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    D'ya think?

    Instead of using peoples like donkeys to carry them around, they could end up using robots with different skills to reproduce themselves and keep a robot society functioning. What if the robots decide that humans are not needed?
  2. I noticed one time that there is an obituary section in a popular motorcycle magazine, something not seen in similar magazines for cars. It just goes to show how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle. I drove cars to get around for most of my life and am into cycling for working out. They are both dangerous but not as much as riding a motorcycle.
  3. I had never ridden a motorbike until I got to Koh Larn off Pattaya. So naturally I decided to rent one...almost lost it going up an extremely steep hairpin turn.😱 For some reason, I thought I could ride a motorbike when I got to Koh Larn.
  4. This time, Biden will be bailing out the depositors (not banks) using FDIC, which banks will be funding. No taxpayers money will be used for this bailout. He said all depositors will be refunded even those with deposits above $250k.
  5. Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar!! She and Stephanie Hsu were competing for the same prize.
  6. Everything Everywhere All at Once This movie has the most nominations for the Oscar this year. I thought Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu did well in supporting roles. The rest not so much. The main characters, who played husband and wife, did not have the right chemistry in my opinion (but that may have been intended since they were contemplating divorce in the movie). I didn't recognize Jamie Lee Curtis until I read the credits at the end. 😲 I remembered her only from A Fish Called Wanda. She'd come a long way since then. ⭐⭐⭐
  7. Top Gun: Maverick scored six Oscar nominations This is a great movie -- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  8. Women of the Japanese samurai class also committed ritual suicide, called jigai, but, instead of slicing the abdomen, they slashed their throats with a short sword or dagger.
  9. A single family home with no Home Owners Association is the way to go. One that is close to city center, next to a multi-use trail (MUT) for long hikes and bike rides would be really nice. Fortunately, I've been living in a house like that for over 40 years.
  10. Traveling is a real hassle these days with all the crowd, security and packed planes. Rather than mosey on over to the 7-11 for a couple beers to relax with, I would prefer yoga/treadmill/cycling or working/lounging/swimming around a pool in the yard. But in my case, what would keep me from going back to SEA would be health reasons. I've had issues with lower back/knee/heel/hip pains. I retired early almost 25 years ago and old age is catching up to me.
  11. That's called a straw man argument. There used to a lot of that but people are getting wise to it, as being not acceptable. "A straw man argument, sometimes called a straw person argument or spelled strawman argument, is the logical fallacy of distorting an opposing position into an extreme version of itself and then arguing against that extreme version. In creating a straw man argument, the arguer strips the opposing point of view of any nuance and often misrepresents it in a negative light. The straw man fallacy is an informal fallacy, which means that the flaw lies with the arguer’s method of arguing rather than the flaws of the argument itself. The straw man fallacy avoids the opponent’s actual argument and instead argues against an inaccurate caricature of it. By doing this, the straw man fallacy is a fallacy of relevance, because with it the arguer doesn’t engage with the relevant components of their opposer’s position."
  12. I used to go to a barber who recommended urine for getting rid of blackheads. Never tried it though and I found another barber soon after he told me that. But as far as Ghandi, "...Gandhi most likely didn't drink urine. There's scant evidence to suggest that the Indian leader actually took part in the urophagia practice, despite the urban legend that persists...." https://www.newsweek.com/explain-your-letter-time-we-falsely-accused-gandhi-drinking-his-own-pee-375339
  13. It sounds like bad luck and old age had caught up to you. If you do make the trip to LOS, the airlines can arrange an attendant with a wheelchair to meet you and help you around the airport. You can ask for this when you make your reservations. I had to do that once after an injury, but, by the time of the flight, I was well. I had cancelled the wheelchair assistance but the attendants didn't get the word and were still waiting for me with a wheelchair when I arrived at each location. Get well soon.
  14. I had to get a barium enema one time to get my colon check out. The nurse was young and beautiful. To get me ready, she said, Mr. zzzz, get up on this table; and Mr. zzzz, get on your left side; then Mr. zzzz, move your right leg over your left leg and bend your knee. She then stuck the probe into my colon. After that she said, OK HONEY .... She started calling me honey after that. LOL
  15. He got a deal for agreeing to plead guilty to a number of felonies. But the Judge later said he made a mistake in agreeing to such a small sentence in the plea deal.
  16. Mosul 2019 A movie about a group of Muslims fighting through the ISIS occupied area of Mosul on a mission. This movie made the Critically Acclaimed List on Netflix. How many Arab speaking movies with subtitles make this list? There is a cathartic moment at the end. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  17. I thought the plot was a little far fetched but the ending was cute -- when the main character stands on the cliff's edge as if to follow his daughter; but not quite.
  18. Trump backs McCarthy for House Speaker. But MAGA Republicans--his own people--do not. Trump is becoming irrelevant politically. He will likely be going to jail soon, along with many of his associates.
  19. The going rate for ST in Medellin, Colombia is $6 US. https://youtu.be/4t4IabGjJ30 It's not a bad place for mongers. I may eventually make it over to LOS (Pattaya) one of these days; but it seems that the Russians and the Chinese had taken over the place. Medellin looks better to me at the moment.
  20. Covid is on it's way out . So the question is, where do I put my ducets at this point. If you know, you are better than me.
  21. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    That flaw you mention is only in your mind [there is no need for insults! - KS]. This model is only about people with Covid who are inpatients. People without hospital care are outside the scope of this model. That paper was used only to get the mortality of Covid patients, so why are you concerned that it didn't mentioned medical errors??????? There are smarter people in the statistic forum http://www.talkstats.com/threads/could-an-average-us-person-with-covid-more-likely-die-from-medical-error-than-from-covid.76525/ You guys let me down. I gave you more credit.
  22. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    What makes you think Medical Error so mush higher for Covid than COPD, Asthma and Pneumonia which basically follow similar diagnostics and treatment? Reference? There is a disconnect. I lost you. And you lost me. I’m using the death from medical error data provided by Johns Hopkins. 10%. They don’t go into the details that you mention. You sound like a crazy man. Are you OK? Mekong, are you hitting the bottle again?
  23. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    🤷‍♂️ You have to carefully look at all assumptions and how they are used before you can understand the results.
  24. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    According to JAVA Network (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/ 2774572), mortality of Covid patients averaged about 8.5%, of which 5% is estimated to be caused by medical errors (from above). That leaves 3.5% mortality from Covid. In this case, you are more likely to die from medical errors (5%) than from Covid (3.5%) if hospitalized.
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