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  1. Chernobyl [2019 TV series] One of the best TV series out this year, dramatizes the 1986 power plant disaster in all its gory detail whilst fighting a soviet era of disinformation.
  2. Peterloo [2018] An interesting historical British drama that comes across as too theatrical, tells of the early 19th century meeting in St Peter's Field, Manchester for parliamentary reform that forces bloodshed by the decadent ruling class.
  3. American Woman [2018] Odd title with lead played by a Brit rather well, this is a sad drama set in in blue collar Pennsylvania where a young feisty grandmother is left to bring up her grandson when her daughter goes missing. A few failed relationships along the way, eventually her missing daughter is explained.
  4. The Great Hack [2019] Decent Netflix documentary about Cambridge Analytica, its key players and whistle blowers showing how social media has now been weaponised to help autocracies gain power.
  5. The Capture [2019 TV series] Interesting modern day high tech UK police surveillance 6 part thriller with worrying themes of "deep fake" news and CTTV camera trickery impositions by the highest levels in governments. Worth seeing this series 1 which ends on that inevitable scenario meaning another series is in the planning.
  6. The Farewell [2019] One of the years best dramas captures the complex and at times humorous dynamics of family life in China for visiting American family members to see their Grand Mother who has little time left to live. Not a downer but a very good watch. Available on torrent now with subtitles for the Chinese spoken bits!
  7. Scarborough [2018] Two stories of couples in a teacher student relationship have a long weekend in Scarborough in a play adapted for the big screen. Worth seeing.
  8. Rocketman [2019] One of the better musical biopics around of late that works well even for those less keen on the pop music. Melodramatic but it is Elton John after all.
  9. The Spy [2019 TV series] Six part thriller based on the true events of a Mossad agent who infiltrates the highest levels of Syrian government during the early 1960's. Slightly too well produced but worth seeing for its character development that keeps the interest flowing.
  10. Rita, Sue and Bob Too [1987] Gritty humorous northern England drama of Bob who fancies his two baby sitters from a council estate. By today's standards the PC element is way over the top yet the story still holds well today.
  11. Save Me [2018] Brilliantly acted 6 part Sky UK TV drama series evolving around a search for a missing teenage girl and a murky pedophile trafficking gang. The ending will disappoint for some as it implies a cop out for more money from a second season whilst others will forgive this looking forward to more.
  12. Between Two Ferns: The Movie [2019] Hit and miss comedy based on the funny web series that only works for die hard fans. Weak story line with occasionally funny gags and some big names dropping by, the best part is the end of movie bloopers which is always a worry.
  13. Unbelievable [2019 TV series] Eight part US police drama based on the true story of a serial rapist and the effects it has on some of his victims, particularly one who was shamed into denying the crime at first. Worth watching, but comes with the usual US TV series flavoring.
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