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  1. so I was called in for questioning at don muang immi office instead of stamped in along with a few other esteemed western gentlemen supposedly 'flagged' by the very same immigration officer late last friday not a perfect way to start a well earned holiday but at least a few minutes clarification should be able to sort the mistake I though? the other guys seem to have given in to the idea that we rather pay up and apply another type of visa & were thus told that this was the last time they would be allowed in for free (this year)! however as I do not see any other visa would suit me better & do not see why 35 entries in current passport/few years should raise any flag? I do not work I don't live with wife/gf. I'm not a terrorist (where is the terrorist visa category anyway?)? Well more than 1 hour wasted until finally they seem to give in & let me thru without any conditions/flagging of no more subsequent free visits, but be warned for the real visa run abusers its gonna be tough sailing these days
  2. great news supposedly & vely excited I was when I thought I could skip the boring Que to pay 35$ for visa on arrival & subsequent que to get it stamped robbing half a visa page every visit! but no fat chance cuz I was not able to produce evidence of a genuine touristic/tour visit complete with return ticket, travel plan hotel bookings etc so back in line to pay 35$ & continue as usual thailand is vely good compared despite the bad press I will give in my next post ;P
  3. amazing that so many thais admitted to the obvious. so in real life more than 555% is cheating in LOS especially the males while in scandinavia/europe its probably as much the women cheating even marriage is not as popular there
  4. jita, I say Thai is much worse than Indo partly due to culture (e.g. in indo everyone honk the horn but still give quite good right of way kinda traffic flow) but also vehicle mix with much more motobikes & slow vehicles compared to all those lethal 3.0L V6 Turbo pickups in LOS! for sure its both logical & sane that the biggest vehicle have the right of way so I'm always amazed about the courage the motos have when challenging all the heavy 4 wheel++ for me the only vehicles I respect is trucks & buses. certainly not police lol speed & lights also give some thrust education on tv? learning to drive and right of way is to be learnt when getting a license. sadly not here though.
  5. amazing progress, but I still wont bother to stay a full year and report 3 times for this bull
  6. bkk is becoming a bit like malaysia these days. great roads, flyovers, expressways, easy pass et all. police is checking for drunk driving every fucking night day in day out at multiple multiple locations. price of drinks in a hooker clip joint? who the fuck cares this is not nanaplaza.com this is thai360 RIP stick I will admit to being a huge fan back in the 90s but these days thaifriendly.com has made everything redundant
  7. having 2 kids in thai school is a good reason so some proof of school enrollment/payment may be helpful however as u said 4 previous visits of return is even better proof so do include those passport stamps as well enjoy the holidays!
  8. waw thats a pretty close grape wine lead. I can't beat that
  9. cav boy your killing me tonite every single post you include the military as if they are seen as some kind of goddess or higher beings that will take every little effort out of everybodys pathetic little life especially the aliens that is whiny old farangs on this very board. cumon u can do better pls! now on topic surely the TAXIS are NOT the reason of any decline since they haven't uped their (meter) prices since like forever or at least not the 35bt flagfall! its normal that party people are too drunk/lazy/pathetic/careless to mind an inflated non meter fare at the end of the night having surely spent freely on booze & women or about to spend a fortune on fucking a ho after reaching their pad, so what tiny difference does 87bt vs. 200bt make? 99/100 loso thais at RCA 2am are more than willing to pay even 300bt fixed mafia fee to avoid walking 10m or wait 3s longer
  10. right blame the army on every freakin bad thing happening lol. keep it up mr
  11. i dont see how this guy with the big tv screen & all the crap around can even see out of the front windscreen?? anyway TIT gotta keep the focus on happy go lucky
  12. yes weird or perhaps another 'hidden admission' that the tourist police & RTP are unable to ensure safety
  13. so where are the real killers now? which country
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