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    Any New Jokes

    also on You tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvjQPHDu5xE
  2. and i still know many girls called noo and i will not eat them!
  3. the rats in my Soi (Sukhumvit) are about double the size of a average cat
  4. squirrel or cat is more tasty than rat. and it is very bony and who compares it to chicken can eat a carton box and it will still taste like chicken!
  5. where can you buy rat meat in Bangkok or do you have to do your own hunting? do you need a license to hunt mices in Thailand and when is hunting season?
  6. they have also a large operation in Patong/Phuket; the same scheme; you fill out a survey and get a call that you have won and somebody will pick you up whenever you like to receive the price. they operate in the Holiday Inn and sell timeshares for deluxe suites in Thara Patong. when i was there, they had a lot of first price winners and beside english also german and italian speaking foreigners selling to their countrymen. they also insisted on closing the deal within my stay in Patong; but as the whole deal was not feasible, i did not sign and did not get my price! therefore it is a SCAM!
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