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  1. Brassic [2019 TV series] One of the best UK comedy six part TV drama series out at the moment. A young group of hard up northerners find various dubious ways of making a living. Worth watching for a laugh.
  2. Fahrenheit 11/9 [2018] Another Michael Moore documentary, provocative as is his way albeit unconvincing, takes a broad look at life in America today following the election of Trump. Worth watching.
  3. Fisherman's Friends [2019] Formulaic but very likable feelgood British movie based on a true story of a group of Cornish fisherman who make a name for themselves singing sea shanties.
  4. The Brink [2019] Fascinating, if unsavory to many, fly on wall type documentary of far right media executive Steve Bannon's role after he left the White House with European nationalists groups during the period running up to the Euro elections and similar US groups for the US mid terms.
  5. Brexit: An Uncivil War [2019] The story around Dominic Cummings, is a fast paced engaging political drama that delves into how the Brexit referendum was swung from the remainers using social media data and ultimately how those methods get used in elections elsewhere.
  6. Catch 22 [2019] Good six part TV series adaptation of the classic Heller novel. Worth watching.
  7. The Virtues: Series 1 [2019] From the same director of This Is England TV series, this is a brutal miserable tale of a man going back to Ireland to fight his demons from upbringings in a care home. Solid acting and in your face screenplay.
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