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  1. Des [2020 Limited TV series] A three part TV series of the highest caliber based on the Brian Masters book 'Killing For Company' about the arrest and trial of Scottish serial killer Denis Nilsen. Addictive to watch with superb acting from all players that feed off each other.
  2. I Hate Suzie [2020 TV series Season 1] Chaotic and funny first season series in 8 episodes follows the ups and downs of a minor TVs star and her family after her phone gets hacked and pictures of her having sex with the producer go viral.
  3. Monsoon [2019] A subtle drama character study of an immigrant to the UK who travels back to his birthplace of Vietnam after more than 30 years away to scatter his mothers ashes, showing how the modern day country has overcome the war. Well made and shot entirely in Vietnam albeit somewhat flat.
  4. The County [2019] Another good movie out of Iceland similar in style to Woman At War [2018] about a widowed farmer fighting for her rights when the cooperative has become corrupt and threatening. Well acted, free of melodrama set in the rural cow farms of the island nation.
  5. Robins Wish [2020] A documentary about the suicide of Robin Williams and the disease that lead to it might give some closure on the suicide albeit with a fairly average bit of film making that favors drama over science.
  6. Yes, I surmised there would be a 2nd series.. not sure now.
  7. The Devil All The Time [2020] A Netflix offering worth a look presents a top cast in a routine style dark drama set in a 50's backwater American religious belt, where several unrelated dodgy characters get tied up in sexual and killing frenzies whilst a young lad grows up trying to protect those hes close to.
  8. Tesla [2020] A stylish historical drama of the late 19th century electrical AC power developer Nikola Tesla and his interactions with Thomas Edison and the daughter of the financier JP Morgan. Some original screenplay and an intense lead makes up for otherwise dull story telling.
  9. Tell it To The Bees [2018] Early 50's period drama of forbidden love between an abused housewife and her lesbian doctor friend, whilst her kid talks to the bees kept in the back garden. Starts off well but descends into a schmaltzy melodramatic farce.
  10. La Haine (The Hate) [1995] Recently re-released digitally, this is a French drama that remains a timeless classic with superb performances and shockingly stunning cinematography in black and white about social divisions and police oppression in 90's Paris. Brings to mind the more recently released Les Misérables [2019] of the same genre and equally worth seeing.
  11. Lincoln [2012] A historical drama that focuses on the 16th President's tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. Lincoln is best viewed with modest expectations as Spielberg movies can all have a predictable style about them. The lead performance lives up to the hype. It is a great performance.
  12. I'm Thinking Of Ending Things [2020] Well crafted and bizarre art house drama as only Charlie Kaufman can make which is an acquired taste for some and somewhat lacking in any conviction, never dull moment when a young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents' secluded farm.
  13. Les Misérables [2019] Brilliant French police thriller full of energy throughout has three undercover agents patrolling the streets of todays multicultural France trying not to screw up. Set in modern-day Montfermeil, the setting of Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name, the new filmmaker Ladj Ly stages his own impassioned cry against oppression. Perhaps one of the most memorable films to come out in a long time. Worth seeing with English subtitles.
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