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    Dem Old Bones

    This is a very old post to respond to. If you are still in touch perhaps this may help? If an xray has shown "thin" bones then they must be quite reduced. A dual Photon Bone density xray (coloured ones) really show the exactness of the detioration. Usually the left femur and lower vertibrae are targetted because this type of bone changes more rapidly than the long bones. Every 5 years the ends of the femur has a complete renewal like the ends of most of our bones.. Every 15 years the middle of the femur has had a complete change. If you are female, you stand a very good chance of really increasing your bone density by using natural Progesterone cream topically on the skin almost daily is very small amounts. It is a beautiful hormone. Drug companies have been passing off their modified version Provera as progesterone BUT ITS NOT!!! If you are post menopausal, apply 3 weeks on and one week off then start again. If you are male, it could be the same--- not absolutely sure. Men produce and need Progesterone. It doesnt matter how much increase in calcium in your diet because the Ostioblast cells that put calcium back into the bones require to be triggered at their receptor sites by Progesterone of Oestriol (one of the 3 Oestrogens). Stick with Progesterone. Study all you can from JohnRLee Md website. http://www.johnleemd.com/ It may save your life, or a broken neck of your femur, even for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis etc etc Good luck.
  2. "Do some research" I suggested. Someone interested in the subject will learn lots by searching >> HIV Turmeric. Its all out there and may save their life.
  3. Interesting statistics someone might find helpful;- Quite authorative research revealed that HIV only developed into AIDS at a much lower rate when Turmeric was in the diet. Do some research and check the details. Sorry I cant remember where to look.
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