air beer bar in Pattaya. She said she'd just arrived in town and want to be a gogo girl. Later, when I had her in my hotel room, it was evident that she had not had a chance to wash up after the long ride on the bus from Issan. Her crotch was one of the funkiest I had ever smelled. But the next day, after she had washed up, it was odorless.
  20. That's the way it was with me. I eventually started taking allergy shots which took care of the problem altogether. Now I'm allergy free in USA and LOS.
  21. "... I spent the late afternoon of each of my three days in Luang Prabang sitting at the same table on the side of the street having a few cold LBL’s and a couple of cigars and watching the world go by...." --- one day a beautiful girl will come and you will love her at first sight. She will return your love. You two will eventually marry and live happily ever after....
  22. There used to be a tree like that on Beach Road by the promenade, near Central Road, Pattaya. Lengths of colored silk are tied as an offering around the tree.
  23. Not if you play your cards right. You can set it up so that the lawyer gets a percentage of money he's able to recover.
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