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  1. The White Tiger [2021] Entertaining rags to riches story based on the book of the same name set in India, this is a slick, well acted account of a poor driver with smarts who breaks free from servitude and the caste system. Worth seeing.
  2. Baby Done [2021] Run of the mill Kiwi RomCom about a young women champion tree surgeon who gets pregnant with her partner too soon in life. Feel good fluff suitable for all ages. Of interest as its one of the few movies to come out of New Zealand.
  3. Pieces Of A Woman [2020] Memorable opening thirty minute segment of this US drama before the opening title shows a young couples home birth end tragically, which is then followed by ninety minutes of pointless efforts by family members to hold the midwife accountable. A downer of a story, well acted but only held together by a dominant lead.
  4. News Of The World [2020] A civil war vet working as wild west news reporter comes across a stranded German immigrant orphan since kidnapped by local Kiowa tribes. Thus begins a slow and incident laden road trip for the pair to find a home told in a trusted and tried old Western format, with two expert leads and top directing to keep us interested. Worth seeing when the mood suits.
  5. Dead Man's Shoes [2004] Only just watched this, entertaining UK revenge crime drama with a memorable soundtrack. A soldier returns to his hometown to get even with the thugs who brutalized his mentally-challenged brother years ago.
  6. The Serpent [2020 TV limited series] Crime drama series based on the true story of Charles Sobhraj, the 70's hippy trail conman and murderer. This is more impressive for the re-imagining of Bangkok and the Far East in the 1970's that somehow impresses those of us who remember it from then, whereas the crime drama itself is a confusing overkill of time leaps back and forth with a good lead albeit wooden and at times annoying support cast.
  7. Promising Young Woman [2020] Memorable and entertaining dark thriller comedy with a darkness that lingers, of a feminist vigilant. A mesmerizing lead performance, good soundtrack and surprise ending make this one to see.
  8. Breathless (A bout de souffle) [1960] First time viewing this 60 years after its release. Saw the movie Seberg [2020] earlier which led to checking this out, one of her most famous movies, very advanced in style for the era and so well edited that each scene is engrossing. A petty criminal kills a cop and tries to escape to Italy with his American french speaking girl friend. Classic cinema at its best. The torrent is a re released from 2007.
  9. Nomadland [2020] After losing everything in the financial crash of 2008 a woman embarks on a journey through the American West living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad getting seasonal work where its available, even temping for the trillion dollar company Amazon, meeting others in the same predicament. A gentle post apocalyptic style road movie, with strong character development that grows on you.
  10. Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan [2020] A look at the life of the blunt toothless Irish singer/songwriter Shane MacGowan, looking like death warmed up these days from years of drugs and drink, this is a one of the great music documentaries, full of soul and poetry worth seeing again and again.
  11. Death To 2020 [2020] A year ending American mockumentary with a modicum of British content makes for an interesting mix of humor that occasionally raises a laugh, but the year has been one to forget anyway. Like the lead SLJ says at the start about making this "why in the fck would you wanna do that?".
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