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  1. Sorry We Missed You [2019] From the same director of the recent I, Daniel Blake and the older Kes from the 1960s, more of the same social depictions of British life for working class, this time on the current issue of zero hours contracts. Well made albeit a downer.
  2. 1917 [2019] Visually strong war movie offering a modern immersive experience where the camera seems to roll in a single shot for two hours without a scene break, two soldiers set off across the trench lines to reach a forward troop to pass on an important message. Not to be missed.
  3. Gold Digger [2019 limited TV series] Disappointing limited TV series where everyone always looks disbelievingly at each other, much like the viewers. A young man meets and plans to marry a wealthy older divorced woman with kids worried about the inheritance. OK for those wallpaper moments you just need some reasonable TV on in the background that isn't that good but isn't utter crap either.
  4. Bombshell [2019] Retelling the sexual harassment cases of women at Fox News that everyone knows already, this movies only merits are the quality and make up of the lead actors.
  5. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire [2019] Available to download with hard encoded English subtitles, this French movie is set in 18th century Brittany and artfully shows the erotic lesbian relationship that develops when a skilled painter is obliged to paint a bride to be married. A little slow for those unsuited to this genre but a very well crafted and acted movie for when the mood suits.
  6. Uncut Gems [2019] Excellent crime thriller is one long adrenaline rush about a gambling New York jeweler looking to win big against the odds. Strong lead performance makes this worth seeing.
  7. The Lighthouse [2019] Two powerful performances in a masterpiece of psychological horror framed wonderfully in black and white, of two lighthouse keepers in a remote 1890's New England island left to slowly lose their minds. This could be a cult classic in time to come.
  8. Parasite [2019] Available online with English subtitles, this is a cleverly made social satire on class in South Korea today is winning lots of awards on the foreign language circuit. Probably more enjoyable for native speakers, but still worth watching with never a dull moment.
  9. A Million Little Pieces [2018] Only saw this after it got a DVD of the week review on TV but was not overwhelmed. Based on a fictional book of a 23 year old in rehab for drugs and alcohol, the opening scenes look promising with some name actors but it soon degenerates straight into a DVD mushy story line.
  10. Marriage Story [2019] A well written Netflix drama about the details of a messy divorce in LA between two characters that are performed to perfection. One of the better dramas of late with a satisfactory outcome for all.
  11. Ford V Ferrari [2019] Highly entertaining film on how the Shelby/Miles duo won Fords first Le Mans 24 hour race back in 1966 from Ferrari with enough action and human content to make this a winner.
  12. Jojo Rabbit [2019] Unusually cute black satire set in World War 2 takes the piss out of Nazis and hate which is of interest for its originality although ultimately disappoints.
  13. Once Upon A Time.... In Hollywood [2019] Some strong performances help this overly long Tarantino indulgent homage to late 60's Hollywood exciting and enjoyable.
  14. A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood [2019] Feelgood family flick, for most outside the US who may have never known Fred Rogers, this is still worth a look based on a true story around the TV personality, acted with subtlety meeting a cynical writer. Out on DVD screener mode now.
  15. Peanut Butter Falcon [2019] Lightweight feel good buddy road movie of a Down syndrome wrestling fan on the run from his care home who meets up with an unlikely partner in the southern states. Worth seeing at those times when feelgood movies are needed.
  16. Got the title wrong sorry: I Lost My Body [2019]
  17. Ad Astra [2019] Good lead performance in an otherwise slow burning space saga of an astronaut who flies to Neptune following strange goings on with his long lost father who is stranded on a space station there.
  18. Woman At War [2018] A eccentric and original Icelandic film with English subtitles about an woman eco-warrior with a twin sister and plans to adopt. Wonderfully scenic with a clever Nordic sense of humor live band soundtrack.
  19. The Report [2019] Fascinating portrayal of the Senate's investigation and report into the CIA's dark period of enhanced torture methods of interrogation and their ultimate failure following 9/11.
  20. I Lost My Hand [2019] Highly original animated film of broken hearts and severed body parts well worth watching.
  21. The Irishman [2019] Based on friend of Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Sheeran's biography, the true story of how an Irish war vet truck driver becomes involved in the truckers union and mobster scene. At 3 1/2 hours one needs to prepare to watch this in a single sitting for one of the best movie experiences of this genre ever made.
  22. Mrs Lowry & Son [2019] Two talented actors inspire an otherwise lethargic story of the artist and his controlling mother whom he lived with in Lancashire all of her life.
  23. Joker [2019] Superbly led dark psychological thriller based on the DC comic character follows the decent of a lonely comic clown into bloody madness. One of the best films this year with good soundtrack and character acting.
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