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  1. I haven't even been in the place yet, thus I'll be staying there for a few days with my wife soon, for a laugh and a trip down memory lane ( well Soi 4 ). Haven't been to NP for a long time, wondering how much it's changed


    I will definitely be going back, I haven't enjoyed an hotel so much in years, and preferred it to the Dynasty. Beers on the terrace, chatting, and watching the world go by - happy days. Oh, and the Songkran festivities were a revelation....

  2. The jury is still out, (and will be for a while yet if the tobacco companies have their way) on the "benefits" of e-cigs, but we can be reasonably certain that they are a shitload safer than the traditional sort.

    Surprisingly, they are quite satisfying, and you can take as many, or as few, drags as you want.

    I shall puff my clouds until someone tells me otherwise, I think - then plead ignorance

  3. Hi guys,


    Quick question. :help:


    Would I be correct in assuming that no-one gives a toss about the ban on e-cigarettes / vaping ? :relieved:

    Or is this seen as a good way to extract a few baht from pissed-up farangs ??

    Web opinion on this, as with most subjects, is unclear, but I'm pretty sure that the "on the ground" answer is here....

    Sadly, it's been about 3 years since my last trip to LOS, but in six weeks - yeeeessss :beer:





  4. Hi guys,

    I'm impressed that this game is still running....

    I played this when I was still free and single - been shackled for 10 years now... :-)

    But....will be back in LOS for a fortnight in July/August, with wife, daughter, and a mate of mine. Planning BKK, Koh Chang, and somewhere else that I haven't decided on yet?

    Anyway, thanks to my awesome negotiating power, I have been allowed, nay actively encouraged, to "show a friend around BKK" while wifey goes off and plays Hilary Homemaker with my eldest daughter.

    Game on :shhh:

  5. This is all a bit of a revelation to me - next you'll be telling me that Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny don't exist as well....


    Seriously though, most of this seems to be pretty close to the truth, but like when I go to see a film, I'm capable of suspending reality for a few weeks


    Myth 1

    Thai Bargirls Are Not Prostitutes

    Whoever created the illusion that a woman who works in a sex establishment or freelances to make $$$ by spreading her legs is not a prostitute is blind.


    I'm not blind, but I may choose to make nyself blinkered for a while... :_party:


    Myth 2

    Thai bargirls number 1 priority is taking care of themselves and their families.


    Can't really argue with that one.


    Myth 3

    Thai Bargirls Are Submissive


    Not always :argue:


    Myth 4

    Thai Bar Girls Like Older Men

    ....a sweaty old man that can barely get a ‘hardon.’....


    There may even be an element of truth in this one, at least we generally have more money, can hold our ale better, and might be looking for something slightly longer term than ST.

    As for the comment about erectile disfunction, some BGs (yeah, big surprise) might relish the opportunity to not get rogered occasionally.


    The rest I mostly agree with.



  6. Looks pretty good - timing of release spot on too...

    Its been said that Tolkien's work was the start of the whole "fantasy" genre - just a shame that there's so many by-the-numbers authors out there...

    Pity its not authorized, it would fit in well with a boxed set of the whole Hobbit/LOTR saga :yikes::susel:

  7. I'm really impressed that this thread is *still* active - I haven't been on the board for a few years now..

    It's a testament to the sheer quality of TurkFist's tales of LOS - 8 years and the odd comment still appears.


    I remember buying a copy of the collected tales of Turkfist, and still read it occasionally - a truly unique item.

    Back in BKK in October, looking forward to showing my wife of 5 years around the sights - I met her the day I came back from one of my trips, so figure it's about time I showed her around :chili:

  8. Anyone who has a website should take a look at this excellent free traffic counter.


    Not only does it do the obvious, and count your site traffic, it also collects the following info (and more), and presents it to you in a series of pie charts. Fascinating...

    • Country of visitor
    • Link used to arrive at your site
    • Search engine used ( if any), and key words entered
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • Screen Resolution

    Check out Ned Stat Basic for more...


    Or click on the little blue graph on a tracked page - here's a good example of a well visited site - Tropical Heat ( The books are worth a read as well ;) )


    The set-up even gives you the HTML to copy/paste into your page.

  9. Thank the guy personally, as I would anyone else who bought me a drink. It's only polite, after all.


    Coming from a country where there is a bell in most bars, either to attract attention, or to announce "last orders", I wonder how many of us Brits have found out the purpose of the Thai version the hard way ???


    I rang it once "for a laugh" - yeah, hilarious, cost me about £40, and that was a quiet night. Never again...


    It's incredible how far sound carries in Thailand. ::

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