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  1. i usually watch movies on long haul flights (over 2.5 hours) which i do 3-4 time a month; they have usually the newest blockbosters. recently i have seen the new James Bond, body of lies and the rest i forgot already
  2. Richard Quest from CNN? for your gay fantasies please contact Old Hippie!
  3. ok, celebrity factor! what about fucking Hilary Clinton, the german cancelor Merkel, plenty of Hollywood grannies etc.?
  4. you rent them in lots? not single, double or max a small group? give more details please!
  5. ok, i bet! who goes BUST first?
  6. pretty different yes; but there are thousands of better looking ones out there!
  7. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2007/12/22/headlines/headlines_30059922.php the former TAT governor! she is also a leading politican in Pua Pandin party
  8. now THIS statement surprises me! for how long are you resident? as i said those people know pretty well their pride. i never get approached and i am also pretty often in those areas where they operate. even touts usually do not approach me; and two words in thai is enough to get them run off! do you look like a choirboy?
  9. the farang beggar is a plant of the nationalistic PPP so that they can claim that there are no foreign quality tourists in lower Sukhumvit, which is of course absolutely true! NO quality tourist stays at lower Sukhumvit! that's why all the gem scammers are at locations, where the real quality tourists stay like Erawan, Silom, around Oriental/Shangrila, Grand Palace area and not at lower Sukhumvit! and that's why a lot of our fellow board members are not at all affected by those scammers and therefore give a shit as they never make it outside their lower Sukhumvit Ghetto! the scammers for the big money of the quality tourists and the beggars for the coins of the lower Sukhumvit tourists! that's the real Thai scheme! comprende?
  10. iuytrede thanks for your insight: quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur! your statement remembers me about the feelings, many of us living in Thailand sometimes have: odi et amo quare id faciam fortasse requiris nescio sed fieri sentio et excrucior everywhere in the world people try to exploit other people due to one reason: Radix malorum est cupiditas! the OP just tried to help others to avoid to become victims: praemonitus praemanitus! but then we have to realize that this is not our country: Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more, si fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi! after reading through this thread i can only say: Amici, diem perdidi!
  11. i have made opposite experiences! from the 100+ people who visited me in Thailand (most are also well off professionals; many came with whole families) the big majority was very satisfied and keep coming back!
  12. really? the tourist statistics give a different picture! or are they also faked like the gems?
  13. good work clubsiam! unfortunately it will have no impact! airport and erawan are just two main locations. around Grand Palace is also a gang and i am sure there are many more places. and they know very well their prey! i was not approached anymore for years!
  14. give me a break! one million baht plus invested in a shack, which everyone knew, that it will not last long? such stupid investors deserve this fate!
  15. murder? probably you are mixing this up! Chuwit is responsible that we have now at least one nice and beautyful park instead of more seedy and ugly bar shacks in lower Suk! i will give him the vote for next PM!
  16. wouldn't be so confident in that! - test does not show positive during first 1-6 months after infection, but you can infect others - high failure rate of tests - to exclude with high security you have to do several different tests
  17. http://qa.hopkins-aids.org/forum/recentquestions no, also this one does not work!
  18. you are right! CD4 of a non infected, healthy person is between 600 - 1200 450 in average must be some misunderstanding. i do not think there can be a reasonable statement about a average value of a HIV+ person. CD4 decreases over time, for some faster, for others slowly but there can also be up's and down's. once you take medication CD4 increases significantly. some people with very low CD4 show no symptoms of AIDS, others with higher values show already symtoms
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    Any New Jokes

    also on You tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvjQPHDu5xE
  20. they have also a large operation in Patong/Phuket; the same scheme; you fill out a survey and get a call that you have won and somebody will pick you up whenever you like to receive the price. they operate in the Holiday Inn and sell timeshares for deluxe suites in Thara Patong. when i was there, they had a lot of first price winners and beside english also german and italian speaking foreigners selling to their countrymen. they also insisted on closing the deal within my stay in Patong; but as the whole deal was not feasible, i did not sign and did not get my price! therefore it is a SCAM!
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