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  1. I'd venture to say that John Frusciante is one of the most underrated guitarist of his era. If it were not for the enormous commercial success he helped the Chili Peppers achevie I'd doubt he'd even appear in conversations about great guitarist. This guy plays every note with complete emotion. I think some of his best work can be found on the 6 solo cd's he released in the span of a year while away from RHCP before his eventual departure. Raw, unpolished and under produced but certainly not lacking soul or conveying emotion. I'll give him bonus points for the memorable lyric " your pussy is glued to a building on fire"
  2. Been away for a while and the first post I saw when I logged on was this one. I never met Eyebee but having seen his picture today, I've seen him multiple times over the past 10 years in Pattaya. It was clear over the years on the board that we had a common bond in our love for this place, Pattaya. I will celebrate his life and memory this evening in a way I'm sure he would approve..... RIP Eyebee
  3. I like it. Brings back memories of my first visit. Looking forward to the next installment.
  4. Anyone break the glass on their ipad yet? I'm guessing that I can find someone over at MBK to fix it but wondering if anyone has had it done, how it turned out and also the costs.
  5. I've been away from the board for many of the reasons noted here, facebook, twitter, etc. That being said, I just recently had to delete my facebook account along with a number of contacts and pics due to a security breach which brings me back here. I've failed to write any trip reports for my last 3 visits and come to realize I cant remember half of the girls I spent time with or even where I went. I guess that's the price of getting old. I'll definitely post some reviews when I return next month if for no other reason that its nice to have an "anonymous" bank of stories/memories that I can reference from time to time.
  6. Nice place to stop in a grab a bite to eat before heading out. Good AC and decent coyote dancers. I never saw anyone who was obviously under-aged. I guess I can expect to pay a bit more for a burger next visit.
  7. How long is a piece of string:) I've always found baccara to be consistent. Of course that is based on my view of what a good looking girl is.
  8. Damen

    Pattaya Round Up

    Airport Airport was jammed packed every time I attempted to stop in and had some really good looking women. It was definitely one of the best bars this time around but if you don't get their early, its very difficult to get in and get a seat. Diamond Diamond was back on track this trip after a small drop off in talent last visit. I was in Diamond at least 4-5 times during my week in Pattaya and had a great time each night. One night I was drinking and dancing with several girls from another bar when one knocked over her drink . I went into the bathroom some 20 minutes later to take a piss and some guy approached me stating that I had spilled a beer on him and his mate . At first I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about but then it dawned on me it must have been when my friend knocked over her drink. Next thing I know, all of the girls, the manager and security are in the bathroom with us. Evidently the girls sensed there was going to be some trouble and had my back . I explained to the guy that I hadn’t realized we spilled our drink on them, it surely wasn’t intentional and that I had I realized it, would have apologized. I still have my dick in my hand at the urinal so as everything settles down and everyone clears out of the restroom, I approach the guy and his mate at their table and offer to buy them a drink. The guy in the bathroom accepts my apology but his friend refuses to acknowledge my presence and has a sour puss . The girls witness this and now they are pissed because sour puss hasn’t accepted my apology. Knowing how alcohol has a tendency to exacerbate these types of issues, I round up my friends and we head off to a new venue. Sapphire Went back to Sapphire to take another look since another board member stated things have improved since my visit in September. I have to agree, things were much better this time around and actually ended up barfining 2 girls from Sapphire one night. The majority of the girls that were present when I ventured in seemed to be 18-19 years old. They had plenty of energy and seemed to be enjoying themselves dancing but they didn’t really mingle with the customers, instead opting to hang out in a group in the corner when their shift was over. Now, some will view this as them not being interested in the customers but I chalked it up to them being relatively new to the scene. Sure enough, once I motioned one over for a drink, she interacted very well with this customer. Problem was that I quickly caught the eye of another girl dancing on stage who was even more beautiful than the one I had been sitting with. I couldn’t resist her looks and asked her to come sit with us. She was a bit more reserved than the first girl but more to my liking physically. I barfined them both and ended up going to Insomnia. As the night wore on, it became evident that girl #1 was definitely going to be more fun back in the room, so I gave girl #2 money for a taxi at the end of the night and sent her on her way. Guess it goes to show that 1st impressions are meaningful in a way. TQ1 I always stop in TQ1 during the afternoon a couple times since I stay on Soi 13. While I've seen a better selection of daytime talent, I still had a good time and managed to find one girl, who despite having a kid, was well fit and quite a bit of fun back in the room. Living Dolls 1 Good size crowds in LD1, 2 for 1 drinks well into the evening and a pretty decent group of dancers. Sounds like a recipe for success to me and had me making several return visits during my trip. Baccara Baccara is pretty consistent in my view. There are always boatloads of girls in the place and you’re bound to find one to your liking. I also think that the club is very well laid out with comfortable seating and the service always good. Happy While not the same selection of girls as in the past, Happy is much like Baccara in that the service is always top notch and you pretty much know what your going to get when you go into the bar. Living Dolls Showcase My love/hate relationship with this bar continues. As I’ve noted before, the shows are pretty tired once you’ve seen them and to make matters worse, the quality of the showgirls has taken another big hit. There were only 1-2 girls who looked/danced better than your average Walking Street go-go dancer. The unique looking showgirls girls always seemed to be LDS’ draw. On the flip side, the regular dancing crew was much improved and called for repeat visits to the bar. . I found at least 6-8 girls that I would bar fine in a heartbeat and settled on a silicone enhanced beauty that had recently arrived from Phuket. She had a great attitude and nearly got us kicked out of the Candyshop for "dancing" too provocatively on the couches in back. Speaking of silicone… LDS was jammed packed with it, if you like big, fake tits. Iron Club Still going strong but I went looking for one showgirl in particular. 3 months is an eternity on Walking Street and sure enough she was nowhere to be found . I fucked up by writing her phone number down on a piece of paper and subsequently losing it last September . The seating in Iron is horrendous so I typically find a girl I like and get out within a few drinks. Definitely not a place you want to be sitting in for hours on end if you have a bad back. I wandered in late one evening and offered to pay a dancers barfine but when she quoted me 2500 for ST , I went and found a better looking FL at JP bar for half the price :content: . What’s Up Much like Sapphire, I decided to give What’s Up another look based on all the positive reviews I always hear from others. I was glad I did as the place was jumping. A shitload of good looking girls hanging out and partying in the crowd. I only managed to stay for a few drinks though because the guys next to me were chain smoking and it felt like my eyeballs were melting in my head from all the smoke . Unfortunately there were no other open seats readily available due to how crowded it was. Will absolutely be back during my next trip. Misty's There weren't any stunners in Misty's but there girls that were there were very hands on . They get an A for their effort. The Windmill As I was having great success in visiting bars that I had previously written off, I decided to try Windmill again. I should have quit while I was ahead. Despite the fact there was not a single girl in the place that I would consider fucking for free, I stayed for a drink. Some fat looking troll comes and sits down next to me, grabs my hand and places it on her tit. She then goes through the whats your name routine and says buy me a drink. As I pull my hand away from her tit, I politely decline and she starts throwing obscenities at me . I immediately call for the check but as she continues, I lose my cool and tell her she is a fucking nutcase. To their credit, I think someone mentioned it to the staff because as I was paying my bill I saw a gentleman approaching and she scampered off as if she was a dog who had been caught pissing on the rug. Alcatraz Lets start with the good things about Alcatraz...The place is huge. I like the "patio" out in front on Walking Street, it kinda reminds me of the go-go bars on Cowboy in BKK. I like the police uniforms that some of the girls wear. Now the bad. The bar sucks in my opinion. Though it is big, the interior was cheaply done, looks like a warehouse with a painted floor where they threw up some bars to make prison cells. I walked in one night around 3:30-4:00am after bouncing around, bar to bar looking for that special someone. In hindsight I should have taken the girl I first saw at Diamond but it was early in the night and passed. Now I was desperate. I had a drink with an average looking girl but she had a nice personality, so I told her I would pay her barfine. She told me it was 1000 baht. I'm not one to wait out a barfine at the end of the night and catch the girl on the street to save several hundred baht but 1000 baht for an average looking girl minutes before closing is fucked up. I told her that if she wasn't interested in going with me that was fine but I couldn't belive the BF was 1000 baht. She apologized and said, no its true 1000 baht for her barfine and I could ask the mamasan. Figuring she had something wrong, I went and asked the mamasan what the barfine was and she wrote on a piece of paper 600 baht, 1000 baht, 1500 baht & 2000 baht . She asked which girl and when I pointed to the girl I was talking to, she told me 1500 baht! I went back to the girl and told her that I could understand a thousand baht bf on New Years Eve, Christmas, etc but at close to 4:00 in the morning and then being quoted 1500 by the mamasan was offensive to me as a customer and left. I suspect that their target audience will be first timers to Pattaya that they can milk for all their worth due their their excellent location on Walking Street. I'll be giving this place a miss from now on. Oh yeah, the drinks were expensive too. The Sea The Sea was a real disappointment. I've had some really good times in the Sea during the past but despite stopping in on two separate occasions, there were only rolls of fat and stretch marks as far as the eye can see. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit is the new bar right next to Alcatraz and they have the same type of patio area out in front which is cool. Also a pretty big bar but not quite a large as Alcatraz. I stopped in before meeting someone for dinner, so I had no intention of barfining anyone. I had a couple drinks with 2 girls who were nice but didn't do anything to persuade me to change my mind. Although the interior wasn't as cheaply appointed as Alcatraz, they didn't seem to go out of their way to spend money either. I found the chrome polls on the stage unusual in that they don't go all the way to the ceiling. Instead they are bolted to the floor and are about 5 ft tall. I could see that they are already beginning to lean with the girls holding and pulling them, so I'm sure its just a matter of time before a girl leans on one and goes flying off the stage along with the pole. The possibility of witnessing that makes it likely that I will return to this bar at least once more in the future.
  9. Dollar reached 30.44 today before settling at 30.35. Nice upward swing over the past week and one that I hope continues during my return next week
  10. Not only does it contain turn by turn directions but also includes a live video feed of the bar, which can be controlled by the remote built into the application. :content:
  11. I place all of sims in my iphone case when traveling. I've got a case with a solid back http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/reveal-etch-iphone4 The sims lie nicely between the back of the phone and the case.
  12. I've been using a NETSIM card for the past several years. I had to cut it down to micro-sim size when the iphone4 first came out but 1-2 call has micro sims now. The Netsim gives you 30 hours a month free internet access, which was fine for my blackberry but only lasted a couple days with my iphone usage. You may want to call customer service and ask for the unlimited internet prepaid package. I cant recall how much it costs though.
  13. Best pool in Pattaya but for the price, I'd rather stay at the marriott.
  14. What, did gerbils go out of style?
  15. SBSettings-jailbreak interface app that allows greta control of your phone from hidden swipe menu Installous- jailbreak app store with "cough, cough" free apps Cydia - jailbreak app store Skype Facebook Twitter Opera mini- good for storing sites, passwords that you might not want someone to see while borrowring your phone & using the Safari browser ITA- not as robust as the internet version, which is THE best flight search tool in the world but good for a mobile product TomTom GPS - turn by turn navigation Pandora- music app iTapRDP-remote desktop client. Works like a charm over 3g Netflix-on demand movie viewing over wi-fi or 3g with account Skygrid-rss reader Thailand Bargirl Database- contact info, pics & current location (bkk, pattaya, phuket, khorat, etc) tracked by mobile phone GPS. LT/ST performance reviews.
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