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  1. Apollo 11 [2019] Good documentary coming 50 years after the first moon landing with top visual and sound archives effectively retells the story without any narration.
  2. Finding Steve McQueen [2018] Half rom-com and half amusing heist comedy based on a true event, a very lightweight screenplay that seemed like it could have been much more with the experienced cast on show.
  3. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind [2019] True story from Mali of a struggling school kid who finds success helping the village irrigate their crops, slow and conventional in style will appeal to some.
  4. Palatkik

    Any New Jokes

    An Irishman and a Muslim are sat next to each other on a flight. The stewardess comes up and asks the Irish man if he'd like a drink. He orders a whiskey and the stewardess hands it to him. The stewardess then asks the Muslim if he'd like a drink. "I'd rather be raped by a dozen whores than let liquor touch my lips!" he shouts back. The Irishman calmly hands his whiskey back to the stewardess and says "Me too, I didn't know we had a choice".
  5. The Professor And The Madman [2019] Screen adaptation of the biographical account of a professors creation of the Oxford English dictionary with the help of a schizophrenic murderer assigned to Broadmoor. The movie went through some legal hoops and took 20 years to realize before this release that apparently Gibson didn't want to go out. Not great, but watchable with Penn seeming out of sorts.
  6. A Quiet Place [2018] An original horror film, not easy to find these days, where strange aliens hunt prey that makes a noise, so the soundtrack is mostly silence.
  7. The Equaliser 2 [2018] Another stab at the senseless vigilante thriller. The lead could read a phone book and make it interesting, so not all bad.
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