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  1. Diego Maradona [2019] Only just got around to watching this documentary movie of the troubled footballers time at Napoli and World Cup campaigns in the 80's who passed away this week. An excellent documentary, worth its long two hours, that works whether you care for guy and sport or not.
  2. The Dark Divide [2020] An entertaining jaunt through stunning Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest by a supposedly well know butterfly naturist writer penning another book as his wife battles cancer. I'm a sucker for the hiker movies and this one has enough humor, good soundtrack and avoidance to usual Hollywood cliches to be worth a look see.
  3. There's a link on thepiratebay dot org, took a while to download as not many seeders now.
  4. Unhinged [2020] This road rage thriller on steroids made a momentary name for itself earlier this year as one of the first to open in cinemas after the COVID lock-down that probably gave it more attention than it deserves. Out on download sites now, its utter pants, but may fit those moments you just want to vegetate out.
  5. The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies [2014 TV Limited Series] Only just got around to downloading this two part adaptation of the Jefferies case true story, of the effeminate Bristol landlord teacher wrongly accused of murdering his tenant Joanna Yeates over Christmas 2010, vilified by the press and ultimately testifying at the Leveson inquiry. Superb lead performance makes for an addictive viewing.
  6. Rocks [2020] Tough but uplifting coming of age social drama that has an authentic style without apparent staged dialogue set in multicultural England concerning a young teenage schoolkid of an immigrant family left struggling to fend for herself and kid brother when their single parent mother disappears.
  7. On The Rocks [2020] Old school US rom-com with the only redeeming interest for some being Bill Murray is in it. Cute story but meh!
  8. The Third Day [2020 Limited TV series] A six part folk thriller mini series set on a remote British causeway linked island whose inhabitants have a penchant for the occult, steps dangerously near the style over substance line but ultimately seems worth watching as the cast put on a strong performance to make up for the somewhat bizarre story.
  9. Make Up [2020] A teenage woman goes to help her boyfriend in a wind swept Cornish caravan park during the winter lock down period, and becomes obsessed with finding out if he cheated on her only to discover something else. An impressively immersive and stylish first directorial debut worth seeing.
  10. Relic [2020] Australian horror movie of a daughter and granddaughter haunted by their grandmothers dementia, as memorable as the last good Aussie horror flick (Babadook), makes suitable Halloween viewing, or for those into this genre, of which I tend to pass as I find them all a bit silly, but nevertheless the quality of the film making here is commendable.
  11. C.B.Strike [2017 TV Series] So far four series have just finished of this PI drama based on the novel, with the injured war vet and his secretary solving crimes in an entertaining TV series that leaves you wanting for more.
  12. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm [2020] After a 14 year hiatus, Borat is back in a better crafted story where he's back in today's America satirizing some of the more dubious parts of its culture in the crudest way he can get away with. Very funny.
  13. The Trip To Greece [2020] More of the same in this film series, this time the two comics Coogan and Bryden make subtle jokes and impersonations over dinners whilst taking in the sites of Greece, which are wonderful and make up for an otherwise drab road trip adventure with a downer ending.
  14. Seberg [2020] Biopic of the famous American actress Jean Seberg who started funding the Black Power movement in the 1960's leading to an FBI surveillance causing her eventually to self destruct and never act again under the pressure. The strong lead performance is all that keeps this movie together that otherwise comes across as cheesy and formulaic.
  15. Nice piece from a few years back on Trink here. RIP, https://coconuts.co/bangkok/features/night-prowl-legendary-lechery-bernard-nite-owl-trink/
  16. Spitting Image [2020 TV S01] Popular latex puppet satirical comedy from the 80's returns with with a new series of piss takes including a Michael Gove with a face resembling the male genitalia and Donald Trump who is able to tweet out of his extendable anus. The Aussies and Kiwis are fair game also. Worth seeing.
  17. Moffie [2019] Powerful South African war movie with an impressive soundtrack, follows a young conscript in the early 1980's apartheid regimes front line fight against communist Angola whilst prejudices against blacks and moffie's, the derogatory term for gays, prevails.
  18. Eternal Beauty [2020] An weird and wonderful piece work from Wales, follows a schizophrenic young woman after she was dumped at the alter, is more art house with muddled story telling and very dark humor that is held together well with some detailed and memorable performances.
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