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  1. i always used to take a taxi from the departure on the 4th floor . never knew it saved 50 B but used to do it to get saved from the thugs(the girls standing on floor as shouting u want taxi )at the airport and the long queues
  2. 10 B same same for farang and thai
  3. any website or link or pics of their rooms?
  4. hey guys anyone been lately to pattaya? im looking for guesthouses in soi lengkee or soi bukhaw. last i stayed at chokdee inn and china garden. but i hear now some new are also come up and am eager to stay in lengkee as its more peaceful so looking for guesthouses with no joiner fees, no security or bars downstairs . thank u
  5. had a friend of mine tried this . but he dint find any in a lb bar as most of them as into men and rarley get a erection. but u cud try boyztown gogos or sunee plaza near soi vc. my friend got a boy but i dint not ask him details as im not into that
  6. try chokdee inn opp to rehab agogo they dont ask for id. but i dont know if they allow short time .. its a thai family run. 500-600B a day . when i stayed there .let me know how it goes. may be can use it for a ST some time
  7. hey mates, a big hello to all the BMs here. im a frequent visitor to bkk and pattaya have been on many forums and now have found this one too . hoping i can help with my inputs as well as get inputs . cheers
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