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  1. I'll wait for a better copy as I found the DVD SCR rather grainy of True Grit so probably lost out on some of its reported greatness. Found it rather tedious by today's standards but like you said it's got some high reviews.
  2. Yes, would need to visit local province CAT office to get advice of coverage, but worth a look at least. USB modems start at 2500THB from their web site.
  3. The exit-re entry applies to any ones permission to stay in Thailand. So the above statement is incorrect. E.g. I once had to do a rush trip to Singapore having just arrived on a tourist visa I had paid for and spent 2 days in another country applying for. Back again next day to continue on the same TV.
  4. Forget ipstar, why hasn't anyone mentioned the government run CAT CDMA yet? Unlimited 3G for about 800THB a month. can do torrents, skype etc albeit slower than ADSL. AIS/DTAC is limited to EDGE speeds in the sticks for time being. I used it a lot last yr in north. Central areas and Bangkok don't have coverage, only north, north east and south Thailand.
  5. Always liked her since she got her tits out in Trainspotting! The director of that just released 127 Hours which is out in DVD SCR version now. Worth seeing even though the ending is known.
  6. Panasonic LX5, can zoom during video. I've been happy with my older LX3, both got the F2.0 lens for low light.
  7. I was just watching him, a day before his death was announced, in a download of the heist movie "The Town" released recently. Great actor and he was looking pretty weak and thin in the movie. One more movie to release according to imdb.
  8. No need to apologize, around 80% of the world is on M$ :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems
  9. A couple of really good bio pics downloaded lately about Jacks (Abramoff and Kevorkian) Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey and You Don't Know Jack with Al Pacino catch 'em both if you got time, great acting in each.
  10. Yes, Tomtom similar to Garmin in that respect. Garmin not available for Iphone tho and last time I checked no Tomtom maps for many countries inc Thailand? (could be wrong)
  11. I don't have an Iphone but on my HTC, Google Maps needs an Internet connection and some places I go doesn't have a cell signal so no map. Garmin maps work everywhere.
  12. Yes, I'd check first as well, my experience has always been DTAC is better, ymmv with EDGE. The AIS web site does list 4 locations where speeds are higher (3G) inc HuaHin with 21mbps d/l. Rest of country would be a crap shoot for now.
  13. I use Garmin maps for Thailand and rest of world for that matter. The updates are just img files that can be copied to any device and don't need activation. I think they get updated once a year or longer still. The latest Garmin has the new highway into Pattaya for example - but I haven't driven there for years! There are even 3rd party web sites that post the updates for download by anyone.
  14. According to AIS web site still no 3G coverage in BKK unlike True which offers trial coverage.
  15. ZfNb1w7pVcA one of the greatest imho
  16. I always liked the line from Apocalypse Now Redux - Who are you? - Well, I'm next, ma'am.
  17. I just watched a torrent of this dubbed to English (as I was feeling lazy though not normally a fan of dubbed stuff) and really enjoyed it. Not sure I will bother with following 2 though (Fire & Hornets Nest) unless I can find similar.
  18. Just watched a very good DVD screener of Rabbit Hole
  19. A honorary mention for the worst film I mistakenly decided to endure this yr Skyline absolute pants.
  20. IE9 is a beta so what can anyone expect other than problems? Last time I used any beta product from M$ was when life wasn't so short.
  21. I cannot believe it has taken twelve replies to mention Thai women. Women, food, cheaper prices and nice weather is why we all came here I thought. Otherwise I'd have stayed at home:-)
  22. The age old question: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15668613/iStHEpOPEcATHOLIC.JPG
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