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  1. torrenova

    Early 2018 Meet ?

    Life hasn't been easy to get time away recently as I keep buying businesses instead of wasting money going to LOS However, I feel the planets a going to be aligned for a few options in early 2018. End of Jan, Feb and March seem good. I fix the employees salaries, then bugger of for some R&R. Not many of the old school (skool) left, these days so why not ? I favour Jan or Feb.
  2. torrenova

    Marriage Visa Or Retirement Visa

    I thought the overnight Laos thing was if you weren't married ? Biggest memory I had was from someone who was married and living in Laos but still getting hassled ?
  3. torrenova

    Bikini Bridge

    Oh please let me get back to this type of life. I have so much more now but so little of importance.
  4. torrenova

    Marriage Visa Or Retirement Visa

    Do it on retirement and Bt800k in the bank. Deposit and forget. Why ? Well, they might raise the Bt800k substantially but you'd most likely be grandfathered. You might also get divorced or widowed and you'd have to do the cash option anyway.
  5. torrenova

    No More Stickman?

    Facebook killed all forums and much of the blog type business. I guess it might have been hard to switch to Facebook but that ship has sailed. I wasn't your biggest fan but I wish you well.
  6. torrenova

    No More Stickman?

    To the outside reader, without hundreds of days on the ground or years on the forums, Nanaplaza and Nanapong seemed interchangeable, though Nanapong had more lunatics With a bit of time spent on Nanapong, you realised that it was simply a message tool for a few uber regulars and their hangers on. If anonymous messaging (easily and simply) existed back then, then there would be no Nanapong.
  7. Is your life worth so little as to travel on these mickey mouse airlines ? Mine isn't.
  8. torrenova

    I'am Back In Sin-City - Pattaya

    Bar is Billabong https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@12.9301615,100.8844114,3a,75y,161.12h,88.54t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSgiLrZ-x6eaGUaqrnwIicw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 It is a 241 sort of place really (or was). Quasi MILF hang out but not sure how many are really on the payroll and how many click a BF and get a backhander from the staff. It was suspect on my last visit.
  9. torrenova

    Uk Meeting - Anyone ?

    I realise years have passed and some are no longer with us, either in spirit or in continent (no pun intended) but for some strange reason I thought I'd reach out and see whether there is a quorum who might be interested in a meeting in the UK ? Old meets of course in London which might be suitable ? I'm in Surrey / Hampshire but can make London with minimal notice. It would be good to see if anyone is still left or any newcomers fancy the idea ?
  10. torrenova

    Sad News

    I have a sneaky suspicion that we met in Pattaya, though having just come across this thread, recollection will take time to recover, if it does. Such is age.
  11. torrenova

    Where Do The Nana Girls Go?

    Only if you know and are brave enough to bypass the regular drop down from the tollway. Even then, only open until 4/5pm I think weekdays ?
  12. torrenova


    Areca is however well known by the taxis and not too far from 2nd Road to stagger. I don't like it too much because it sits at a place where I tend not to go, that being a decent middle ground place to base yourself. I tend to stay in apartments, houses or 5* hotels.
  13. torrenova

    Cost Of Living

    We bought our first vehicle out of necessity and then wondered how we had managed all those years previously without one. It facilitated a move to a cheaper and larger property with far more space and a pool and made hated tasks such as shopping via baht bus or similar a thing of the past. Pattaya had no taxis back then. As a rough cost, depreciation was no more than Bt50k a year, insurance Bt30k, maintenance say another Bt20k at a generous push so you have about Bt100k a year all in. That is Bt8k a month plus fuel, so perhaps Bt10k a month all in including local trips and add a few thousand more for more miles. I would never live there again without a car or truck.
  14. torrenova


    Areca Lodge is a fairly safe bet in the lower mid range price bracket and has a wide selection of rooms and a half decent online booking system.
  15. torrenova

    Cost Of Living

    I think living in Thailand it is possible to spend within a very wide range compared to the west unless you are in knobhead territory and splashing $10k here and there. Comparative to London, central Bangkok is cheap but horrendously expensive compared to just outside and with the provinces being cheaper still. However, inflation has gotten its hold in food which is far more expensive now than when we last lived there 5 years ago (you hardly notice as a tourist but up country it is much higher than before). If you were to buy a property then in the west the price between asking price and real price is fairly small. In Thailand, the real price could be half the advertised price or even less on occasion. You really need to do your homework as "rip off the farang" is a national pastime in property deals. I have thought long and hard as to where to retire in a few years and I always though Pattaya would be a certainty after I discounted the south due to distance from the things I perceived I wanted. If renting, then I would be paying around Bt15k for a decent studio or a 1 bed apartment and around Bt25k for a small house with a private pool. As to living expenses, then where do you see yourself in relationship terms ? If buying a hooker ever night then that costs big time but few find a GF without any cost. Even botom end you need to add Bt10k I guess ? Booze is the financial destroyer of many as it links to GFs and sex and entertainment and friendships. At the bottom end perhaps Bt5k for mom and pop shop drinking up to Bt30k a month for a few nights out a month on the piss. Chuck in some insurance and you have little left from Bt100k a month. Surprisingly, adding in a vehicle can reduce costs as you don't drink as much, can travel more, pay less for taxis and have another avenue to explore your surrounds.