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  1. As an extension of the Friday night where nigh on no-one might actually turn up to scheduled meetings in pre mobile phone days when you'd have to return to the internet cafe to check a message to see if or why someone from overseas hadn't turned up etc., it would take a lot to bring people together now, age and other shit aside. In truth, technology may make working together easier but it drives people apart because you can do so much without ever meeting. Back in the day, merely 20 years ago, you had to be there and people crossed continents on the back of a promise not lightly given and not likely broken. Today, you couldn't get 5 guys living in London to meet up in London so what hope is there for a meet in Bangkok. Strangely enough, I'm one of the daft loons who might well turn up. Trouble is, I might be on my own !
  2. I have for years thought about Flashermac's comments from even longer ago that someone ought to sponsor a book to be written about Trink's life. I knew but dared to hope otherwise, that with advancing years, this was unlikely and for a fleeting second or three, I even thought whether I would be that sponsor, not to commercialise the idea but simply to have it noted for posterity. I didn't of course and as with so many things of Bangkok and Thailand past, Trink too is past. I remember being amazed that a regular newspaper could carry such detailed news but as I grew to know Bangkok, then Thailand, it seemed normal I guess, in a pre internet age. The internet is like taking pictures of your kids. You take so many thousands that you never look at any and finding information is impossible unless catalogued correctly, which after a few years becomes impossible in itself, save by date. With Night Owl you were there, in the moment but it was concise and limited and left you waiting for more. There was no fast forward to more information. Sad he has gone but sadder that his life and memories go with him. RIP.
  3. I had been using this place since it opened well over a decade ago and though well down the Soi I needed a couple of rooms for a few nights and their website had a spectacular deal so I booked. Rolled up and the front of house was like a shabby curry house. I saw a total of 4 rooms and they were all shite. Very worn, stale smelling, old, just terrible. I didn't stay and used Bt100 to have the porter ferry me to the JW Marriott down the Soi where I negotiated a very good deal under their website including a suite upgrade for me and club benefits for both rooms. Many more options I know but it was for so many years a safe bet down Soi 2 with apartment like rooms with kitchens for very reasonable prices.
  4. I can't make it back to the 1970s but go back 3 decades and yes, along with a few others from that era, it smacked of retaining that seedy underbelly we all fell in love with and now have largely lost forever.
  5. Back to LOS in mid October but tied up until the end of October with preplanned shit. 50/50 on whether to have a few days in Bangkok but feeling like it might be time to dust off the City of Angels shoes once again. I fly out on 15th November so somewhere in the first week I guess but flexible on dates. If we could find a place to park our zimmer frames then we'd be good to go would we not !
  6. I think the fact that so many "names" from the past have not contributed to this thread is tantamount to the sad departure of many, often to their next life. But I'm glad it is still here, if only as a link back to better times and the memories. For instance, at the beginning of the rugby world cup in 2003, I was one of many making arrangements to meet up in Bangkok with friends new and old. There was no Facebook, no instant messaging and one way I arranged to meet a now good long time friends was in the Biergarten with a name tag with my board name written on it. It says a lot that I actually went to the appointed place at the appointed time and yet he didn't for some reason 555.
  7. It isn't going to get any busier is it ? The times we knew are as gone as the frequency of the posts. Yet I still look in occasionally, hoping for something to generate interest. It is what it is I guess.
  8. A couple of chance meetings over the years, now long ago, but enough to remember. Those who were there during the times we would likely most remember are now so thin on the ground. RIP.
  9. Life hasn't been easy to get time away recently as I keep buying businesses instead of wasting money going to LOS However, I feel the planets a going to be aligned for a few options in early 2018. End of Jan, Feb and March seem good. I fix the employees salaries, then bugger of for some R&R. Not many of the old school (skool) left, these days so why not ? I favour Jan or Feb.
  10. I thought the overnight Laos thing was if you weren't married ? Biggest memory I had was from someone who was married and living in Laos but still getting hassled ?
  11. Oh please let me get back to this type of life. I have so much more now but so little of importance.
  12. Do it on retirement and Bt800k in the bank. Deposit and forget. Why ? Well, they might raise the Bt800k substantially but you'd most likely be grandfathered. You might also get divorced or widowed and you'd have to do the cash option anyway.
  13. Facebook killed all forums and much of the blog type business. I guess it might have been hard to switch to Facebook but that ship has sailed. I wasn't your biggest fan but I wish you well.
  14. To the outside reader, without hundreds of days on the ground or years on the forums, Nanaplaza and Nanapong seemed interchangeable, though Nanapong had more lunatics With a bit of time spent on Nanapong, you realised that it was simply a message tool for a few uber regulars and their hangers on. If anonymous messaging (easily and simply) existed back then, then there would be no Nanapong.
  15. Is your life worth so little as to travel on these mickey mouse airlines ? Mine isn't.
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