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  1. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Do you have a link for that 30? It’s highly unlikely that only 30 people in China died from the seasonal flu.
  2. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    It looks like China already has this virus under control. Yesterday they reported no new cases, just 3-4 months since this started. They lost a lot more people to the seasonal flu.
  3. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    Life could be depressing for a while with the Coronavirus. In a corner of my basement, I had stashed some whole grain wheat (cases packed in Nitrogen) to be used during pandemic, zombie apocalypse, nuclear war, etc. The problem is that the stuff has been there ~ 40 years, since the Carter administration. But I opened up a can and, to my surprise, it is still good after all that time! Hopefully, this pandemic is short lived.
  4. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/19/coronavirus-treatment-trump-directs-fda-to-examine-whether-malaria-drug-can-be-used.html President Trump said he directed the FDA to investigate whether an existing drug for malaria can be used to treat the coronavirus. Some scientists have said the anti-malaria drug chloroquine could be a treatment for the coronavirus.
  5. I predict that Trump will be the first to be impeached twice!
  6. Blade Runner -- I didn't realize it's a film noir when I saw it years ago. I saw it again on Netflix yesterday.
  7. You may say that now but things can change. I have not been to LOS for a couple of years (hanging around the Caribbean now) but I may return to LOS soon. As far as the future of this board is concerned, I think it depends a lot on cost vs benefit. It would be too much to run a board like this if you are losing money. I been posting on this board before it became Thai360, since the late 1990's and I hope it stays active.
  8. I think you are confusing cellular data with wifi. https://www.wonderoftech.com/wi-fi-vs-cellular-data/
  9. RIP We exchanged a few posts I think. A few yrs back he posted that he was in BKK for treatment and spent $millions of baht. I thought maybe he was cured for all the money he said he spent. After that he had a gig in Pattaya and then went up north to run a guesthouse & restaurant. He was active in another forum in Pattaya and had the same username. I forgot the the name of the forum. But they are probably posting things about him now. He used to often post that life was good. It's good to know that life had been good to him.
  10. Times are changing. Today, there are 10x more Chinese visiting LOS than Americans. 3,000 Baht ST seems high by international standards. Should be more like 1,500 Baht. Punters will stop coming.
  11. I had a nightmare last night involving Trump. We were hanging out together and wheeling and dealing in real estate
  12. Once in my youth, I told my girl that we were through and left. A couple of days later I realized that I made a mistake; and I went back to her with a dozen red roses …. Man was she happy….I was bedazzled; I had never seen anyone so happy.
  13. About 15 years ago, I tried to make it to Sihanoukville from Pattaya overland, but only got as far as Koh Kong before turning back. I was following an overland guide published by an American expat named Mr. Bob (some of you may remember him). He owned pattayacity.com website at that time. At the beginning of this overland trip, it just so happened that I bumped into him at a bus stop in Pattaya. He was going to Koh Kong to get away from his wife for a while.
  14. If you don't want your trips cut short, you got to a take her hand in marriage ... and buy her a house and a luxury European car, both in her name . If you are lucky, your trip may last a few years. [There was a sad story in the news about a guy who actually did this a while back] . I'm more interested in a trip of a shorter duration like a week, For funds, I use the ATM as the primary, credit card along with little cash as secondary. The ATM card I use (Charles Schwab) will refund to my account all ATM fees.
  15. Where did you find this definition? It doesn't sound like a Merriam Webster or Wikipedia definition.
  16. Expats are no better than immigrants. I thought expats are called that by people from their home country. The people in the country they moved to use other names like farangs, gringos, immigrants, guests, tourists, etc.
  17. It wasn't long ago, he was ranting about killing all drug dealers. Now he lets one go free.
  18. In my case, I have reservations to vacation in the Dominican Republic in early November for a week. (I don’t know how many days until the trip.) I was just over there a couple of months ago. By the end of the week, I had enough of the place; but I should be more enthusiastic before November. Otherwise, I will cancel. There are nice girls there also.
  19. Ford pardoned Nixon for any crimes he may have committed while president. Trump could pardon anybody under investigation, including himself, for any crimes they may have committed. The president, however, is not above the law. The law allows him to do this. Should the law be changed? The law also says the president can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors....
  20. I had a similar problem about a week ago trying to log on to Bank of America. I kept getting a message that my password was wrong. Eventually I figured out that the OS (Ebuntu) was not compatible with AOL website. There was a little message on the site stating this incompatibility that did not catch my attention before the problem began. I had no problem logging in with Win 10.
  21. There has to be an easier way to verify one's identity than personally showing up at a far away location, especially with technology that is available today. I had to verify my identity with Airbnb a few weeks ago; and I was impressed with how they went about it. First I had to scan and submit my driver's license, which was done online using my scanner and laptop. Then they took control of my laptop webcam, which they used to look at my face real time and compare it to the picture on my driver's license. That was their way of verifying my identity. I think the whole process took about 15 - 30 min.
  22. I don't think that will go well. There will be more injuries and deaths from performance enhancing drugs. Some drugs make the athletes look freaky even. It could turn into a freak show with many deaths to demonstrate who has the best dope.
  23. I'll take them on -- sans weaponry, that isí ½í¸ I'm in Sosua, DR for several days. Some of the Chicas here look like the ones in the picture.
  24. Deep State will limit what Trump can do, including starting a war. (I never heard of the term until Obama used it recently.) Before he can start a war like that he has to win over the will of the people and I don´t think people as a whole will go along with it.
  25. Japanese used to look after their parents in their old age. Sadly, it´s no longer true today. https://nextshark.co...-rotting-weeks/
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