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  1. I am not a big fan of chips but I did like prik pao chips. I am not sure they are still making it.
  2. The ones who donated for the server have stars and the word jaidee next to their avatar if I remember correctly.
  3. [color:"blue"]"All of that talk of spoiled culutre is just reverse cultural imperialism, tourists trying to dictate what a culture can or can't be so as to not ruin their holiday destination. Let the Thai's develop Thailand as they see fit. It is their culture and they can allow it to evolve in any way they like. "[/color] I could not have said it in a better way.
  4. Let's make something straight here. The same way we say you are what you eat I can say you will have the trip that [color:"red"]you[/color] make of it. Everybody who complain about the touts on Thawiwong Road (Beach Road) in Patong I have a question for you, why are you all going there every night? Each time I go there, every night it's full of tourists mainly family and couple. Let me make a other point here, Patong is not Phuket, Patong is only one town on the island. The Bangla road case, it's a part of the redlight of Patong where you can see a lot of single man in bars with the ladies of the night but what I saw on the sidewalk are tourists mainly couples who go there to do a little lurking, a other question here, if you don't like what you see there why do you go there every night? On Bangla Road there is a soi with only katoeys (someone know the name) and every night in high season it's full of tourists there and you better to go there early if you want to have a place to sit, the people you will see there are not the single guys of this board but mainly couples, why are you going there in such large group if you don't like to see this shameful redlight? There is also a place outside downtown Patong who is call Simon Cabaret (don't know the exact location) where you can go see a big cabaret show of katoeys and transvestites, every night it's full of tourists mainly couples who are going there to see the show, why a lot of people want to put down Thailand because it's a sexe destination but at the same time those kind of people can tell you they had been to every of those places? Every one is for the virtue but what I saw in Thailand is a lot of those people are clearly hypocrite because everynight you can see them lurking at those infamous places. Just my 2 bht......
  5. Yesssssssssss! Now I found out after reading your post that i'm not a addict, I only have a good habit. LOL Thank's "Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won't either."
  6. OK I admit that I am now a LOS junkie, maybe I am on the road to recovery by admitting it but who care to recover from LOS not me for sure. After 5 trips to Thailand when I came back from the last one I immediately start to prepare for the next one. Since the two last trips, I don't pull the plug anymore when I come back here, I stay in touch with Thai friends and BG by e-mail and phone. I'm not only addict to the bar scene I have also a addiction about Thai people, the culture, the food and I start to learn the language. For now I also start to read book about Buddhism and I must say that I am very attract by that philosophy of life. So for me it's not only the sexe scene who made me a addict but Thailand as a whole. "Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won't either. "
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