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  1. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga [2020] This Will Farrell movie that comes out during a year there is no Eurovision Song Contest is an enjoyable feel good summer comedy, a little long, uneven and cheesy like the contest, still manages to poke some fun at the show that helped create this.
  2. Irresistible [2020] A Jon Stewart political satire that has a couple of wealthy diametrically opposed campaign fund managers from the big city try and get a local up country mayor elected in one of the swing states that money politics tends to run rough shod over. This movie got some stick in the reviews from American audiences as condescending but it also comes across as an amusing look at the state of the nation albeit could have done with a better script.
  3. Bunch Of Kunst [2017] Been a bit difficult finding a download of this, so far only found a copy with hard coded German subs, but nevertheless an excellent unpretentious music documentary of the British punk duo Sleaford Mods from their pub backroom show startups to making it to Glastonbury 2015. A lot of fun.
  4. Days Of The Bagnold Summer [2020] Accomplished unassuming British bittersweet comedy with a couple of memorable leads and a quirky Belle & Sebastian soundtrack make for an entertaining tale of a single mum and her shy teenage son with a penchant for death metal just getting along.
  5. Normal People {2020 TV series 1] Based on the novel, this is a decent coming of age story of a young couple in Ireland completing their studies whilst getting laid, frequently. Frustrating to watch at times but two subtle good lead performances get you through the 12 episodes and leave you wanting to see more of them, either clothed or unclothed, preferably in something else in future.
  6. Driveways [2019] One of Dennehy's last movies where he gives one of his most subtle performances as a gruff Korean war vet living in retirement alone and befriends a young boy and his mother who come by next door to clear out her deceased sisters house for resale. A gem of a movie.
  7. Da 5 Bloods [2020] A modern day Vietnam adventure of four African American war vets returning to seek an Americans remains and a potential hidden treasure they left behind. Worth seeing for its modern day narrative as history marches on with battles still being fought, from director Spike Lee who pulls no punches whilst just about keeping a story together.
  8. The Festival [2018] From The Inbetweeners crowd, this is set at a three day UK summer music festival where the gross out gags keep flowing in a funny movie yet ultimately with nothing spectacularly original.
  9. The Vast Of Night [2020] A low budget but remarkably compelling, stylish and immersive sci-fi drama set during pre-space race 1950's in an small town in the US where strange radio signals are picked up by a telephone exchange worker and shared with the local radio DJ.
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