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  1. Mike Wallace Is Here [2019] A fascinating insight into the life of the famous TV interviewer who's combative style help develop news journalism to what it has become to today. Many famous faces appear in archive clips and the personal troubles of this interviewer are laid bare making for an interesting biopic.
  2. Elizabeth Is Missing [2019 TV movie] Dramatized version of the book has Jackson at 83 giving one of her stronger performances as a person suffering dementia searching for a woman she knew who disappeared.
  3. Cold War [2018] Award winning Polish film set in a stark square frame black and white in post 2nd World War Poland and France explores the difficult romance between a musical director and a talented singer. Very well crafted piece of cinema.
  4. The Lunchbox [2013] A revisit to one of the best films starring Irffan Kahn who passed away earlier this year at 53, this is a wonderfully directed Indian drama about what happens when the Mumbai lunch box delivery service gets repeatedly sent to the wrong person and resultant friendship and dreams that develop between the younger frustrated cook and the retiring widower accountant, only to be consumed by the reality. Superb film making worth seeing.
  5. The End Of The F***ing World [2019 TV series Season 02] A second season in 8 parts of the black comedy follows further the exploits of a young couple being stalked by new woman whose boyfriend they previously killed. Not as fast paced as season#1.
  6. The Whistlers [2019] A crime drama with a subtle sense of dark humor, confident old-style storytelling and zesty performances make this one of the better films out of Europe as of late, when a Romanian police officer plays both sides of the law chasing a hidden stash of money.
  7. Blue Story [2019] A UK London gangster movie hums along just right despite some of the cliches with a good soundtrack, performances and poetic rapping dialogue. Plenty of senseless violence that had it pulled from screens initially in UK, but a worthy work along the lines of Boyz N The Hood.
  8. Brassic [2020 TV series season 2] Second installment about a group of hard up UK northerners who find dubious ways of making a living. Not quite up to the first season standard but still worth a laugh for its childish gross out humor woven into the slapstick story-line.
  9. Never Rarely Sometimes Always [2020] A British-US film that is drama making of an impressive kind, almost documentary in feel, the title is the answers available to a multiple choice interview at a New York clinic where a 17 year old teenager has to travel cross state with her cousin to get an abortion. One of best films of this genre.
  10. Greed [2020] Satirical comedy biopic of a fictional retail street billionaire (not too dissimilar the real life Philip Green) celebrating his success and 60th birthday in vulgar Greek splendor whilst his sweat shop suppliers and Syrian refugees look on. A fairly mediocre affair that promised more with the strong lead but ultimately the sum of the parts falls flat.
  11. Planet Of The Humans [2020] Michael Moore directed documentary, although not in it, this is a warning about the green revolution hypocrisy, which had the potential to illuminate during the 50th anniversary of Earth Day but ultimately numbs with the loose mix of stories and the dullest narrator voice (Jeff Gibbs) in the history of narrating.
  12. Quiz [2020 TV mini series] Three part drama retelling the Millionaire quiz show scandal involving a retired military officer who won the top prize and was convicted in a court of law for cheating. Mundane drama that's only lifted by the clever impersonation of Chris Tarrant.
  13. After Life [2020 TV series 2] This is story telling as good as it gets on TV shows, the second series of this comedy drama about bereavement hits a whole range of emotions is six succinct episodes. One of Gervais' best works.
  14. The Nest [2020 TV series] A five part UK TV series set in Scotland where a rich Glaswegian couple try and have a surrogate baby with a questionable teenager. There's enough plot twists in this to maintain the story interest to the end.
  15. Calm With Horses [2020] One of the better films out this year, a retired boxer in Ireland has trouble mixing his loyalties between a ruthless drug gang and his girlfriend and young son with special needs. The story is a little predictable but the performances and screenplay are both stunning and savage.
  16. Code 404 [2020 TV series] British comedy in 6 episodes with straight actor Stephen Graham and his buddy cop who has been rebuilt as a cyborg. One of the funniest series I've seen lately.
  17. Breeders [2020 TV series] New 10 part TV series out of UK with some very dry and black humor about the trials of raising two young kids. Extremely addictive with each episode running about 25 minutes.
  18. Luce [2019] Taut US high school drama based on a stage play of an Eritrean immigrant child and his adoptive parents coming to terms with race and expectations in the land of the free. Not as cliched as it could have turned, makes it an interesting watch.
  19. Sea Fever [2020] An alien sea monster flick from Ireland with a viral infection theme, floats an excellent cast performance but the limited budget special effects are noticeable, overall very enjoyable.
  20. The Stranger [2020 limited TV series] Average British TV thriller limited series of a guy looking for his wife whose disappeared, keeps the interest with new twists each episode, ultimately nothing that hasn't been done before.
  21. Military Wives [2020] Billed as from the director of The Full Monty, this is not quite as memorable a comedy drama based on a true story of an British army bases wive's singing club that falls into the too formulaic and sentimental category but will appeal to it mass target audience.
  22. Misbehavior [2020] Flashback factual drama to 1970 when Bob Hope hosted Miss World in London watched by over a 100 million viewers and was infiltrated by a woman's group protesting the objectification of women, makes for an entertaining piece on how times have changed.
  23. Wendy [2020] From the same director as the excellent Beasts Of The Southern Wild, this re-imagination of Peter Pan acted by kids but for an adult audience is set on some remote island. It gets plaudits for visual and character portrayal but the story is all over the place.
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